Whispers Of The Seashore

Love is a heavenly feeling. But, what happens if it turns out to be the worst nightmare? What if it becomes the reason for one's unwillingness to live his/her life? This story is all about teenage love. A girl who had been in relationships before but, happened to fall in love with the new guy at school,how she falls head over heels for him but one falling out incident and everything falls apart.
We all go through this stage when we have our first love and it seems so very pleasant and wonderful. But, Is this the stage when we should give up everything just for that one person, forgetting even about our parents? Life is beautiful if we know how to live it to the fullest! If it didn't end well then it's never the end.
Have a great time reading it!


1. Beginning of a new day...

Dawn moved in slowly,the moon waved goodbye and the sun took over its turn. It 
started painting the sky with bright colours that beautifully spread  across  the wide sky,
pleasing musical tunes of the falling dew, of sweet birds and of the  fresh leaves. The soft breeze 
blew away the drowsiness. Time to wake up. 
Vacations ended. It was the starting of the new session of school. Aliena,had to prepare herself,
let the darkness fade away and brighten up her life again. It was time to put on a smile as it was the 
the beginning of a new day, a new life.
           And that's where it all began.
Aliena Mathew, woke up with a start. She sat on the bed, rubbing her eyes. She was still sleepy but,
 was too excited to go to school that day as it was the first day of her ninth year at school 
(9th standard). She had a feeling that everything would go right from now on. She quickly 
jumped out of her bed and headed towards the washroom to get freshened up, took a quick 
shower and dressed up for school. She tried to look the best that day. It took almost an hour 
for her to move herself from infront of the mirror. Fifteen -year old Aliena Mathew 
appraised herself critically. A radiently, flawless complexion and soft, shoulder length hair
that any girl would be proud of, perfectly complemented her firm, toned body that turned
heads unfailingly. She straightened, tall and stately. Not bad at all.
    Mrs. Sarah Mathew, her forty year old mother softly whispered in her ears, "You always look
beautiful, dear". Aliena turned to see her mother,kissed her cheeks and said, " Afterall, I am your 
daughter, mum." They both smiled at each other. After her breakfast, she hurriedly ran towards 
her room, took her bagpack and took a last glance at the mirror. She looked  even more perfect
with  that beautiful and ever sweet smile on her face. As, she got lost in herself, she heard her
mother summoning her to leave for school as it was almost time. She quickly walked towards 
the main door, waved at her mother, sat in her car and left for school.


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