Everything About You

It's funny how you can get hurt so bad from the person you never expected it from........


1. New Neighbors

I woke up feeling happy for some reason. I don't know why, I just did. I saw that there was some new neighbors moving in, and I thought it would be nice to meet them after I got ready. Then when I was looking threw my window, there was a boy with blonde hair. He looked up at me and smiled, he was really cute. I hurried up and got ready. I threw on some black and white striped shorts with a white fitted tank top, added a light amount of make up, and black converses. As I went down stairs, I hurried out the door. And then I saw him. " Hey,  I'm Niya, do you need help with anything?" I said blushing. " Well there are some boxes you can help with, and I'm Niall, your new neighbor." He  smiled at me. Oh my gosh his smile is so nice and his lips looked soo soft. Come on Niya stop it, you just met him, You can't  like him that much! " Okay, let me grab one.." I grabbed a box and brought it into the house. I wish my best friend still lived here and not moved to California. " So where should I put this?" "Um right over there by the stairs." "Okay, so where you from?" " I'm from Mullingar" "Ohhh your Irish, that explains the accent" " Haha, yeah, is the weather nice here a lot?" "Yeah pretty much it can be cold sometimes but not a lot. After we finish do you want to hang out somewhere, and maybe get something to eat" I suggested. "Sure you can show me around." "Yeah that'll be great!"  As we finished putting the boxes in the house we got in my red mustang and went to different places. Its really fun hanging out with him. I really want to get to know him better.

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