Everything About You

It's funny how you can get hurt so bad from the person you never expected it from........


2. Hangin' Out

We got hungry so we thought that we should get something good to eat. "So where do you want to go?" I asked. "Ummm why don't we go there?" He said while pointing at Subway. "Yeah, sure I like that place." "Let's go then"


 As we got in Subway we ordered a ham and cheese foot long to share. "So Niall, tell me about yourself." "Well  I like to play the guitar and I like to sing." "Oh cool I like to sing, but I don't know how to play the guitar.....can you teach me sometime?" "Yeah sure, we could probably write a song together." Then I got a phone call. "Hello?" "Niya, there's been a fire at your house." "What! How? When?" "There was a gas leak, and your mom was cooking, then it exploded. And umm." "What?!" I said starting to cry." " Your parents and sister, they didn't make it." "What? No,no,no,no" I hung up crying. "What, whats wrong?" Niall said concerned. "There's  been a fire and my family, they didn't make it."  I said sobbing. "Oh my gosh, im so sorry, do you want to stay a my house for a while? You could stay in me room if you'd like?" "Thanks Niall, but I don't want to get in the way of everything." "No Niya its okay, you could stay there as long as you like>" "You sure?" " Yeah im sure." I hugged him and said, " Thank you so much." " Your welcome." We got up and left. He drove because i was a little tired from the crying. As we got to my house, i couldn't look at the damage of the house, so I just hurried up into Niall's. There were extra rooms cause he lived alone, so I guess he wanted me to sleep with him. I didn't ask. i just laid down. Then, the next thing i know i was out like a light.

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