Niall Horan

Its about how Niall did grow up..!<3


1. Mullingar,ireland

It was year 1993 the 13 of september. Since that day Nialls wounderful life did just started. He have a big brother that named Greg and his moms name is Maura and his dads name is Bobby.When Niall was 5 years old did his perents separated but even now 2013 is his mother living i Mullingar. When Niall was 16 years old he did go to a audition to x Factor in Dublin. He did sing so sick by ne-yo. simon did say yes. Louis did say yes and katy did say yes. He did get 3 of 4 yes. When he did come to boot camp dident he get through. But then the jury did call back 5 boys and 5 girls. And the boys where Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry Styles and Liam payne. The jury did say that now they did get throughlike a boy band. Then Harry Styles came up with the name One Direction.

Simon was there mentor and he did say that they should work hard a week, But insted of to work One Direction did take that week to become friends with each other. The first song they did sing together was Torn. And simon did like it so they did get through. They did come all the way to the final. it was just three left. But they dident get through. But Simon still like them so he sad that they could get a album. Up all night did it named. then they did have a tour and then next year they did get a new album Take me home. And now did they have the Take me home tour. And in 64 day this is us movie is coming. And next year the album Where we are is gona be the BEST EVER!!!!!!<3

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