Your my dream Volume 2 "Am I her knight?"

My life. My way. Who cares if she rejected me. But I can't stop thinking about her. A few minutes ago she was on my chest hearing my heart beat so loud because she was close to me. I wonder what is going through her head. Hi, I am Justin Bieber. I am going to find out why this girl,Cathy Morris doesn't love me anymore and I will get her to love me for who I am. And she will give me an explanation why she doesn't love me. But, if it never works out...should i give my heart to Lindsey?


1. Who am I looking at?

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* "Huh? Wha?" I press the snooze button and then I covered my head with the blankets. Even if I skipped breakfast or forgot to call my mom I would press that snooze button to have another 9 more minutes just to dream about her. I always say to my self "Wow Justin you are living in a penthouse, Alone. 24 years old. The time you should get married.  You got laid off your job and you should be thinking about going to your job interview today instead of dreaming about your stupid high school crush that accepted you and than woke up and rejected you." After my alarm went off again I checked the time "7:45". "Oh god! I am going to be late for my job interview!" I quickly went into my walk-in closet which is probably only one third of the closet full of suits and other manly stuff. I took this suit:

It was the only clean suit and I have to admit I am so immature I waste my time playing video games instead of learning how to wear a tie. I look for a comb brushing my wet hair into a spike. I quickly ran to the elevator after I locked my door. *Ding* The elevator led me to the lobby. I ran out and jumped into my navy blue Ferrari.

I quickly put my key in and I drove out in speed. There was red light for people who were walking but I still kept driving. Until I see this woman walking across the street. I was about to crash her but I quickly pressed brake leaving my car a few inches near her. The woman walked near my car and started yelling at me. I opened my car window just to speak. "What is your problem!? Don't you know what a stop light is?! You almost ran me over!" she yells. Before I talked back saying sorry she looked familiar. Until I realized it was her. It was Cathy Morris. The girl I loved. 

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