Your my dream Volume 2 "Am I her knight?"

My life. My way. Who cares if she rejected me. But I can't stop thinking about her. A few minutes ago she was on my chest hearing my heart beat so loud because she was close to me. I wonder what is going through her head. Hi, I am Justin Bieber. I am going to find out why this girl,Cathy Morris doesn't love me anymore and I will get her to love me for who I am. And she will give me an explanation why she doesn't love me. But, if it never works out...should i give my heart to Lindsey?


4. Dinner

I was still laying on my bed not wanting to go for that dinner. So I called my mom and told her I couldn't make it. She actually believed me and hung up. I went under my white sheets and was ready for a Saturday tomorrow. And also that picnic Cathy invited me to. I kept counting to a hundred and I finally went to sleep. But it was to hard for me to be in deep sleep I just woke up again and I started playing video games till 4 AM. And then I realized that was my problem I try to go to sleep and I do but then I woke up and I start playing video games the rest of the night and I end up waking up late. It was 10 AM in the morning and I took a pair of shorts and I also took a T-shirt so I can meet up with Cathy later. I called her and asked her when to come and she said now was fine. When I was driving in my sports car I couldn't spot Cathy so I picked my own place and waited for her. She walked in with a stroller. In my head I was thinking, "Is she married?!" "Is that your child," I asked her. "Um Yes," she said. "Oh well she's cute," I said. "Thanks," she says in an awkward voice. "So your husband coming?" I said. "I don't have a husband," she says. In my mind I screamed "YES! SHE'S NOT MARRIED!". I could tell she had a lot of love for that baby. 


"Whats her name?" I ask while she is laughing with her baby. "Oh um Gracie," she says. "Have I met you before?" she asks. My heart started pumping so fast and loud she could hear it. I started sweating and I didn't know what to say. "Uh I don't think so." I said. "Did we meet in high school?" she asks. "Uh I think so," I said while touching the babies hand. "Yeah I think I did?! We used to be friends!" she says. "Yeah remember that time you just woke up in my arms and rejected me." I said after it got quiet. "Oh yeah um sorry about that," she says. "We could head to my house and um play video games or hang out at your place and play with Gracie?" I say. "Sure that would be nice," she says with a smile. "Yeah we could be best friends again," I said laughing. "Yeah," she says giggling. "Uh can I ask you something?" I say. "Uh sure," she says. "Why did you reject me?" I say. "Well, I used to have these dreams about this fictional guy and when I first met you I was dreaming I thought you looked like the guy in my dreams and I then woke up that night and it wasn't the guy in my dreams it was somebody else," she says. "Oh," I say. She looked at me for a while and I looked at her. 

She looked at me.

  And I looked at her.

And this is the guy who was in her dreams.

Everything was confusing and I can still tell she is still in love with this guy in her dream. 

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