Sometimes you have to forget.

Imagine every day you wake up go to school and then go home, it's the same everyday so you can imagine that when Leah goes to a house party and meets Justin that she welcomes the change he brings. But what she doesn't know is that he is living a lie. Can Leah change him before she gets into danger
But still just as gorgeous



  I didn't know how but as I sat there in the morning in his arms I knew I must be the luckiest girl in the world, I had already fallen for him and I had only known him for a few hours. I was aware that as it was now 11am he would have to leave soon as I didn't want to tell my mum... Almost as though he could read my mind he asked "you know you could come to mine for a bit as long as you let your mum know" of course I jumped at the opportunity, I collected a few of my things and started a note to my mum, it read: hey mum, I'm staying with a friend for a bit text me if you need anything. Leah x. I knew my mum wouldn't mind as she often left me for days on my own. I went downstairs and without even thinking ran to Justin's open arms and kissed him he held me closely as his tongue explored my mouth, he then moved to my neck and told me he loved me. My tummy did a flip and I smiled while I told him I loved him back, then we were off in his car again this time this time to his house. It only took 5 minutes to get there and I wasn't expecting to see a huge mansion on a long winding drive at least two times the size of mine. He took my hand and we walked inside. I asked if anyone would be home and he replied with "no don't worry my parents have gone on a three week holiday so we've got it all to ourselves!" He took me inside and showed me a spare bedroom right next to his the bed was so massive it made me feel tiny. Justin made us some lunch as a gazed up at him from the sofa he was just so perfect I couldn't explain it. He came and sat with me and wrapped his arms around me so I was pretty much sat on his lap, I shivered as a draft came through the window so he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it round us. After watching a few films it was soon time for dinner. "What would you like for dinner honey?" He asked me, I told him I didn't mind so we ordered pizza and sat on his huge bed, I didn't have any pyjamas so he gave me one of his T-shirts which was slightly to big but I didn't mind. Justin sat there in his shorts and I saw his chest for the first time it was perfectly muscular and he had a collection of tattoos including a crown. After pizza we cuddled on his bed with the tv on in the background, he kissed my forehead and I suddenly got a rush of confidence and kissed him on the lips he pulled me on top of him and kissed me with his hands rubbing my back. He slowly pulled off my shirt so I was in my underwear I did the same to him pulling of his shorts. We rolled over so he was on top of me and he went down on me kissing all of my body until getting to my vagina he was so gentle making me scream his name this made him smile, he came back to my mouth and kissed me before entering me. When it was done I fell asleep on his chest both of us were smiling at eachother. I was in love.  


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