Sometimes you have to forget.

Imagine every day you wake up go to school and then go home, it's the same everyday so you can imagine that when Leah goes to a house party and meets Justin that she welcomes the change he brings. But what she doesn't know is that he is living a lie. Can Leah change him before she gets into danger
But still just as gorgeous



  He took me upstairs to one of the spare rooms where he wiped my eyes and sat me on the bed. With the light on I finally saw the gorgeous boy standing infront of me. "I guess I should introduce myself, my names Justin." His big brown eyes looked down at me and his perfect lips smiled but I could tell he was concerned about me. I kept replaying the moment in my head and I started to cry again, Justin sat down next to me with his arms around me and kissed my forehead "don't worry honey you're safe with me." He told me and I believe him, his muscly arms felt so safe and warm and the last thing I remembered was falling asleep. I awoke at 2am in the same position Justin was humming to himself then he saw I was awake, "I didn't want to wake you, you looked so beautiful, come on I'm taking you home!" He held my hand as we passed through all the drunk bodies to his car and he drove me to my house, but as I looked at the drive I suddenly started to panic that Freddie might be waiting for me, I invited Justin in for a cup of tea. He was so perfect I was lost for words whenever he spoke, "where's your parents?" He asked me. "My mums working until tomorrow afternoon so I have the place to myself." We sat on the sofa where again he held me in his arms, his smell was so glorious I couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be! "I've just realised I don't know anything about you and you're sat in my house" I laughed, "very true, well as you know I'm Justin and I've just moved here. I'm living on oaktree avenue." He told me. That roads only 5 minutes away I thought to myself. He gazed at at me with his big brown eyes and told me that I could sleep if I wanted to, "ok just promise not to go anywhere!" I ordered him. "Of course, I'll stay right here" he replied. That made me smile, then something magical happened... Justin leaned down and kissed me! Not on the forehead this time properly and it was the most perfect moment ever. I didn't want to pull away but I was so tired that I couldn't help it. He told me to sleep and then started humming again I quickly fell asleep.

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