Sometimes you have to forget.

Imagine every day you wake up go to school and then go home, it's the same everyday so you can imagine that when Leah goes to a house party and meets Justin that she welcomes the change he brings. But what she doesn't know is that he is living a lie. Can Leah change him before she gets into danger
But still just as gorgeous



  "LEAH WATSON YOU'RE 10 MINUTES LATE SIT DOWN IMMEDIATELY"! I heard mr Clarkson's usual bellowing voice as I entered my trig class. I quickly took my seat to next to my best friends Poppy and Amber and opened my book. "Hey were you both invited to Freddie's tonight"? I whispered to the girls. "Yes we're so excited" Amber replied slightly too loudly "Amber Jackson do you want to be sent outside or are you going to shutup"? Mr Clarkson shouted. "Sorry sir" she replied. When the bell rang we hurried out of the class and I decided I'd wait until lunchtime to discuss tonight with them. 

  When the bell rang for lunch I took my usual seat on my table with Poppy and Amber. "So what are you gunna wear tonight?" I asked them both. "No time for that" Poppy exclaimed "have you heard the gossip?" She asked. I suddenly was very suspicious. "No but I'm sure you're going to tell me haha." Poppy told me that Freddie had told her boyfriend Jack that he planned to try and get back with me and that he had never really got over me. "That's bullsh*t!" I told her "he's dated at least 6 girls since me! Don't worry I'm never going back to him he treated me like dirt and once he got what he wanted he'd go off with his mates!" "I know honey don't worry me and Amber have got your back tonight and if he lays a finger on you I'll hit him!" Poppy assured me. 

  Turns out I was right then, I should have known Freddie only invited me to have sex. He has another thing coming if he thinks I'll even touch him. Tonight would be very Interesting! 

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