Sometimes you have to forget.

Imagine every day you wake up go to school and then go home, it's the same everyday so you can imagine that when Leah goes to a house party and meets Justin that she welcomes the change he brings. But what she doesn't know is that he is living a lie. Can Leah change him before she gets into danger
But still just as gorgeous



  I invited Amber and Poppy to get ready at mine tonight. They agreed happily because they both loved spending time in my mansion. "Ambs what shall I do because I want to look cute but not too slutty?" I asked my friend. "Wear your leather hot pants and tuck in your cream shirt, if you do up all the buttons you'll still be able to slightly see your bra because its see through but if the buttons are done up you'll look very chic and cute!" She was right as always, Amber was the one you always went to if you needed advice on your clothing hair or makeup because she always knows what looks best on you. Of course she was right this time, I was slim with big boobs and a big bum, my hair was blonde and long and almost ever girl was jealous of me. When I put on my outfit I looked so cute but Amber said she thought the shorts were too much so she quickly grabbed my floral skirt which was short but very pretty. I paired them with my white converse. When I looked in the mirror I loved the outfit and did my makeup and hair whilst the other two changed. Amber is also slim and tall with a bum but not really any boobs, but she new this and always chose clothes to flatter her body type. She chose black leather disco pants and paired it with a hot pink crop top and black heeled ankle boots. Poppy is 5 feet 4 so a lot smaller than me and Amber. She chose her blue body con skirt and an electric blue tee with her blue vans. I envied her red hair which always looks gorgeous. Just then my phone bleeped it was my mum who often worked nights, she was really busy and said she was staying in the studio tonight and wouldn't be back until 3pm the next day. "Great home alone tonight" I exclaimed. "Don't worry" Poppy told me "this party will go on till the early hours of the morning."  I checked the time and it was 7 we needed to go or we'd miss the bus. I grabbed my phone and purse and we headed out the door.

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