Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


13. untrusted girlfriend.


I sighed to myself.  This is just going to get worst. Honestly, Harry should just apoligize to Niall. Niall is coming out of the hospital today anyway. His cut was really infected. The room was silent, for a long time. 

" Look, everyone, Im sorry. Niall, i never wanted to hurt you. Im so sorry mate. Will you ever forgive me?" Harry asked.

Niall gave Harry a tiny smile. He forgived him. Niall isnt someone who could be mad at someone for a while. And i find it a good compliment.

" Harry, i know you never ment it. Just, dont do it again. I forgive you. Im coming out of the hospital today. Maybe we can watch a movie?" Niall said.


Movie night, with the boys? Why not. I nodded, and so did Liam, and the rest.  The doctor, or whatever came, and told Niall and this blah blah stuff. We all walked out, smiling. This day got wayyyyy better than i thought. We drove to Zayn's house. Right now, Louis and I were singing at the top of our lungs, to Kiss You. The boys looked at us, like we were crazy.  We laughed and Louis kissed me passionelty. The boys starting teasing Louis. 

" Ohhhhh! Becca and Louis, sitting in a tree. k i s s i n g. First comes love, then comes the marriage. Then a little baby in the carriage!" The boys chanted.

I pulled away and blushed. The only one who wasnt smiling, was Zayn. His eyes were full of anger and lust. Oh poop. I shook it off and talked to the boys. We were arguing on what movie we should watch.  I suggested Abduction, after i told everyone to shut up. They all agreed. 

Zayn parked his car, and we all got out his Jeep, that could only fir 5 people. The boys were playing around with Louis. I was a little bit farther away from the group. Alone. I wasnt the only one. Zayn was with me too. I walked faster and joined the boys. We sat on the couch and Zayn put the movie in. I was sitting next to Louis on my right. And Zayn was on my left. Everyone was into the movie, but i wasn't. I dont think i was the only one. Zayn, was looking at me. I was a little uncomfterble with that. I felt his hand slip up my leg. I bit my lip. 

" Does anybody want a snack?" Zayn whispered.

Everyone said yes. 

" Becca, come help me?" he pleaded.

I nodded and joined him. We walked into his kitchen and i was against the nearest wall. Zayn was holding me by my waist, and he kissed me. I pushed me back. I didnt want to do this. Louis.

" Zayn. Louis." i whispered.

He shook his head and took me bridal style to his room. The boys didnt notice. He ran up the stairs closed his door, and crawled on top of me. He kissed me, passionately, and roughly. I moaned and kissed back. I've been waiting to do this. I grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to me. His weight was on me. But i didnt care. I felt his hard erection on me. I flipped him over, so i was on top of him. I grinded my front on his erection. We moaned at the same time. He was getting harder. He was now, again on top of me, and he bit my lip. 

The door slammed open and Zayn got off of me. I blushed and saw Louis at the door. Shit. He caught us. He caught me. Im his girlfriend. I swalloed and looked down. Louis was hurt. The second time today. This is why i wanted to be single. Zayn sighed and cleared his throat. The rest of the boys got here.

" Whats going on?" Niall asked.

I looked at them. At Louis. He looked away. I hurt him. 

" My supposedly girlfriend, was.. caught making out with Zayn. " Louis said without emotion.

I winced at his tone of voice. Now, everybody will hate me. Louis walked out and the boys looked at me. They were angry. I just broke Louis heart. No duh they're mad. I walked out and Zayn drove me home. The boys stayed at Zayn's flat, ad conforted Louis. 

The car drive was silent. I didnt want to speak to anyone. I didnt care about how long it would take to gain Louis' trust. I knew one thing, and one thing only. New, fresh scars were going to be on my arm. I didnt freaking care about what Melina, or the boys thought. 

" Look. Im sorry, that you and Louis arent together."

" dont be zayn." i whispered before i got out.

I ran into my house and straight up my room. Once i got in my room, i searched through my drawers and found my blade. I cut my arm once, twice, four times. Blood flooded down and i put my arm under the sink.


And i curled up in my bed, lonely, regretting. Not eating. Alone. I stayed like that for the next 3 days.

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