Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


3. TOMS and Me? No Way.


`` W-what? Melina! Why is Curly, Blondie, TOMS, Mature and Mysterious in here?!`` I say annoyed

``I told you earlier werent you listening? I manage One Direction, and they will be here almost e-v-e-r-y day so you have to suckit up a little. Understood?`` she said sternly.


I nod yes and run up to my room.  I slipped my skinny jeans off and pull on high waisted shorts to match my 3/4 lenght t-shirt sleeves. ( abercrombie and fitch tee-shirt btw )


suddenly, i hear running up the stairs and my heart starts beating fast. But, its just Blondie, Curly, Mature, TOMS and Mysterious.


I need a drink real bad, ugh.


`` So you like to drink and party?`` Curly asked.

`` Umm. Creep? How would you know?``

The boys chuckled.

`` You thought outloud`` said TOMS.


Ugh wow whatever TOMS your strange anyway.


`` OK guys, One Firection, or whatever, i need a drink later on tonight, and im only 17 so you guys can come with me to the bar, club whatever you have here. Sound good?`` I say obviously wanting them to come.


They all nod. I tell them that im going to the bathroom so i leave.


I walk out and see the boys, except Mature, wearing my  bras and heating each other with some. What the hell?


`` WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!`` i yell.


I give them each and all my stare and they look away, embarrased. HAH. That'll teach you guys a lesson.


`` Take them off now, or were not going out.``


The boys take them off and hand them to me.


``Wait, Louis, check her cup size!`` said Mysterious.


Ok, Curly; Harry, Blondie; Niall, Mature; Liam, TOMS; Louis and Mysterious; Zayn.

       TOMS runs over to me and takes my bra out of my hand.

`` D `` he says smirking.



The boys smirk and i grab my bra out of his hands.


`` Can you guys get out im going to change.`` I  say to them.

They walk out but Mysterious walks over to me.


``As much as i like to see your bra on you, i would like to see it on the ground.`` he says whispering.


`` That can be made.`` i say back.

he gives me an awesome grin then walks out.



** at the club **


`` She's with us`` Curly said to the guard.


We walk into the club and all 6 of us walk to the bar to get drinks


Curly, asked about 18 shots of some kind a drink, but it sounds pretty good.


`` Here you go guys, enjoy!`` he says nicely.

i shoot him a smile and drink my 3 shots or whatever it is.


I stumble out of my seat and walk over to some guy, who seemed pretty hot.  I grabbed his hand and took him to the dance floor, grinding on him. My bum is on his hard errection and i feel his hands travel up my shirt. I slap his hands down and turn him around.


  My drunk side was now taking over and i didnt really mind.  I gave me a sloppy kiss and he kissed me back, roughly. Oh, he's good.  His tongue roammed down my throat and we both moaned.   I started playing with his hair.


Out of nowhere, someone grabs me from behind and rips me away from the guy.  I turned around and saw Curly, giving me a stern look.

`` Dude you cant just do that! I was ejoying myself out there!``I yell over the music.


The boys and i walk out of the club. Mature and Mysterious didnt drink at all. The rest of us did. Louis, Niall and I were dipsy.


TOMS suddenly looks at Mature and litterly looks pissed.

`` Why the freak would you do that?! I was having fun mate!``


`` That girl Louis, was Becca now let's go.`` Mature replies.


TOMS and I look at each other.

Oh damn. He's good.






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