Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


9. Surprises from Louis.


`` RISE AND SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE`` someone yelled, jumping on my bed.

I groan and open my eyes, seing an excited Louis Tomlinson. I look over to my clock and its 6:30. Wait.... SIX THIRTY?! Oh  this boy doesnt know what he's getting into. I stood up on my bed and jumped on Louis, tackling him.

`` Ahhhhhhh`` Louis yells.


I was on top of him, legs wrapped around his torso, my hands holding his arms. He looked panicked at first but then, prepared his lips for a kiss. He thinks im gonna kiss him? Haha that's so funny. How cute Louis.

I let go of one of his arms and use that hand to slap him a cross the face ( a/n no hard feelings, she was upset of geting up that early ). He held his face and then flipped me over, so he was on top of me.

He bent down and his lips were close to mine. I honestly thought he was going to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me. I reached his lips and we kissed. Louis picked me up and  brought me to my bed. He was still on top of me. He pulled back from the kiss, and ran his hands all over me. I moaned.

`` Louis, dont stop``

He stoped and told me to get dressed. I enjoyed those minutes of pleasure but i wanted more. Maybe i could get him drunk, then he'll do anything. I'll think about that. I was confused also, because i didnt eat reakfast yet. My stomach rumbled, i was SO hungry!

I made my way downstairs, where Louis was talking to Aunt Melina.

`` Your not doing anything foulish are you, Louis?`` she asked.

Oh shit were busted if she figures anything out.

`` No, today, Becca and I are going to the Carnaval, and we are going to go watch a movie tonight.`` Louis answers.

I decide that i've heard enough and walked in the kithen smiling. There was an awkward silence. Why is it that when I walk in the room, the conversation, socialisation stops? Is there a problem with me?


I clear my throat.

`` Well, im getting hungry, i'll be eating at Louis' ok?`` i ask.

My aunt nods and i grab Louis hand, taking him outside. I spin around, and Louis is taken aback when he sees my face.

`` She asked you if we were doing anything foulish.`` i say.

`` No she asked me, if I was doing anything foulish.``

`` Like?``

`` Making love to you..`` he says simply.

I look at him and he looks away. But i could still see the freaking lust in his  eyes. I laugh a little and he takes me to his car. We sit in the silence and then Louis says:

`` Are you hungry?``

I nod, but realize that his eyes are on the road. So i say `` Yes `` and he stops the car at McDonalds. This brings back some WAKE UP memories..

`` Here, get yourself something,`` Louis says, handing me a 20 dollar bill.

I smile and kiss him on the cheek. I see his cheecks reden and i smile at that. I get out of the car and slam the door.

`` Dont break the car now!`` Louis jokes.

Fuck him. I am a little moody anyway. I walk in McDonalds and someone slams into me. I dont look up, because im hungry as hell.

`` Excuse you!`` a familiar voice says.

I look up and see Niall. I give him a look, and frown. What is he doing here? Creeeeeep. Is he actually spying on me? The freak? Why would he do that! Thats just messed.

`` Niall?``

`` Becca!`` he says. `` Sorry i didnt mean to do that, I thought you were some arse holl who you bumbed into me.``

I laughed at his choice of words. Arse holl. Haha thats a good one. Niall leaves with his order and i was next in line. I looked at my outfit. Skinny jeans, a leather jacket with brown boots. I walk up to the cashier or whatever and he says:

`` Hi, may i take your order?`` in the squeakiest voice i've ever heard.

And that's a guy?

`` Sure. Fries and a medium coffee with 2 sugars and one milk.```I say.

He nods and tells me it costs whatever it cost. I payed and unpatiently waited for my order. I honestly wanted to get out of here. It was too crowded. And it was starting to get hot in here. Ok so, im claustophobic. What. Ever.

`` Madame? Your order`` the guy with the squeaky voice says.

I grab my coffee and fries out of his hand and walk out, the crapy area. I spot Louis and Niall talking. Louis spots me and gives a guy hug to Niall. Niall waves to me and I smile. He has a great sense of humor. I got in Louis car, and he had a major grin on his face. Honestly it was a cute, child-ish grin that i liked.

`` Louis, you ok?``

`` Oh, um ya i just heard good news from Niall.`` he says.

Hmm interesting. So i decided to push a little farther to know what was acually going on.

`` what kind of news?`` I say smiling.

`` Um... well, he band.. will soon release the song ' Best Song Ever ' , and im .. um really excited!`` liar.

I decidedto leave it at that and ate my fries. Ugh, too much salt. I drank my coffee and put it in Louis' garbage can thingy, that was in his car.

We got to Louis house, extremely fast. I hopped out of his car, and waited for Louis. He carried a box Inside his house. A box? Really Louis.

I laughed and took my boots off and started exploring his house. It was a good size, for one person but still big. I heard a bark. Did he get a dog? Nah, im full of crap after my coffee. I go and join Louis. I look at him and he still has that silly grin on him.

`` Becca... i have a surprise for you!`` he says.

`` Really? Oh my god what is it?`` i say jumping up and down.

He laughed at me. His laugh was so adorable! He turned around and took something out of the box. A puppy! He got me a PUPPY? Holy crap!

`` Louis! That is so so so nice!`` I say.

I honestly feel like crying. A tear escaped my eye. I never feel like crying. Louis looks at me then frowns. He sets the adorable golden retreaver on the ground and walks towards me. I dont want him to see me crying.

`` Becca, you ok?`` he asks in a soft tone.

I nod but i still cry.

`` Its just, i remember that me and my ...`` I swalloed `` me and my parents had.. a dog  and it just brings back.. some memories..``

Louis pulls me into a hug. He gives like th best hugs ever. I hug him back and he rocks me.

`` But i'll still take her or him`` i say.

We both pull away and start playing with Troffles, ( its a she btw ). We run outside and play around for hours.

I start running after Troffles. Im pretty sure Louis was watching us. I get picked off the ground and Louis takes me to his room.He throws me and his bed. He crawls on top of me and this time he doesnt stop. He kisses me roughly and i kiss him back. His tongue asks for entrance and i give it to him. I feel his hands slip up my shirt and he unclasps my bra. I gasp and slip Louis' shirt off. He moans and i run my hands up his abs. He takes my shirt off and-

suddenly the phone rings. Lous gets off of me andgoes to get the phone. I dont bother to listen to his conversation.  I was this close to getting him to make love to me. And the freaking phone had to interrupt.

`` We have to go. Your aunt called a band meeting. So we have to go.`` Louis says.

I fix my shirt and bra ad go join Louis in his bathroom. He was fixing his hair and i started kissing his neck. He moaned.

`` A-alright... lets go.`` he stutters.

I look at my phone and it was 7:30 pm, and i was exausted.

I brought Troffles home with me and went straight to bed, expecting to have a cooking contest with Niall tomorrow.



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