Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


6. Spending the day with Liam

** Long chapter antd a little bit of kissing and blah blah :) **


The boys are just normal teenagers. I learned a lot about them. But i randomly decided to know about them each at a time. So i'll be spending the day with Liam. Yes i just called him Liam.


He doesnt seem to really like me. Trust me by the end of the day, he'll be wanting more. But i dont get why he doesnt really like me.

`` Becca! Liam is here.`` Melina yelled.


Shit! I dont have an outft yet!  I slipped on some dark skinny jeans since its raining out, a boy tee-shirt, and some grey TOMS. Just thinking of that word, made me think about that night at the club and TOMS and me ad the kiss.


I mean, the next morning the look of Liam, Harry and Niall yelled ' why them? ' and then later on i kissed Niall.  But they all like me?


How could i choose between FIVE good looking boys? Impossible. I mean they are all hot to be honest.  Louis, Zayn and Niall kissed me in less than 24 hours.


I mean yeah i kissed3 guys. But i dont care cuz, they are good looking.


Why are they making it so hard for me though? I mean the looks they give me, they words they say... its so stupid on how they make it har-

``Becca`` someone said.


I turn around to see Liam.He looked cute. He was in dark jeans, a beige tee-shirt and he had a pair of, probably expecive shoes on. His hair was different today. His quiff was to the right. Ok, so he looked.. a lot cute.

I mean his eyes and- what am i talking about?

He doesnt like me so whatever.

`` I was uhh.. just thinking about w-what we were gonna do.... today?`` did i just say that?  ' smart ass Becca ' i told myself.


Liam laughed. `` We are going to the studo, the boys and i have to finish a new song. After that we are going to do something.``


The studio? Is he joking? I roll my eyes. This is going to be fun ( note the sarcasme ). I looked at Liam and his smile disapeared. What?

`` Look, Becca dont roll your eyes with me.`` he said.

I looked at him confused and he walk behind me, his lips tickling my neck.

`` Or you will have to be punished.`` he said in a low husky voice.


i bit my lip and nodded. He grabbed me by my wrist and tugged me out the door and to his car. He opened the passanger door for me and waited for me to get in.

He hopped in his seat and started the engine. It  was quiet so i turned the radio on put on my favorite station on. ' Here's to never growing up ' by Avril Lavigne was playing.

I lipsinked thee words that i knew by heart. Until Liam shut the radiooff. What was his deal?

I turned it back on and the song was over. Another song was playing and i knew the words, but i forgot the name of the band.


`` And let me kiss you`` Liam and I sang at the same time.

we looked ateach other surprised.  Oh, my god, One Direction = Curly, Mature, Mysterious, TOMS and Blondie! Why didnt i know that?!

`` You know this song?``

`` Uh well ya, but i listen to it like, never.. so whatever.`` I said, feeling my cheeks go bright red.


Liam laughed and parked the car. Great. THE studio. fun. I got out of the car and walked in hand in hand with him. I didnt want to hold hi hand but whatever.

When we walked in, i heard their new song ' Best Song Ever  ' and its a pretty good song! Liam told me to ssit down and he walked in to sing with the boys. I got my phone out and played Temple Run 2. I was about to beat my highscore when someone ripped my phone from my hands.


`` Hey you cant do that!`` I said to Liam.

He chuckled then said,

`` Ya i can. Pay attention to us not your phone Becca.``

I got up, pissed off and while i walked away i said:

`` Fine. Im leaving. Im gonna get coffee instead of a knife cuz i would probably punish myself for coming here in the first place.``


Liam looked at me shocked that i would self-harm myself sometime's.  I found the coffee machine and got my cup. But  it wouldnt come out.

`` Fuck!`` I said  to the machine.

`` Dont swear, its not lady-like, is it?`` Liam said.

He hit the machine and the coffee came out. I looked at Liam and he got my message. He took my hand and we left the building. Yes, i won!


i was getting in the car, and Liam was staring at me. It made me feel strange.

`` Look, Becca, I know that you probsbly think that i hate you. I dont its just, i really like you, i just didnt know how to tell you. im so-``

I cut him off by hugging him. That was so cute. I  mean he had the courage to say he was sorry to a girl like me! He hugged back and i pulled away.

I think i know what was about to happen next. He kept his hands on my sides and leaned in. Yup. He kissed me. I kissed back. Damn im bad!


I tugged on his shirt and he came closer to me. We moved to the back seat and i felt Liam's hard crotch on my leg. Things didnt  go that far, but we both wanted more.

We pulled away and Liam asked me to go out and have dinner with his parents. Which is strange because im not even his girlfriend!  He drove me home to change.

Melina was outside on the porch and waved at us. I was glad to see her.  Liam got out and so did i and we walked towards Melina.

`` Melina, is it ok if i take Becca out for dinner with my family?`` Liam asked.


I heard her say yes while i was walking up the stairs to my room. I decided to wear a zip up cocktail dress to show off my curves. I went and curled my hair a little.

I was choosing my shoes when Liam walked in. I still hadnt ziped up my dress so i asked him to zip it up.

`` I would sure like to take this off you later`` Liam said.

`` Maybe you can`` I say. `` What else would you do?``

`` I would run my hands up your legs, kiss you in any possible way.`` He said, his eyes now hooded and his voice husky.


I bit my lip and looked at him.

`` I would make you yell my name in high pleasure.``

I wanted to just scream his name now. Im one of those girls who get turned on. Really easily. Just earing seducive words, voices just... man.


I smiled at Liam. `` Im ready to go now.``


Liam took my hand and we said goodbye to Melina.

On the way to Nando's - where we were meeting Mister and Miss Payne- Liam told me about himself, he told me funny jokes. I guess he was just trying to get the nerves off of me. Honestly i was quite nervous.


We got to Nando's in a matter of time and saw his parents waiting for us. They waved at Liam. They seemed really nice!


We ordered and we got our food quite fast too.


`` So, Becca tell me about yourself!`` said Miss Payne.

Shit! About myself? Probably getting fucked out of my mind by your son at this moment. Liam's hand was rubbing my knee and he  slowly went further up. The pleasure rolled in me and i bit my lip. Liam had a dumb smile on his face.

`` well, im from america, Im 17, and i live with my Aunt Melina now.`` I say.

I smlied and Liam made it mid-way on my thigh. He really liked teasing people.  Mister Payne, asked Liam a few questions then turned his attention to me.

`` What about your parents?`` he asked. `` Where are they now?``

I felt a lump in my throat. Who the freak asks that kind of question? Right now, we would be in Texas, celebrating my grandmother's 73rd birthday. I felt the tears in my eyes. I tried to keep them in.  Liam leaned in and he rubbed my leg, trying to comfort me.

`` You ok? Do you want me to tell them?`` he whispered?

I shook my head and wiped my tear that had fallen on my cheek.

`` Actually, they died in a car accident about a week ago.`` I say blankly  answering his stupid question.


Liam's parents gasped and i stood up and took Liam's hand. I walked out and i didnt even say `` Goodbye, nice meeting you guys!``. Why should i even bother?

I grabbed Liam in a hug and sobbed in his shirt. Liam hugged me back. He is so sweet. Holy freak how did i deserve this?

`` Shh  Becca its ok. They didnt know.`` He said to me.

`` I-i kknow buut it huuurt so ba-ad Li-liam.`` I say.

I finish crying and wipe my tears. I  feel rain drops failing on me now. Freaking rain! Why did that mother nature girl pick now to rain?!


`` Stupid rain!`` i say, pissed off.


I grab Liam's hand and try to run to his car. I spin around and Liam kisses me. Its the perfect kiss to comfort me now. Passionate, slow and just the way i wanted it,

And with that, Liam took me back home. Harry was next.  Only god knows what he'll do to me.




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