Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


18. not enough.


Its now or never Becca, i tell myself. I walk towards the door, with Louis following my lead. I was excited to see the boys, but nervous too. I didnt want them to reject me. Louis smiles at me and steps forward and knocks. I hear faint voices and then the voices stop. The door opens to a smiling Niall. He looks at Louis and smiles. I step to the side to show my face. Niall's smile looses emotion. I knew it. This would all happen. I turn my face around. i didnt want to be seen.

" Hey Niall, you ok?" zayn says walking towards the door. 

Zayn. Just saying his name, brings back all the memories. I turn around and look at Zayn.  He stops mid-phrase and then looks at me. I swear he held back a smile. Why didnt they want to see me? I know, Louis was hurt, and he still is maybe. but i mean, they are my  friends. Liam and Harry join and look at me. Shit. i just couldnt hold it in anymore. I burst out, crying. I hated my life. i screwed up. I slump down on Niall's stairs outside.

" I messed up. Im sorry. It wasnt intentional to hurt Louis. You guys hate me. I hate myself. My life. I had to freakin hide my cuts on my arm, and not tell you guys. I didnt eat, i cried. all the time. in the dark. I swear i didnt mean to!" i sob and yell. 

i hid my face and tried not to cry any louder. Everything was my fault. I made things worst for the hottest, biggest and nicest boy band on earth. I hurt all of them. By kissing them, by touching them. 

" Becca." Niall says.

I get up, surprising them. I wipe my tears and then i look at them. Each and everyone of them, with my big, dark brown eyes. It wasnt enough. Nothing i ever said was enough to them!

" NO, Niall. Listen, i came to say sorry and it wasnt enough? Well thanks. Goodbye." i say.

I sprint off Niall's tiny deck, running towards Melina's place. They were all shouting my name. But who the hell cares, right? I push myself to run harder, as i hear other footsteps on the road. I keep running, increasing my speed. The footsteps stop. Hah. That'll teach them something. I made my way around the corner and spotted Melina's place 10 houses away. Yes. Just enough for me to get there, run up my room, grab my wallet and run to the airport. Yes, i was escaping. From London, from them, from Melina, from everything.

Seven houses pass by, as i reach my way towards my house. The door was locked, since Melina left. But i had a key. I unlock the door and run up my room. I grab my purse with my wallet and grab a few snacks. I run back the stairs writing a note to Melina.


I shoulve told you earlier, but im leaving. dont try to find me.

Becca xx love you.


I run to the airport, like the wind. Nobody seemed to care that i was leaving. I rush to buy my plane ticket. I thank the nice lady and run threw the machine. As i sprint my way towards the airplane i look back. 

" Good bye London " i say.


I sit in my plane seat. I plug my earphones in to listen to the tv. The news was on.

" One Direction were spotted running after a girl names Becca..."

" She just left us, we have no idea where she went!" Harry said.

" But we will find her. no matter what." Zayn says.

The case closes. Oh shit. they're after me. One thing to do. Just change my look, and move to New York. I sit back and relax as i make my way to New York City.

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