Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


10. Nialls cooking day :P


`` Niall stop!`` i say.

Niall just put sauce on my face. It was 12:37 and all morning Niall and I have been trying to make Mac and Cheese.

`` Well its not my fault that you moved! C'mon taste my sauce, pleaseee!`` Niall said, giving me the puppy dog face.

How could i say no? I finally said yes and tasted his sauce. It actually wasnt that bad. Niall made me taste another sauce of his. He actually is pretty good at making these! He should be a cook! It tasted sooooooo good! He has gotta give me that receipe.

`` Now taste this!`` Niall says.

How many sauces does he want me to taste? I open my mouth and wait for the sauce. But this one is different. Chocolate sauce! It tasted amazing. Maybe we were gonna have a chocolate fondu later!

`` more!`` i say.

He laughs. This irish boy is litterly too funny. I  laughed and waited for the next sauce. This one surprised me. His soft pink lips licked off the chocolate sauce around my mouth. I smiled when his lips came on mine. I kissed him back and my legs went around his waist, pulling him closer to me. Why do i always have to kiss all of them? Whatever. I enjoyed the moment of me and Niall kissing that was now leading to his bedroom. Oh god. I took his shirt off, and he kissed my neck. I moaned,


My shirt was now off and Niall was just in his boxers. Strange. My pants slipped off and all i had on was my thong and my bra. Niall kissed my stomach and he came back to kiss my lips.  His finger touched my clit and my back arched in pleasure. Niall stoped and tucked us in his bed.


We cuddled and talked about anything that came in our minds. I got to know him better. His has a brother names Greg. And honestly, i can tell that he misses his family. You know, he is in London and his parents are in Ireland. I would miss my parents if thet were far away from me. Technecly, they are. He told me that he always wanted to sell out arenas and that the next tour coming up soon, thaat he would be able to that. I was actually gad for him and the boys.  I was planing to go see them. But it was a secret. I would get a VIP pass too and get to see all the action back stage.

`` Hey Becca? I was thinking... do you want to go see Despicable Me 2 tonight with me?`` Niall asked shyly.

Aww he's so cute!

`` Is that the movie where there are some Minions in it?`` i ask.

`` Yes.``

`` Then ya i want too Niall!``


He laughs and we get dressed to go to the movies. I was actually excited to see this movie! I've seen the first one and i think i saw it 6  more times after that. The movie started at 6:15 and it was 5:45. I fixed my tangled hair and arranged my lip stick. Niall fixed his quiff and put on a white teeshirt and black skinny jeans, pairing it with blue VANS. He looked cute. I still had the same outfit. My leather brown jacket, a white teeshirt, light skinny jeans and my convers sneakers.


We got in the car and sped to the movie theater. There were exactly 2 tickets left for that movie and Niall got them for us. We got in line for the pop corn and whatever there was. I just wanted to see this movie with Nisll to hear his adorable laugh.


Niall got us a large pop corn. But i stated it as `` I got pop corn for me``.



Surprisingly there was pop corn left! I was surprised that Niall didnt eat it all during the movie. I was waiting for him to get out of the bathroom so he could take me home.

During the past 5 days, i was quite surprised of what me and each of them did. I honestly was surprised that me and Zayn didnt make out more. I stoped thinking about that. I got my phone out to text Niall. He didnt reply.  Now i was really starting to panic.


I didnt care, that i was walking in the boys bathroom. I've already seen a dick here people. I saw Niall on the ground. Blood was just around his left leg and i saw the humongus cut he had gotten. He fainted and the blood stoped. I dont think he ould have fainted of blood lose because there wasnt very much blood around his leg.


I gasp and took my phone out.

`` 911 what is your emergency?``

``I would like to report a serious injury that happened to my frient just now he.....``



ohhh what do you think that will happen?

Who cut Niall's leg?

Do you think it's one of the boys? Because they were jealous maybe?



alison xxx

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