Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


7. Harry's little surprises..


Scenes of last night played in my dream as i was asleep. i dreamt about Liam. He was so sweet. I mean, he made me feel good, he hugged me when needed..

`` Becca. Becca.`` who i thought was Liam.

I opened my eyes to see emrald orbs. Harry.  HIs curly hair fell around his face nicely. His lips curved to a smile. I smile back, still asleep.

`` Hey, you  slept in so i had to Wake you up.`` he said.

`` Harry, sorry its just, i couldnt sleep last night and i fellasleep a little late.`` but that's not really what happened I has styed up last night and cried every tear i had in me. I felt my dry tears on my cheecks.

`` Its fine! I made breakfast for you. Its 10:24 and after you fix youself up we'll head to my place and watch a movie. Sounds good?`` he asked.

`` Sounds good.`` i say.

He flashed a smile and gave me my breakfast. Eggs, bacon and a toast were on my plate. Oh my god. I Grabbed the fork and dug in, on the eggs. Man they were good.  i eat my pièces of baccon and eat my toast in a matter of time.  Harry chuckled at my clean plate and left my room.

i picked out a grey tang top with a pair of ombré shorts and walked in my bathrrom to change.

i slipped in my clothes and started putting mascara.

`` You shouldnt put makeup on, you look cute without it...`` Harry said, blushing.

I look at myself in the Mirror. My face was red, it was obvious.Harry walked behind me and slipped his arms around me. I gigled and he laughed. He started ticlking me and i fell to the ground laughing and holding my sides.

`` Harryyyyy!`` I say.

He shot me a smile and helped me up. We walked down the sttairs and i told Melina I'd be out for the day again. She smiled at me. I was actually glad now that i moved here.

`` Fudge`` i mutter.

i stepped on something sharp and my foot started bleeding. Harry didnt notice but, holy shit it hurts!

I put my shoes on and we walked out and the sun was shinning. We walked to his house, it was about 5 minutes from here.

`` So, if you want to this is the plan : we watch a movie, we hang out and talk, we do a surprise then go out to a cub? Only of you want to.``

A surprise..? Hmm that's new. It could be anythig.


Harry and i are  watching The Hunger Games and right now were at the part where Thresh or whatever dies. A tiger pops out and i yell. Harry laughs and i jump in his arms. I hid my face and his arms went around me. He starts tickling me. I jump up and run around his house. He chases me and i make it to the kitchen. I jump on the counter and he takes me in his arms.

Here it comes. He crashes his lips on mine and our lips move in sync. He plays with my hair and i start giggling in the kiss. My legs slide aroud his waist and he moans.

`` Your such a bad girl, kissing 5 different guys.`` he mummbles on my lips.

He takes me off the counter and puts his hands over my eyes. He tells me to keep them close.

`` Open them!`` he says.

I look around me and im outside and Harry  isnt even next to me. I call his name and suddenly paint is on my lips.

I lookat Harry who shhed  me with his red painted finger. I gasp and see the buckets of paint next to me. I laugh and open the green paint. I splat some on his face and his lips make the shape of an o. I laugh but he suddenly looks mad. Oh my god im screwed. I back away and he walks towards me with anger in his eyes.

`` Uhh ... H-Harry? You o-ok? Uhh`` I couldnt say more until Harry picked me and and started laughing.

`` Harry! I hate you. Put me down!`` I yell.

He brings me Inside and takes my paint off my face. My chest is moving up and down fast. He scared the living shit out of me! He couldve rapped me or hurt me. Its just paint. I looked at him and he looked away. I mean honestly, I liked my day with Liam better.

`` Why are you so quiet?`` Harry said.

`` Can we just go to the club now? I wonna get drunk and forget this ever happened.`` I tell him.

I was practicly begging, doing the puppy dog face, and Harry said yes.

We got in his car and ' All Summer Long' by Kid Rock came on. Harry turned it up and we sang the words.

`` And we were trying different things, and we were smokin' funny things, and we were making love outside to our favorite song.`` Harry and I sang.

We laughed and drove for another 15 minutes til we got to the club. We walked in and i went straight to the bar. I took a few strong drinks to forget everything. Harry was next to me and his arm slipped around me. I smiled at the warmf it gave me. He took a drink himself.


I felt dipsy, and my mind was clouded of things i wanted to do to Harry. I dragged him on the dance floor. I stumbled my way and Harry grabbed my elbow. I laughed and grinded my bum on his front. He moaned and turned me around. He kissed me.


I didnt want to have sex with him though,  Zayn was my target, and he was next.

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