Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


11. Flashbacks.


I was honestly scared. Niall, the blood, everything happened so fast. The ambulance came. They told me that he hit his head and that's how he fainted. I was glad that he was ok. I just.. i just want to know who did this to Niall.


I dont think it was one of the boys. I mean, they are really good friends.  I wasnt with him in there, and no one left prints, i assume. I mean, damn it, i shouldve just told him he could wait. Niall is awake now, and he's talking to the boys, inside his hospital room. I didnt mean to eavesdrop but i couldn't help but listen.


" Niall, mate, did you see who it was?" Zayn asked.

" No. But all i remember was that i got a text. so i went to get my phone and i dont remember anything after that." he answers.

There was a long silence. All there was, was the sound of the machine beeping and the boys breathing. I think that they were all lost in thought. They were thinking of who it couldve been. Why that person wouldve done it. It could be anyone.  

" Was, Becca there with you, when that happened?" Harry said, breaking the silence.

Niall swalloed. " no" he answered silently.

" She has kissed everybody right?" Liam asked.

I heard yeses and yeps. I honestly felt i little guilty. I never actually thought that maybe it hurt them. That i kissed all of them.  I dont know what came on my mind. I just thought ' this would be fun! ' honestly they are all so different. I have one favorite. Its Louis. I mean, he got me a puppy! But i dont like him for just that. I mean, his eyes, his hair, his sense of humor, his smile. Everything about him is fun.

" She's such a slut. I mean, she kissed so many strangers and she kissed all of us. Honestly..." Harry said.

But i walked in before he could finish his sentence. I looked and everything one of them. My fists were clenched and i kept my regard on Harry.

" You think im a... slut?" i said, teeth clenched, just saying the word.

Harry's face became pale and i looked at him, waiting for an answer. He was speechless for what seemed for a while so i let him be.

" Do you all think of me that way?" I looked at each of them.

Nobody answered. Great. Just Great. Slut. That word took me back 2 weeks ago.

** Flashback **

" Im going to that party mom!" I said.

My mother was arguing with me. I honestly wanted to have fun tonight. This party was going to be huge! I mean, it was my class and i's goodbye party until grade 12. I wanted to see them. I mean i also wanted to see my best friend Riley. She has been my best friend for a while.

" Rebecca Vitor! You will not leave! Your such a slut! You make sure to have sex with every boy at the party you go to!" my mother said back.

Did she just,... call me a slut? My own mother. I ran out the house. I went to that party.

** End of flashback **


And that was the last time i got to see my mother. I got the call a few hours later, that my mother and father died. She called me a slut. And this time, being called a slut by my friends, .... it just stung a lot more. My mother was family. It was a little normal that she called me things like that. But coming from Harry?


" Becca... its not what you think.." Louis whispered.

" Yes, it was what i think Louis. I was having fun. I honestly didnt want to have sex with each of you! I never got even close to that! If you think im a slut, then i might as well just leave." i say.

And i meant those words. I walked. I walked outside from the hospital.  The boys were yelling my name. But i ignored them. I didnt want to see them. I walked and walked.

A forest was coming up. I looked back and saw the boys. It was still day time but, it was starting to get dark. They were waving at me. Of course Niall wasnt there, he had to take things easy.

" Becca, come back! I will explain! Just please." Harry pleaded.

I gave in. My legs felt honestly so tired and i didnt want to get lost in the dark. I took my time. I had a looooooong way to go.  I mean, it was only 2 hours after, of being called a slut, and i decided to give the boys, aka Harry a second chance. 



" Becca look, im sorry. I didnt mean it. It just came out like that. Your not a slut, and i didnt care that you kissed all of us. I mean, yeah we all like you. Eventually you will pick one of us and we'll be happy with that. But please, forgive me. " Harry said. He was almost out of breath.

" Harry, its ok. I mean, yeah i have been called that before. It just stung a little. Ya i will pick someone but im just not ready for that yet. I guess were ok now." i say.

It was silent. Nobody talked. Nobody moved. I was ok now. But if any of them call me a slut again, i'll be leaving. For good. ( not dying just moving back to america ).


"  I would like to confess something..." Harry started.


Ugh i just love cliffhangers. What do you think Harry will say? Do you think that Louis like-likes Becca the same way she like-likes him? Will they go out?

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alison xx


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