Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


8. Chill day with Zayn :)


My head pounded when i woke up. Right, I was drunk last night. Doesnt surprise me. I only remembered going in the club with Harry, and him telling me I was a bad girl, early before that. I knew that. He didnt have to tell me. Ugh.

But my mood lid up. Today was Zayn and I's day! Im super excited actually. He is really fun and he can actually talk ( surpriser, he never talks ). I got up and streched myself. For once, i wasnt being stalked or woken up by one of the boys.


I walked down the stairs and said good morning to Melina.

`` How was your day with Harry?`` she asked.

`` It was great we watched a movie, and talked a lot too. I had a great time!`` I answered.

She smiled and continued breakfast. We had french toast and scrambled eggs. We talked about  the weather ( stupid topic i know ), about the band and just what we were doing today.

`` The boys seem to like my house a lot more now, huh`` Aunt Melina said.

I blushed and nodded. They like me. I wanted to say. But i didnt. All i said was `` Strange. Maybe they just like this place, because its not lonely or something i dont knnoe.`` Liar, liar pants on fire, alert.

I ran up my stairs and just when i  got in my room. my phone buzzed. It was Zayn.

( Z: Zayn M:me )

Z: Hey Beccs, i'll be at your place in 15 mins. Better be ready :)

M: Hey Zay Zay, great i'll be ready.

I closed my iPhone and took out my hair straighner ( or however you spell it ). I straightened my hair and did light makeup. I looked out my window and saw the weather. Cloudy. Sucks. I opened my window and checked the temperture. It was breezy. Another rainy day im guessing. I closed my window and picked out my clothes. Baggy sweat pants and a Aeropostal tee-shirt. More of a chill day with Zayn. Hopefully movies or like something fun.


I picked out  my convers shoes and went downstairs. I was just in time because Zayn was at the door. He smiled at me and sigaled me to follow him in his Jeep. What is it with them boys and their super expensive cars? Holy!

`` So, um what do you want to do today?`` I ask him, breaking the silence in the car.

Zayn cleared his throat.

`` Movies maybe, or like talk.`` He says in a low, raspy voice. It seems like he hasnt talked in days!


We listened to music. He lived a little farther away than the other boys. We didnt say anything. The silence, was a comfy one. No words were needed to be sayed.

`` Ah freak!`` i say outloud.

I left my phone home. Dang. Zayn looks at me. He smiled and turns to a unfamiliar road. There were only a few houses here, but it wasnt as `` neiborhood-like ``. But i liked it. He parked the car and i hopped out his car. I looked at his house, and trust me, im glad he brought me here.

`` I hope you brought your bathing suit, i have a pool.`` Zayn says, smirking.  `` If not, i have one for you..``

I grin at him and follow him, Inside his house. It was an open concept, tall ceilings, the walls were painted a soft beige. Drawings, i assume he drew, were hooked up on his walls. I smiled at some of them.



Zayn and i  were sitting on his super comfy couch, watching Valentine's Day. I've never seen it before, and Zayn said it was about time i did. So far, its really good. I scooted over to Zayn and his arm sneaked around my waist. I snuggled my nose in the crooke  of his neck and he chuckled. He smelled good. I looked at my necklace watch ( that actually says the real time ) and it was 8:30 pm. Holy crap, the past by. We watched about 25 movies, we cooked and drew a dew drawings too. Honestly i had a blast! It wasnt what i expected though. I looked at Zayn and kissed the corner of his mouth. He looked ay me, and he kissed me back.

I was on top of him and he started ticlking me. I laughed and fell to the floor. I laughed it off.

The movie finished and Zayn drove me back. He kissed me and i smiled.

Louis/ TOMS is next. He is quite a blast and I expect a hilarious day and i'll be cracking my best jokes.


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