Personification poem :) i really like writing these, helps me appreciate the things around me :) x FEEDBACK PLEASE XD xxx


1. Seedling..

Life. A small insignificant bundle of pure energy, placed into the earth for safekeeping. Just one of many delicate thimbles of green soon to grow, and grow, into a giant.


Light. Months of dirt and cold, replaced by an ever-reaching blanket of blue warmth. The bundle explodes and projects the new, green energy towards the light, struggling to succeed. Haunted by her elders, entombed in shade, but still, she is determined to grow.



Grown. The bundle has succeeded. After years of reaching towards the blue, after days and days of piercing cold and searing heat, she has grown. She mocks her siblings and relatives, younger children of the earth and laughs at their misfortune that was once hers. Now having earned the right to bask in the sun's warmth.



Ancient. Respected by the old and feared by the young she has grown tall, strong, and wise. Casting a glorious shadow over her offspring, and finally embracing the blue after years of shadows and darkness...
She is Magnificent.



Dying. Betrayed by warmth and abandoned by earth the great oak has fallen. Once so, so alive and now slaughtered by man, she is dead. Dismembered and broken, she is chipped away to almost nothing, merely a memory of her former glory. Given to child that will never know of her history, and the years that have passed. This child will eventually grow bored of this insignificant, wooden plaything and will throw it into a toy-box, never again to see the blue she once craved.

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