Teen love 2 complications and secrets

Teen love 2 complications and secrets is another kiddish, yet adventurous book. It has been a while now, and the girls and guys have met new friends. the girls decided not to go in a band, how ever lest the boys pursue their dreams. Louis and Liam have joined three other boys, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and formed a band named One direction. The girls, still hiding a huge secret from the boys and the rest of one direction, have trouble keeping Louis's and Naruto's ex's away. And of course, their huge secret.... a secret only them and the readers know.... a secret thats soo big..yet soo small, but unbelievable.... will the boys find out....or will they not? will there be break ups and new relationships ...or not??
read Teen love 2 complications and secrets to find out... :D


4. Narrators point of view


Louis was walking around and talking to people, he was greeted by his band mates, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam, but then he was stopped by Nicki

 “So, Louis, it has been years since we broke up. But there’s something I don’t understand, why did you break up with me?” Nicki said.

“I guess because things didn’t work out between us.”  Louis said.

“Yea, well does your new girlfriend, kiss you at night, or sing to you?” she said.

“Look, Yes Bella doesn’t kiss me like you did, but for your information she does sing, she's in a band just like I am!” he said.

“Is that so, one more thing has Bella ever kissed you...on the lips?” she asked.

Louis’s face changed.

“No and what’s with the questions. Nicki, we were done years ago. And I wasn’t the one who cheated on their boyfriend, maybe that was a reason to why I broke up with you. “He said.

After he had said those words, Bella came behind him, yet she hadn’t known that Louis was behind her.

“I know, that was a mistake, but Louis you don’t know how much I missed you, how much I miss our kisses. You have no idea how much I love you.” She said. When she said Louis, Bella turned around.

“Well you should have thought about it then, when you were with Chris. And for your information I loved you too and I miss the kisses too, but it’s too late.” He said, and turned around to see Bella, looking at him.

Bella shook her head and walked backwards. Then she turned around and ran upstairs. Louis ran from behind, and tried to reach her.

“Bella, wait up.” Louis yelled.

Bella went to the balcony and she sat down and stared at the sky. Tears almost trickled down her cheeks. Louis too came to the balcony.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be like Nicki. I wasn’t used to the kissing and things. I have never kissed anyone before and I don’t know it just didn’t feel right. And I’m sorry, I really am.” Bella said.

“No I’m sorry. I should have left that conversation to somewhere else.  And I should have known Nicki knew you were behind me. Look I don’t love her, and you know that, I fell for this girl two years ago, and I love her.”

Louis wiped the tears off Bella’s face and hugged her. They sat on the balcony, staring at the stars. Then Bella looked at Louis’s eyes.  Their eyes met, and slowly their heads came closer and closer, til their lips met. It was their first kiss.

“Oh wow, umm I have no idea how that happened,” Bella said.

“Haha, I think I do.” Louis said, as he winked.

“Sure you do,” Bella said.

Louis stood up and then put his hand out to Bella.

“We should go.” He said.

“True.” She said and grabbed Louis’s hand.

They went down stairs and joined the party.

“Hey we were looking all over for you.” Naruto said.

“Yea soz bro, we were upstairs.” Louis said.

“Oooh what were you two doing upstairs alone? Haha.”

“Oh, nothing that concerns you Haha.” Bella said. “Anyways where are Aria and Kate?”

“Dunno, they went outside.” He said.

“Well then you guys chat, I’m off, bye,” Bella said, and went to the library room. 

Bella went to the 6th bookshelf from the right and entered the headquarters.

“Hey, Aria, our lovey ducky is here.” Kate said as she laughed.

“Oh, crap I forgot about the cameras and dayum you guys saw.” Bella said.

“Oh naah , the minute we saw you run upstairs and Louis running after, we had to check it out so we came.” Aria said.

“Anyway, you should go downstairs, Naruto is probably wondering where you are.”  Bella said.

“Or is it a way to change subjects?” Aria said.

“Nope, I’m serious, plus we gotta cut the cake.” Bella stated.

“True, let’s all go.” Kate said.

The girls went downstairs and told Naruto to get everyone ready to cut the cake. Everyone gathered around the cake and sang happy birthday. Naruto pulled Aria closer to him and cuddled her, Liam held onto Kate from her waist and Louis had Bella stand in front of him, as he held on to her too.

Louis cut the cake and then fed Bella a piece.

“Kiss him,” Aria yelled.

Bella looked at her and shook her head.

“Go on, Bella, kiss him!” Naruto also yelled.

“You’re so dead!” Bella whispered to Aria.

 Louis pulled her closer, till she was pressed against him, then he kissed her.

“Happy birthday, Louis.” Bella said.

The look on Nicki’s face changed. With anger she marched out the door, and slammed the door. Kate and Aria couldn’t stop laughing.

After the cake was cut, the girls went to the kitchen and got the food ready. While they were preparing the food Naruto came to the kitchen and then grabbed Aria from behind and kissed her.

“Aww, how cute,” Kate told Bella.

“Yea, how cute!” Bella said.

“Agreed 100%,” two voices from behind said.

“Huh?” Bella and Kate whispered, as they turned around to see Louis and Liam.

“Boo!” the guys said.

“Ha-ha-ha, very funny,” Kate said sarcastically.

Aria laughed and so did Naruto.

Though Sammy and Joe were not there they all felt together, like nothing can break them apart.

“So shall we serve?” Bella asked.

“Yeaa. We shall,” Aria said.

Everyone laughed and started serving.

Liam and Kate were first to come back to the kitchen.

“Hey Kate, how cute were the others when they kissed? Bella and Louis had their first here and Aria and Naruto had like their 100th one here too,” Liam said.

“And, your point is?” Kate said, knowing where he was going.

“Ohhh, Never mind!” Liam said with frustration.

“Ok then,” Kate said as the others walked in.

“You guys are early,” Aria said.

The party finally finished and everyone went home, other than Bella, Aria, Kate, Louis, Liam, Naruto.

While the guys were cleaning the girls said they were going to go for a walk down the streets, but instead they went to the headquarters.

While Bella listened to everything the boys had said during the party the others were scrolling through the pictures and video camera footage, she came across something.

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