Teen love 2 complications and secrets

Teen love 2 complications and secrets is another kiddish, yet adventurous book. It has been a while now, and the girls and guys have met new friends. the girls decided not to go in a band, how ever lest the boys pursue their dreams. Louis and Liam have joined three other boys, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and formed a band named One direction. The girls, still hiding a huge secret from the boys and the rest of one direction, have trouble keeping Louis's and Naruto's ex's away. And of course, their huge secret.... a secret only them and the readers know.... a secret thats soo big..yet soo small, but unbelievable.... will the boys find out....or will they not? will there be break ups and new relationships ...or not??
read Teen love 2 complications and secrets to find out... :D


3. Kate’s point of view

Kate’s point of view

I finally got home, from our peace house. I went to the room to find Liam, asleep, but there was a note on the table, the note said:

Dear Kate,

I hope you guys organised the place for the party. I’m sorry I couldn’t turn up, but if I came, Louis might realize something is up, so I stayed. Sorry I’m asleep, I got really sleepy, and had a feeling you would be late, so I went to bed.

Much love, Liam.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed some food, while I was eating I took my mobile out and called Bella to see if she came up with a way. I had a feeling that maybe Aria forgot to call her seeing she was so tired.

“Hello,” Bella said. She sounded as if just she woke up.

“Hey, it’s me. Umm were you asleep?” I asked.

“Oh, sorry, Louis and I were watching a movie, we both feel asleep on the couch. Dayum, the couch is so comfy, especially next to him. Sorry,” Bella said.

“Oh my, I’m sorry if I woke you up. I just called to ask if you came up with a way, to you know bring Louis.”

“Don’t worry. All sorted. I told him at 6 we will go check out the house that’s for sale in Melrose. Then we will meet you guys somewhere and go to dinner.”

“Ok then, everything will go well.”

“Yea, anyway, I’m really tired. Talk to you later.”

“Ok then, bye,” I said and ended the call.

I ate dinner and went to bed.

“Kate?” Liam says.

“Kate? Wake up.” Liam says.

“Huh?” I ask.

“It’s ten in the morning, you never sleep in so late.”

“Oh crap, I was so tired I didn’t even know the time.”

“Hunny you’re asleep, you wouldn’t know the time either way. What’s wrong?”

“Haha true, and nothing.” I said.

I woke up, and went to eat breakfast. Then I went with Liam to the peace house to show him the place.

“Woaaah, it’s beautiful!” He said.

“Thanks,” I said.

 Then we went to MacDonalds and ate lunch. When we got home, I realized time flew so fast. It was 4:45pm. The party was in an hour or so, and everyone was told to come half an hour early. So people would be there by 5:30. Argh I thought.

I quickly called Aria and asked if she was ready. She said she wasn’t but Naruto went.  So I told her to quickly get dressed and that she can come with us. Liam and I got dressed by 5:15, and then I called Aria and told her I’m on my way. I wore a pink dress that had a flower on the hip.  I curled my hair and wore small heels. Liam was wearing the suit that I gave him, but the one Bella put the mic in.

Liam pulled the car to Aria’s drive way, then I got out and ran to the door in excitement but also in a hurry.  I pressed the bell. After waiting a few seconds I pressed the bell 10 times continuously.

“I’m coming, wait!” Aria screamed.

“Hurry!” I yelled back.

Aria opened the door. She was wearing a white top, with pink jeans and back tall high heels. Damn I sometimes wonder how the hell she walks in them.  

The time was 5:30, I was scared we were going to be late but who knows. Everyone was buckled up, so we drove off. It took ten minutes to get to Melrose. We weren’t late thank fully.

We went inside to see so many people.

“Oh god, look who’s here,” Aria said, looking at Rachel and Nicki.

“Hmm, the party wreaking brats, Haha,” I said.

“Hey, Aria! You’re here,” Naruto said, as he came forward and gave Aria a long passionate kiss on the lips.

I saw Rachel looking in anger. She had her arms crossed, and for me, I just laughed looking directly at her.

“Yea, lol, so are you going to tell them how were going to surprise Louis?” Aria asked.

“Yea, just about to.” Naruto said, and then he grabbed a mic, and turned up the volume.

“Okay, guys, we have to all hide behind this couch. When Louis comes the place will not have any lights on. So when he enters with Bella, Bella will cough once and then I’ll put the lights on. When the lights are on you guys have to jump up and say surprise, soo can we pull it off?” Naruto said.

Every yelled a yes.  I also took a glimpse at Nicki, when Naruto was saying. So when he enters with Bella, and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty funny to look at their  faces. I mean seriously, the anger, the jealousy shows just by taking a glimpse at them.  I realized it was abit rude for me to just look at them so I looked around to see what everyone was wearing, while Naruto and Aria kept an eye out for Bella and Louis.

“They’re here!!” Naruto screamed. “Everyone go behind the couch, Liam, lights off, and Kate get everyone ready.” He said.

Everyone was behind the couch. No heads were showing and things just were perfect.

The door opened, and as Naruto had said Bella coughed. Naruto turned the lights on and everyone jumped up and said surprise. I was on the side recording everything. His reaction was just the best. He's mouth reached the floor, and his face showed the biggest hint of surprise.

“Who…who did this?” he stuttered.

“Us,” Bella said.

“Us meaning?” Louis asked.

“Me, Naruto,Liam, Aria and Kate.” She said, “But err, the idea was Naruto’s, and we sacrificed our peace house for this,” she also added.

“I’m speechless. But thank you!” he said and then he hugged Bella, and lifted her. Then he went to Naruto, Louis hugged Naruto as well, then Aria, then Liam and lastly me. He went back to Bella.

“So, let’s get this party started.” I said.

I looked at what Bella was wearing. She was wearing a leotard top with a short skirt. She was also wearing stockings and a coat. I looked to see if she was wearing high high heels, but instead, she was wearing high wedges. Not to brag but we girls looked amazing.

“Hey, Naruto, are people allowed to go to the pools?” I asked.

“Well yea. It was on the invitation and Bella said she got shorts for us so yea.” He replied.

“Okay then.” I said.

I went to Liam.

“May we go to the dance floor and dance?” I asked.

“Of course your highness.” He replied.

Gosh he is such a sweet heart.

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