Teen love 2 complications and secrets

Teen love 2 complications and secrets is another kiddish, yet adventurous book. It has been a while now, and the girls and guys have met new friends. the girls decided not to go in a band, how ever lest the boys pursue their dreams. Louis and Liam have joined three other boys, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and formed a band named One direction. The girls, still hiding a huge secret from the boys and the rest of one direction, have trouble keeping Louis's and Naruto's ex's away. And of course, their huge secret.... a secret only them and the readers know.... a secret thats soo big..yet soo small, but unbelievable.... will the boys find out....or will they not? will there be break ups and new relationships ...or not??
read Teen love 2 complications and secrets to find out... :D


5. Bella’s Point Of View.

Bella’s Point Of View.

I was I going through what the boys had said this evening when I stopped at Liam. It was a conversation between him and Kate.


“Hey Kate, how cute were the others when they kissed? Bella and Louis had their first here and Aria and Naruto had like their 100th one here too,” Liam said.

“And, your point is?” Kate said, knowing where he was going.

“Ohhh, Never mind!” Liam said with frustration.

“Ok then,” Kate said as the others walked in.

*end of conversation*

I knew that Kate and Liam had never kissed each other yet, but I soon came to realize that Liam felt like he was missing out on it, something he wants from Kate. A kiss.

“Hey Kate, can you come here for a sec?” I asked.

“Yea sure, whats up?” Kate said.

There was a liitle silent.

“OMG, don’t tell me. Liam cheated on me didn’t he. I knew something was wrong from the conversation we had before in the kitchen, what am I going to do!” Kate I said.

I couldn’t help myself but laugh.

“No, no don’t worry he didn’t cheat on you, its just that while I was listening to the conversations I heard one in particular that surprised me. It was the one about the kissing and shit and then you asked what his point is and stuff.” I said as I tried to get a breath.

“Oh that. I still don’t get what his on about, I mean he bought this conversation to life randomly and I mean VERY randomly. “

“Well Kate, after thought I finally understood.”


“Well, If you think about it, its because his hasn’t got something from YOU that the others have from their girlfriends.”

“OMG, BELLA. Abit too young for that don’t you think. I mean yes I sometimes go out of what parents say BUT this im not going to even think about it till im married.”

“OMG!! Kate you dirty minded stupid girl.”

“Why am I stupid?”

“I meant a kiss, that special something is a kiss.”

Kate’s shocked face became,  well less shocked.

“Oh I see, but how, when I don’t know how to or when im meant to.”  Kate said.

“Well I didn’t know either but I guess it just happens and I think we should go the boys are probs wondering where the hell we are.”

As soon as I said that, the girls and I got ready to go back. When we went back the boys weren’t downstairs so we decided to slowly go upstairs without noise.

“So, Louis, you and Bella, seemed to be going well.”  I heard a voice say, I signalled the girls to not move just because I wanted to hear.

“Yea well, I mean we finally kissed, it was amazing. How about you Liam? Anything new.” I heard Louis say.

“I don’t know, I try but it just seems as if she doesn’t care.” I heard Liam say. I started to feel sorry for him. I could see Kate’s face head south. I knew she cared but she was afraid.

I didn’t want to listen anymore and signalled the girls saying lets just go inside.

“Oh, hey girls we were just talking about where you were.” Liam said.

I could see Kate wasn’t up for this but before I could say anything Kate said something I wished she hadn’t.

“Sure you were.”

I slowly looked at Liam, he faced the ground, before I could do anything Kate stormed out of the room. Aria was going to run after her but I stopped her,

“Aria, let her go, and if there is anyone that should go after her its Liam.” I said. Aria stopped and looked at Liam. He slowly stood up and walked out of the room. Soon he came back and said he couldn’t find her but I of course know where she is.

“ill be right Back.” I said.

I went to the library and to the 6th small bookshelf from the right.  I went to the headquarters to find Kate, well not there, then I went to look on the other levels.

Finally, she was in my section.

“Kate, go out there. Now.”

She didn’t bother to say anything. She went to the pool and sat beside it, I went back to the room and told Liam where to find her. He went to her while we were left in the room. I was so deep in thoughts that I didn’t know they were talking to me at some point.

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