Teen love 2 complications and secrets

Teen love 2 complications and secrets is another kiddish, yet adventurous book. It has been a while now, and the girls and guys have met new friends. the girls decided not to go in a band, how ever lest the boys pursue their dreams. Louis and Liam have joined three other boys, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and formed a band named One direction. The girls, still hiding a huge secret from the boys and the rest of one direction, have trouble keeping Louis's and Naruto's ex's away. And of course, their huge secret.... a secret only them and the readers know.... a secret thats soo big..yet soo small, but unbelievable.... will the boys find out....or will they not? will there be break ups and new relationships ...or not??
read Teen love 2 complications and secrets to find out... :D


2. Bella’s point of view.

Bella’s point of view.

After we finished with the spy jobs, we started making the food. I made the cake and Aria made red velvet cupcakes and Kate went to the shops to buy a few items for the party.

        Items for

Louis’s party


Knives, spoons,










Disco lights


Chocolate and lollies

Everything was going well, the timing, the cakes and Kate’s timing too. I finished icing the cake, Aria finished with the red velvets and things just went well.

*phone rings*

“Who’s phone?” I asked

“Mine,” Aria said.

“Ooh, I like the ring tone,” I said.

Aria answered the phone, and started talking. After five minutes she told me that Naruto was going to come. I was abit worried, that maybe he might, accidently find a passage way, but I didn’t let my worries keep me back from helping Aria and Kate hang the decorations.

An hour had passed, we finished with all the decorations and Naruto still hadn’t come. The party was tomorrow 6pm, and to be exact it was in 18 hours. It was said invitations were out. So that was a worry off my head. But looking at Aria, I could see she is worried.

*knock knock*

I went to the door to see Naruto.

“Finally you’re here. I was gonna murder someone with a dagger. And yes I can be abit impatient!” I said, feeling relieved.

 “Haha, worried I wasn’t going to turn up,” Naruto said.

“Oh naaah, what do you think!” Kate said.

“Okay ladies, sorry I was abit held up, when I got out of the house, Rachel was there, so we talked, and then when I was about to get in the car Louis came and asked where I was going. And umm as well as that Rachel needed a lift so I offered.” Naruto said looking at Aria.

I saw Aria she seemed pissed.

“Okay guys, enough with the chitter chatter, let’s get going. Us girls were waiting for you to help us with the tables. And now that you’re here chip chop!” I said, before an argument takes place.

 We all had a stretch and then got on to placing the tables, it took a while, but thanks to Aria, who made a spectacular table arrangement, it didn’t take so long. It looked amazing, so we decided to lay out the tables as shown on the paper.

While we were laying out the tables, my phone rang, so I excused myself and went upstairs and answered the phone.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey it’s me, Louis. Where are you? I was getting worried.” Louis said.

I was abit surprised, to be honest.

“I’m over at a friend’s, why?” I asked.

“It’s just that I called Aria, Kate and Naruto, but no one answered. Then I called Liam, who did answer and he said you weren’t there, and nor was Kate. So tell me the truth where are you?” Louis said.

“Haha, ok look I went out with Aria and Kate, if you don’t believe me I’ll put them on the phone. And don’t worry about me, I’m not adoring other guys like you do with chicks. I aint like that. So calm down and take a chill pill!” I said.

“Ok…ok as long as you’re ok, I’m fine. And I’m sorry, it’s just that, I don’t know. I was just worried.” Louis said.

Something didn’t feel right.

“Are you ok? You have never ever been so worried. What the hell is going on?” I said, not knowing if I was too harsh.

“Nothing, just some bad dreams. But you are ok right?” Louis said.

“Umm yea, do you want me to come home?” I asked knowing he is sick worried.

“If you can, please do.”

“I’ll see, ok? Anyways I gotta run, the girls are waiting, I’ll come home soon.” I said.

“Oh okay. Bye,” Louis said, and then we both hung up.

I went down stairs, and got back to work, but something just didn’t let me.

“Everything ok?” Kate asked.

“No, not really, Louis is really worried about me, something to do with bad dreams. He asked if I can come home soon, but I don’t know, I can’t leave you guys do to all the work.” I said.

“Bella,” Naruto said.

“Yeaa?” I replied.

“Go! We can do this, trust us. So go, Louis needs you.” He said.

“Fine, I promise I’ll help clean majority of the place though!” I said.

“Bye,” everyone screamed and then got off to work.

When I was just about to get out the door, Kate ran up to me and whispered,

“How are you going to get home, none of us bought our car.”

“I don’t know, I was thinking I might take the passage way outside, to the headquarters and then go home from there. Don’t worry, I’ll know where Louis is. I’ll be ok. Bye” I said, and went off.

“Ok then, bye.” She said and went inside.

I went to the right wall, and pushed the darker coloured brick, then a dock opened, I placed my finger on the identification slot, thankfully the machine recognised me. The door opened and I went inside. I was taken straight to the headquarters. Then I took the passage way to my house. It was risky to get out of the closet, without checking where Louis, was so I tried locate him. For my luck he was taking a shower.

I quickly went to the front door and opened it and then shut it, to make it sound as if I came home.

“I’m home.” I said.

“In the shower.” Louis said.

While I was waiting for him I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed. I was so tired, and my legs were killing me.

Louis finally came out of the shower.

“Hey, you’re here.” He said, and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.

“Yea, are you ok?” I asked.

“No, not really, I feel abit sick and scared.” He said.

“Why, what happened?” I asked, checking if his temperature was hot, which luckily wasn’t.

“I don’t know. I fell asleep when I came home, and I had a dream you were hit by a car. And then I went back to sleep, and we were in a crash. But in both dreams you were badly hurt and I wasn’t. You’re a dream expert, so do you know what this mean?” he said.

“In fact, I do. It means that the person, who was badly hurt, is or will be hurt a lot by you. But don’t believe it, I mean it may be true, but if you’re scared, don’t worry. Just change before you make a mistake.” I said.

“Oh, ok, anyway, now that you’re here, shall we do something, it’s been a year since we did something together.” He said.

“We have done many things together, like go to dinner.” I said.

“Yea, but Naruto, Aria and the others were all there,” he said.

“Then, shall we watch a movie?” I asked.

“Yes, we shall,” he replied.

We went over to the lounge, and I asked Louis to set up a movie. He loved scary movies, but for some reason he put a romantic, yet sad movie.

“Hey, Louis, I’m going to the shops nearby to get food and a drink. I’ll be ok, so you just get comfy and yea. Lol” I said and went off.

While I was in the car, I called Aria and asked how things are going, and from what she said, things seemed excellent, so I asked how we are bringing Louis to the place. She said to come up with something, because Naruto and the rest had to be at the place. So I did.

Finally I arrived at the shops. I bought coke, corn chips, chocolate, and a few snacks. Then I went to the fish and chips store and bought a big pack.

Then I went home.

‘Hey I bought food.’

 When I walked into the room, I was so surprised. He had cleaned the lounge, and it looked beautiful. Though this was unusual, I didn’t mind. I sat beside him with the plate of fried chips on my lap, he played the movie and we watched it,

While we were watching it, an idea popped into my head.

“Hey, there is this really nice house for sale. So I was thinking, can we like go check it out. We don’t have to buy it, but it would be cool, and after we check it out, we will go have dinner with the others, and I brought you nice clothes, so wear them ok?” I said.

“Sure, it would be fun. And where is this house?”  He asked.

“It’s in Melrose.” I said.

“Ok then, what time?” he asked.

“Umm, we will leave home at 6,”I said

“Ok,” he said.

Then we got back to the movie. I loved the movie, It was the best and Louis loved it too.

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