Teen love 2 complications and secrets

Teen love 2 complications and secrets is another kiddish, yet adventurous book. It has been a while now, and the girls and guys have met new friends. the girls decided not to go in a band, how ever lest the boys pursue their dreams. Louis and Liam have joined three other boys, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and formed a band named One direction. The girls, still hiding a huge secret from the boys and the rest of one direction, have trouble keeping Louis's and Naruto's ex's away. And of course, their huge secret.... a secret only them and the readers know.... a secret thats soo big..yet soo small, but unbelievable.... will the boys find out....or will they not? will there be break ups and new relationships ...or not??
read Teen love 2 complications and secrets to find out... :D


1. Aria's point of view

Aria point of view


It had been two years since Naruto and I dated, but things didn’t turn out as well as I imagined. Things got complicated. It wasn’t the same between us. Usually we would meet up every Saturday along with Kate, Bella, Sammy, Liam, Louis and Joe, but after Sammy and Joe went to Africa things changed, our group of eight became six. True, not a big difference but a part of our group was missing. It also got complicated when we met Rachel. You see Rachel is, well Naruto’s ex, and hey best friend Nicki is Louis’ ex. I know right, what a coincidence, anyway they both decided to randomly turn up and try to steal them…yea like in your dreams bitch. (let’s hope)

After the day we met Rachel, there was something different about Naruto, which caused fights between us. It didn’t feel right. Things also didn’t seem right between Bella and Louis, but that wasn’t because of Rachel, it was because of Nicki, Rachel’s bestie. The girls and I didn’t like the look of this. The guys including the rest of One Direction are like our family, but what they don’t know is we have a big secret.

The secret we have been hiding for more than 7 years is that we are spies. Yes I know, it sounds stupid but it’s true. Why do you think Bella had that pen with a recorder 2 years back in the shopping centre. Though Louis thought it was just a toy it wasn’t. She uses it to locate him when she needs him and to record him when he is talking to a few guys or another chick, I know what you’re thinking…doesn’t Bella trust him, Of course she does…it is just that they tend to prank us a lot, and by a lot, I mean A LOT! Any ways back to the spy thing.

Bella was the inventor in the group, what can I say, she’s good with technology, Bella also made clothes for missions. Sammy was the scientist, we needed science for experiments, but she didn’t only leave us but she left the igroup (name of spy organisation). Kate came up with the plans, she was the brainiac, but after Sammy left she also took care of the science department. Kate was also the pilot and engineer. She was good at steering the plane and had a great knowledge of what is what. And there was me. I was the master of disguises, I designed the clothes that Bella approved and made. Though I designed it, I wasn’t an expert on the materials. I did the make up as well when we went on certain missions. I also worked in the science department, making gadgets and items that could change appearances or make us invisible and more like shrinking tooth paste. We have an underground apartment which is our headquarters. The headquarters is where Kate spends most her time in, she keeps a file of our enemies and keeps an eye out for strangers lurking about. Below that is where we do all our experiments, inventing, designing and sewing. Though this sounds like a fib it’s not.

“Aria,” I heard someone call. It sounded like Naruto.

“Im here,” I said.

Naruto walked into the room and said, “Hey, it’s Louis’s birthday tomorrow, so I was thinking of arranging a party. Is it ok?”

“Yea of course,” I said, ‘Only if you don’t invite that brat, Rachel’ I said in my head.

“Thanks, I’ll go look for a venue.” Naruto said, but when he said that I thought maybe not, why don’t we throw the party in my house above the igroup headquarters.

“Wait, I have a house in Melrose, it’s really big so you can have plenty of friends, and Louis, doesn’t know the place so it will be a surprise. And I can arrange the food with Bella and Kate. And..And there won’t be a cost. So what do you say?”  I ask hoping he would say yes.

“Hmm is the place a good looking place?” he asked.

“It has a big pool at the back.” I said. “And yes it’s beautiful,” I added.

“Okay, were settled, and Aria, how come I never knew about this house?” Naruto asked.

“it was mine and the girls place of peace oh and the place isn’t mine mine. It’s the girls too.” I added just in case.

“Ok then, anyway I gotta run see you later.” Naruto gave me a kiss and ran off.

As soon as he was gone, I called Kate and Bella and told them to come to the headquarters so we can meet. When I hung up the phone, I wrote a note saying off shopping, so Naruto wont freak then ran to my closet, pressed down the 5th shoe from the right, which opened the identification slot. Then I put my head forward hoping the machine would recognise my eye, and so it did. Slowly the back door opened and I entered. I sat on the chair inside and pressed the button. Whoosh, the chair took me to the headquarters. Sometimes I think the procedure to get to the headquarters is overprotective but oh well.

When I got off the chair, I saw Kate and Bella sitting on their chairs working on certain things. As soon as they saw me they asked me why I asked them to come. So I told them the whole story of my conversation with Naruto. 

“But why our peace house… It’s like the only place we get to live without the noise from the guys and noise from angry neighbours. After people find out about this place it won’t be peace full it would be hell!” Bella said.

“Yea, but if you think about it, it’s the only place with surveillance under us. There are hidden cameras practically everywhere. And I have a feeling Naruto is going to invite Rachel and Nicki. So I was thinking maybe we can, you know spy on them. We have all the gadgets we need. It can be our own mission. Plus we have to get the party suits for the guys so we will put built in mics somewhere on the clothing. So what do you say? Can we do it or just cancel it.” I said trying to catch a breath.

The looks on Bella’s and Kate’s faces changed. I had a feeling they were going to say yes.

“I’m in, I mean like we could discover things we don’t know. And what if something’s going on that we don’t know. So I say yes!” Bella said.

“Count me in too, I mean I love Liam, Louis and Naruto, but I love my girls more! And what’s the worst that could happen,” Kate said.

So we all got ready to organise the party. I designed the clothes while Bella worked on the mics and the cameras all around the place. We also needed to make sure that all the passage ways to the headquarters were activated, knowing we were going to need to go in and out. In total there were 6 passage ways. One in the bathroom and one in the closet in the 7th room upstairs. There was also one in pantry and one was camouflaged in the walls in the room with a TV. One outside on the right wall and the last one was the 6th small bookshelf from the right in the book room.

This was going to be the best night ever. 

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