Fallen Angels

Phoenix and her bestfriend Lily were far from making it to the concert they dreamed of. When Phoenix finds what they have been looking for, how will it turn out? *first fan fiction, note hate please :) *


1. Fangirls

"Phoenix, were the fuck have you been?" my step father yells in my face. "I was out, Liam had band rehersal." Anger is all i feel off him right now. "You still hangout with that fucking loser with his stupid hair and ugly pierceings? Pathetic." He spits in my face, "Wylan when are you going to realize, that im seventeen and i could leave when ever. so fuck you, im leaving." i garb my car keys and bag and head to my car. "Where do you plan on going you slut?" I flip him off as i drive down the road to get onto the freeway. Underneath one of the street lights is five beautiful boys. I pull over, "do you boys need a ride?im heading to Seattle." The one who has beautiful blue eyes says, "we would love a ride thank you so much. our bus broke down and yeah thank you." I plug my phone into the car aux space and turn on my favourite band. The five boys start to laugh, "what?" i rudly ask. They start to sing along, "in the end, as we fade into the night, woah, who will tell the story of your life?" the boy in the seat next to me smiles, "hun, we are laughing because you havent reconized us yet." My brain takes a minute or two to process. Andy, Ashley, Christian, Jake and Jinxx, are in my car, singing along to my music. "holy fuck. you're Black Veil Brides!!!!" Ashely starts to laugh, "took you long enough." Andy flashes me a smile, "you have such a great smile." I smile back, "thanks." Jinxx starts to laugh, "Andy and sorry dont know your name are flirtinnngggg." Andy shakes his head and i smile, "Phoenix." "Phoenix?" i nod, "my name is Phoenix. im seventeen, my step dad threw me out and i was on my way to one of your guys concerts." Andy smiles and Jake laughs, "did you're parents name you phoenix because you're hot like one?" I laugh, "no, I was born in Phoenix. but thanks." After an hour all the boys but andy fall asleep. "Andy, you're allowed to sleep." he looks at me and smiles, "I'll fall asleep after next stop." Around 20 minutes later, we pull up at a gas station, "let's not wake up the boys," andy says, "they will be fine." I get out of the car  and andy follows. "I think you're beautiful by the way." I stop and turn around. "thanks andy, but you're sexy." I say biting my lip. he smiles and continues walking. He's so perfect.

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