The punishment! ( one direction fan fiction)

Tara's parents were so religious they wanted tara to be able to live like them. Everytime she did something wrong she was hurt. Until she meets Harry. She runs as far as she can from her mother and stays with Harry. What do you think will hapin? Will her mother find her and punish her or will she let her be?


1. The queen

I know I put chapter two at one part but its only chapter one!!!

My names tara. I'm 17 years old. I live in big town New York. It's a big town like I said! Everything is pretty much boring. There's not much excitement. The only thing that ever happens here is all those concerts. My favorite band one direction is coming there! I'm so happy i want to go to their signing for my birthday.... But my parents won't let me go! There are a few exciting parties that happen an some bars we could go to. And again my parents won't let me go. Anything that's good to other people like going to parties and drinking and dancing or being to close to each other or even kiss was against my parents rules! All they ever wanted was for religion to be shoved down my throat. Anything fun..... against my parents rules. Anything kool to other kids..... against my parents rules. That's why my life's so boring. My brothers get to do anything they want. They can go to parties and do anything. My parents thought they were a disgrace to our family name though. I think their family heroes changing our children's future. I want a family who can have fun but try not to get to INTO things. I want a husband with brown curly hair, nice body, green maybe blue eyes, and one that will care for me for who I am and love me with all his heart! Then finally I heard my name called so I'd be taken out of my deep thought.

Taralynn! Answer me this instant.

What ma?

What are you wearing to the ball?


Yes! Of course don't you want to meet the queen of England?

No I'd rather choke on a stick!

Taralynn Nicole! Don't use those harsh words or ill bring the whip out!!!

Mom uses the whip to discipline me. It hurts my pride more so than me. She just thinks it hurts me.

So... What are you wearing???

Ma, I really don't have any clue!

Well, if you can't decide ill take you to the store and buy some more clothes.

Ma I have enough clothes! I don't need anymore! Im tired of being treated like the queen of England! I don't want any of the crap y'all get me! I don't see why I can't be a normal kid and go to school. Also I would like to go to concerts and prom!

You do go to school?!

Not a public school!

Oh! Honey those schools are for low life's. 

I don't care I want to be one of them and have normal friends and true friends not ones that say their my friends cuz I'm rich!

Well! You just wait till I talk to your father about this!

Ma!!!!! I want to go to a public schools.

NO! That's the final answer I'm not lettin my daughter go to some shitty public school wih all those brats. Now, no ifs, ands, or buts! Now get dressed so we can leave for England!

Ugh! Your such a bitch. I don't care for England the only reason I wanted to go cuz one direction my favourite boy band was gonna be there!

Well too bad you won't be talking to him!!! This conversation is over now get over it!πŸ˜ͺ

I hate it when she gets this way I wish I had a mother that was nice and would let me do anything!



3 days later

Today's the day were going to England. The only good thing about it is that I get to meet my boys! That's the only good part about today. But I found out my sister is going too! Ugh, she gets in my way and sickens me!

My ma walked in and told me to get up so we can go to meet the queen. I got up and wore my black outfit. It's a dress that has a tan top part kin of like a tan color and orange mixed together and then black at the bottom and black polka dots on the peach coloured part. I also wore my new black uggs. And leggings.

It was a long ride there from the hotel but it was worth it. When we arrived there were girls every where. I assumed one direction had arrived! Once I turned around I saw them. Omfg one direction plus Harry styles is right in front of me. I got out of thought when I fell down. But a strong arm caught me before I fell. I looked up and it was...... HARRY? Omgosh Harry styles just caught me! We stared Ito each others eyes for about two seconds until my mother called my name. 

Ma=TARA! Hurry up we got to go meet the queen!

Harry=your meeting the queen today too?


Harry=can I ask you something?

Me=yeah. Shoot!!!!

Harry=do ou believe in love at first sight cuz your beautiful?!?!?

Me= um.... 

Ma=Taralynn hurry your butt up right now!

Me=I've got to go the she devils calling.

Harry=oh. Call me 

He handed me his number on a paper and then I left. He was so much dreamier than I thought. AMAZAYN!!!!!


When we got in we walked up a red carpet. Then finally we walked through a door to the queens chair . When everyone stopped it was weird cuz they all bowed except me. The queen looked at me weird. 


Me= bow? Oh so that's what that was for!!!

At that point everyone was looking at me. Including all of one direction. All of them were laughing at me as if I was being funny on purpose. then I bowed everyone had their attention on the queen then. 

Queen=you may all rise. As you should know I wanted to greet you  becuz of how much money y'all have put into this country. Including miss and mister chains.

The queen walked up to my ma and father and said something.

Queen=I hope y'all have a wwonderful time moving across the pond to here.

Me=WHAT??? We're moving?? And when exactly did you plan on telling me??? Y'all never tell me anything!!!! I hate y'all.

I stomped off outside hoping I could get as far as I could from my ma!!!they never told me anything. As I walked out Harry, the queen, and my mother and father yelled for me to come back. But I wasn't going to. 


Harry's pov 

As she walked off I was talking to Tara's mother. I tol her mother I would go find et but she didn't want me to. I asked why and she said she didn't want me touching her. 

Queen= oh! Lynn it's perfectly fine! You can trust him! Harry's a definate charmer and all the time charms the parents ever before going to the daughter.

Me=I promise I won't touch her!

Lynn=I suppose but you lay a finger on her and ill go to her brother!!

Me=yes ma'am.

As soon as she told me that me and the boys went to go find her. 


Tara's pov

I had no clue where to go so I just went into a hotel to get a room. Yes I had enough money. When you have a family like mine you can get all the money you may want!

I came up to the counter and I heard loud footsteps behind running forwards me.  I turned around and it was Harry.

Tara, come back!

Why just so she can always hurt my feelings not telling me anything!?!?!?

I don't know I just came to get you!!

Harry! You don't know me or my life if you knew how bad it was you would let me leave! 

Can we talk about this? I know I don't know you that's why I would like to under the influence of your parents!

You don't know my parents they would never let me date you.

I would die trying to!!

Wht?!?? Now your just talkin crazy. Look Harry come with me and I'll show you why I want to leave.


I walked to the bathroom an started to pull my shirt off.

Wait what are you doing? Your mom said if I touched you she would get your brother on me!!!!!

Ha! My brother??? She don't talk to my brothers she dont even like them. Anyways this is why I wanted to leave!!

OMGOSH!!!! Wtf!!!!! What happened!!!

It's called getting religion stuffed down your throat!!!!!!:'( if I do anything my parents don't like this is what happens.



Oh Tara I'm sorry!!!!

I felt a tear running down my eye and Harry came up and gave me a hug. i haven't known him long but I feel I can trust him.

Oh Tara I'm gonna go back and tell them I couldn't find you!!!


Alright I'm gonna go.


Harry turned around and I felt I couldn't thank him enough.



I thank you?

No problem! Ill do anything to prove how much I think love at first sigh is real!!

Okay!!! Hehehe:')


Harry's pov

When we got back to the queens castle her mother ran to me.

Me=mrs. Chains I couldn't find our daughter. 

All the boys looked at me funny as if I had made that up.... Which I did.

Mrs chains=what do you mean she was just down the road a minute ago???

Me=nope she had been long gone.

Mrs chains=ohhhh! Once I find that girl I'm gonna brig that whip out!

I looked at her in a funny way and was like omgosh. She really does whip her. 

Queen=Lynn???? What are you talkig about a whip???

Mrs. Chains=I whip her when she does something unworthy of The Lord.

Queen=OH! I now can see why he ran!!

Mrs.chains=oh boy!! Queen Elizabeth you don't know anything about us.

Queen=????? Lynn I can't believe you do this to her!!! Ou were young once and she needs to find out for herself what mistakes she makes on her own!!!

Lynn=I suppose but she's still getting in trouble!!


Tara's pov

I was so very thankful that Harry told my ma that he couldn't find me. I got tired of thinking so I went down stairs in the lobby. I found Harry and the boys down there. 

Me=what are y'all doing here???

Harry=well I forgot to tell you but you kind to made it to our hotel.

Me=hahaha!!! Really???


Me=that's AMAZAYN!!!

Zayn=lol!!! I love it when people say that!

Louis=are you a fan of ours, love????

Me=oh, um.... Yeah!!!

Liam=are you sure you don't sound that confident about it??

Me=well I am but my parents wouldn't let me listen to y'all or get any posters of y'all.....


Me= she thinks everything that's good to other people like drinking or going to parties is bad and disrespectful. I've had to live my whole life with religion stuffed down my throat.

Liam=oh I am very sorry I asked!

Me= it's okay.

Niall=I'm hungry!

Louis= shut up lad, your always hungry.

Zayn=so do you have a favourite.


Harry=like all the other girls. A favourite person in the band like I for instance am a charmer. Zayn s the pretty bad\pretty boy. Niall is the chubby fatty! Louis is the child by heart. Liam is the smart and grown up one by heart. So who do ou like the most?

Me=oh, well it's gonna be awkward!

Zayn=tell us who you like we ask all our fans this.

Me= h...a...r...r....-

Zayn = just say it.

Me= omgosh it's Harry!!!!

Harry= boo yeah what now!!!!???

Louis= don't touch me love. I kill you. He is my lover! 

Harry= says who? I don't love you back. Lol

Me= stop fighting!

Louis=it's not fighting if its love!

Harry=shut up Louis it's not love.

Louis= okay.... Okay....

Harry=so you really like me best?


Louis= hey zayn guess what?

Zayn=what do ou want Louis?

Louis=Harry's gonna get it on with the new girl tonight!!

Boys= HAHAHAHA!!!!

Me= no I do t think so. I would have to go on a proper date first.

Harry= well Tara would to like to go on a date with me?

Me=no not really.

Harry=but you just said?

Me=I'm kidding I will go out with you!

Louis= hahaha Harry almost got rejected.

Zayn= Friend-zoned...

They were acting like little kids. It was so funny yet stupid! I was so happy I was away from my ma! I felt free. 

30 mins later


Harry=oh shit we have to hide her.

They lifted the couch cushion and threw me under there and zayn sat on me. Harry ran over to the counter to tell them something but I had no clue what. My ma walked in and started to walk forwards Harry near the counter. And started to talk. 

Harry's pov

When we saw Tara's mom I told the women at the counter to act like there wasn't a Taralynn chains here. The women agreed and went with it. Tara's mom walked over to me.

Tara's mom= were doing a search for her in 4 days.


Tara's mom=becuz I would like to have my daughter back.

Me=okay but I don't think you'll find her. If she can get away from the hotel like that and that fast she's probably in another town over already.

Tara's mom=your right so well strt the search today.

Me=okay whatever you say

When Tara's mom left I ran over to her.

Me=Tara come with me I have to ask you something!

Tara=yes Harry?

Me= your moms doing a search for you tonight.


Me=yeah, but I have an offer! Me and the boys are leaving for Mexico tomorrow if you want you can come with us and get away.

Tara= um... Harry.... I can't just leave tonight just like that.

Me=I know but we could take a chance and you know if she finds you shell hurt you again.

Tara=true. Ill think about it but I just think it's to fast we just met.

Me= I didn't want you to come for that. I'm just helping you. And I promise ill wait a bit until we actually get to know each other before we do date.

Tara= okay I'll come.but I thank you for everything plus the fact your trying so hard to charm me! I think it's sweet.

Me=okay. Your welcome! I think we should start over with out a fall. 


Me = hey my names Harry!

Tara=I'm Tara! An di know who you are! HA!

Me=I thought we were supposed to start over.

Tara= omgosh we did stupid. 

Me= oh yeah. Ohhhh okay I get it. Becuz I'm famous!

Tara=yeah duhh!


1 hour later

Tara's pov

I woke up with Harry beating me up telling me to get up. I got up and asked him,

What the hell??

It's time I go get your stuff together!

That won't be hard considering I don't have any other clothes except for the ones at the hotel at the one MY MOMS AT!

That's why were going there to get them.


Yeah me and the boys are gonna ask your mom if we could have your suit case just in case we find you.

Oh we'll that's pleasant!

When we left to get my clothes there were a lot of people gathering around it. I suppose it was for me just in case I came back. Harry and them left inside already and there were guards round the car. I prayed for dear life they did look up. And as soon as I said that one looked up.

No ones pov

There she is I found her there she is. A group of guards gathered round and started to try to open the doors. Harry an them came out to the car to get in the car so they wouldn't get her but didn't make it in time. Until zayn started to fight people to get to her.

Harry's pov

I couldn't believe they got her. But zayn got her back and jumped in the truck. He drove it out and then came back and got us when he was done tryin to get the guards away. We all jumped in the car and drove of to the airport. 

When we got there it was crowded . I was hoping the paparazzi's wouldn't notice us. But of course they did. They started taking pictures of us. 



They'll take pictures and twist this all round! Watch ill show you 

I got out my phone and showed her pictures on teen vogue already. Is Harry with another girl? Is he the charming charmer that everyone says he is? Must be!!!!!

Oh god!!! I didn't know it would happen like that Harry I'm so sorry!!!

Yeah it happens but it's okay maybe that will come true one day.

I think sooo!!!!


Paul had gotten us cabin seats. It was amazing i didn't even know they had those! It's like a cabin with a bed and seats. Paul came up to us and started to talk.

Paul=tea I really hope you don't min If you share with one of the boys! I booked these flights 2 weeks ago and didnt know we'd have guests.

Me=oh i dont mind! But which one???

Paul=whichever one you would like!

Me=well I don't kn-....

As soon as I started to say something Harry blurted out,

Harry=she can stay with me. Ill sleep in the floor I she dont want me in the bed. I totally understand.

Paul=okay but behave Harry!!! You were lucky enough management let you bring her!!!

Me=well okay.

Harry=come on ill lead you there.

Harry grabbed my hand and off we went to the cabins.


It had been an hour since we got in the plane. Harry and I had been watching tv. The finally he broke the silence.



What do 2 people that don't know each other talk about?

I don't maybe about ourselves. Like what our favorite color is or favorite movie.

Oh well you start!

No you!

Ladies first.

Fine, my favorite movie is the notebook. My favorite color is blue. My hobby is painting. I have a bad life . I'm a virgin. Have not had a first kiss and I'm not much of a people person.



We kept staring into each others eyes like we were just reading each other minds. Harry started to lean in and I started to close the gap, but before I could get to close Louis walked in.

Louis= OHHHHHHH! Was I interrupting something Harry?

Harry= no I don't guess

Harry sighed really loudly and looked away.

Me=Louis what do you want?

Louis=well we are about to eat air food before we leave i was wondering if you wanted to eat?

Me=I'm fine I'm not hungry. Plus the fact I've had a bad day up until now. 

Louis= what do you mean?

I looked at Harry really quick and he smiled. Then I looked at Louis and he said, "ohhhh I get it!" He shut the door and then I asked Harry something,

I forgot what we were talking about can you remind me??

He looked surprised i said that and then started to lean in I closed the gap by pulling him closer to me. Deepening the kiss. I didnt know how to kiss so I just went with it. We ended our kiss with alot of laughs.

Wow! For a first kiss you can kiss pretty good.


Welcome. Lol awkward.

It wasnt awkward until you said that haz!

I seem to make things awkward its cute becuz I make you blush.

I would still like to wait till we dated!! 

Okay that's not i problem. Ill be happy to wait. Ill always die trying!!! 

We ended that convo by niall walkin in and tell us we were about to land.

Chapter 2 
2 months later

Taras pov

Me and Harry had gotten really close. Not like a brother and sister close but a i don't know. Everyone says we "date", but it doesn't seem like it to us. If Harry asked i would say yes but he hasn't. But I'm thinking he will tonight becuz of our movie marathon with the boys. Usually on movie marathon night we all joke around and watch the stupidest of movies. Some of them are good, but some are stupid. Tonight we were watching ALL scary movies. I think their doing it on purpose to see what I'm scared of. I really hope they don't pick out any clown movies then they'll really know what I'm scared of! 

Harry's pov 

Harry=boys let's go get some movies so well be ready for tonight.

Louis=what kind of movies?

Niall=I say movies about food.

Me=lets get scary movies! I think it would be a good idea so harry could find out what taras scared of. Then since Halloweens coming up we could scare the pee out of her.


Niall=ugh how come zayns the people who always!!!! Always!!!! Always!!! Has the good ideas.

Harry=that's a good idea zayn now let's go!

Me=so Harry are y'all dating? It's been long enough.

Harry=I'm not sure, lad. I'm going to ask her tonight when we watch the movie.


Me=Louis, shutup!

Harry=partly,but come on I think I know one movie I want to watch.

Me=okay let's go.

Harry's pov 

When we got to the movie gallery we bought all kinda of movies, clown movies, the grudge, and the chainsaw massacre. I knew tara would get scared of some of these.

Zayn= Harry, what do you think taras afraid of?

Me= I dont know completely.

Louis=you dunt know???

I shook my head and went to the cashier to pay. All the movies we bought were 20 pounds. It wasnt bad but it was okay.

Taras pov

I was at the hotel when Harry and the boys walked in. They came in with about 15 movies.  

Harry=I think well watch a surprise movie picked by me.


Harry put a movie in and layed on the couch. I ran to him and jumped on him.



When the movie started i winced. I had saw what I knew they would pick out...... Clowns! I hate clowns! I jumped a little with me laying on Harry's bare chest. "Are you okay???", Harry asked. "Um,maybe.", I said to him. "Are you afraid of clowns?", he asked again. "Apparently, yes....",I answered.

Harry= hey tara?

Me=yeah Harry?

Harry=will you be my girlfriend?

Me=Harry, I don think I can not with the way I'm feeling.

Harry=it's been two m-months. I -

Me=Harry I was just kidding I would be happy to be your girlfriend.



Harry=I love you

Me=I love you two!








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