Beauty And A Beat

Melanie Hughes is 17 year old girl that lives in Washington, she goes to Mount Rainier Highschool and she's always have been a sweet girly girl with nice friends. and good grades, but she'll stand up for herself if she has too. When wild bad boy Justin Bieber is her partner for a project everything changes..


3. True feelings revealed

Melanie's POV

I woke up this morning feeling tired, I yawned and stretched my arms. 2 days down 3 more to go. I still don't understand why Justin I guess hates me.. he doesn't even know me. We have never talked, except yesterday when he helped me and walked me to class. I JUST DON'T GET IT. Seriously, whatever, I honestly don't care anymore. If he doesn't like me, he doesn't like me. I'm just over it. I got out of bed and looked out the window and moved the drapes a little. I sighed, looks like it's going to be gloomy/rainy..typical Washington. I went into the bathroom an washed my face and brushed my teeth. I got my outfit for the day out which was and oversized grey sweater, light skinny jeans and some light brown combat boots. I applied fancy makeup, well kind of. I put on BB Cream, eyeshadow, mascara, and top eyeliner. That's fancy for me. Then I left my hair down, not bothering to even mess with it. I grabbed a light jacket, my iPhone, Baby Lips and headed downstairs. 

"Hey!" my mom said hugging me.

"Hi mom" I said 

"Sorry I've been working alot sweetie, single mom yenno. You gatta give me some credit!" she said pulling away from the hug.

"Mom," I sighed. "It's alright, sometimes you scare me, atleast text me or whatever so I know."

"Baby, aw, ok. I'm sorry..I know. I know."

I smiled at her. She sighed in relief. I kissed her on the cheek waved bye, and went out the door. Today was a half day so I got out at 11:30am.

Justin's POV

Bieber, toughen up. You're being really ridiculous right now. Getting bad just because some lame girl made you late to class, today just BE CIVIL with her. I gave myself a pep-talk before running my hand threw my hair. I sighed and walked into my car. Half day today. YES. 

Melanie's POV

I walked into my first period classroom. After lunch I have Ms. Daly, and I have to be with Justin, and that's only a couple hours away. Don't think about it. I sat down, we were reviewing pronouns. I have A's in all my classes so I didn't bother to even pay mind started to drift off somewhere else. I'm tired. My mind went back to reality when the bell rung. It was 9:45. It was lunch yay, as I was walking down to the lunch room Sammy came up to me. "Mel, are you alright? You look.... --- "Tired" I finished the sentence for her. "Yeah, I know I'm sleepy." I yawned. Sammy chuckled. "Get some rest tonight" Sammy ordered. "Get some rest tonight" I mocked her. We started laughing. "Okay mom." I said. Which caused us to laugh even harder. After lunch passed it was History. Great Ms. Daly. I sat in my normal seat, Sammy sat on the right of me, and Dave sat on the left. I saw Justin pass me.

Justin's POV

I passed that one girl and sat behind her. If we're going to be partners for 2 weeks might as well try to be nice and civil. Ms. Daly said sit at the tables instead of chairs with your partners, so I sat at a table and the girl followed me. She sat next to me.

"Hi, I don't know if you know my name, so my name is Melanie." she said

"Oh, yeah I'm Justin. You probably already know that.." I said not meaning to sound cocky but it came out that way.

Melanie's POV

"Oh, yeah I'm Justin. You probably already know that.." 

"Well yeah, it's 11:20 so we have 10 minutes left to start our project." I said. He just pulled out his phone and started texting not caring if there was a teacher around. "Justin." "What?" he said looking up. "We have to start our project!" "Oh right," he said not sounding interested.

He put his phone down. "Do you want to come over today?" I said. "Why would I even wanna go to some lame girls house. I don't even know you...." "Listen, I don't WANT to work with YOU, you don't want to work with me. You're a lazy jerk. But I have no choice, so that's why I said if you wanted to come over to work on the project." "Whatever sure." he said quick. The bell rang. Justin's coming over. Greattttt.


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