Beauty And A Beat

Melanie Hughes is 17 year old girl that lives in Washington, she goes to Mount Rainier Highschool and she's always have been a sweet girly girl with nice friends. and good grades, but she'll stand up for herself if she has too. When wild bad boy Justin Bieber is her partner for a project everything changes..


2. Calm down

Justin's POV

"I'm so upset, stupid Ms. Daly always putting me with some stupid clumsy partner. But any girl would die to be my partner, I wanna trade. NOW." I mumbled on my way to my car. Did you forget she's the one that bumped into me? Whatever I'm over it. Just when I was ganna get into my car, I saw her walking..she kind of looked.. sad. Did she here what I said? WAIT WHAT am I thinking? She's a tiny clumsy midget. Don't have empathy for her. But..also I don't even know her.. she could be.. decent. I sighed and glanced at her, I guess she felt someone watching her because she turned around and saw me and quickly looked away.  I sat down turned on the radio and pulled of my space, my phone vibrated. I picked up my iPhone and saw 3 unread text messages. I just ignored them and drove to my house thinking, regretting, thinking, bugged me for a while. 


Melanie's POV

I should've known it JUSTIN BIEBER, would wanna be my partner? Hah, the 'tiny clumsy midget' why is he making such a big deal? Just because I don't fangirl over the most popular guy in school he's making a big deal about it, I probably lowered his ego. That jerk deserves it. I walked in my room took of my Toms and changed my shirt, I put on a Seattle Seahawks Crewneck and put on some brown Uggs and put my hair into a sloppy bun. Fancy, I know. I turned on the TV, Awkward was on yay. My phone vibrated and it read 4 unread text messages. I replied to them, all from Sammy. She was telling me how she felt bad for me that I'm with some jerk like Justin.. she's right. It's only Monday, 1 day down 4 more to go. I finished the little homework I had, made myself dinner, took a shower and finished watching Awkward. 


Authors note: Hey, I know this chapter is short, but tell me what you think please?(: THANKYOU so much(: 2 chapters in one day wow ._. lol  -Mia :D


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