Beauty And A Beat

Melanie Hughes is 17 year old girl that lives in Washington, she goes to Mount Rainier Highschool and she's always have been a sweet girly girl with nice friends. and good grades, but she'll stand up for herself if she has too. When wild bad boy Justin Bieber is her partner for a project everything changes..


1. Partnership

Melanie's POV


I suddenly woke up, in my bed. I felt cold as I realized my covers were on the ground. I looked at my iPhone and pressed the home button. 4am it read. Nice, I have to get up in 2 and a half more hours. I sighed & got my covers and hummed Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney until I started to drift off.

Exactly 2 and a half hours later my alarm went off. The sun was shining bright, today will be nice. I eventually got up and went the the bathroom connected to my room and took a shower. Then brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I stepped out and dried my hair I pulled out some random clothes from my dresser. I pulled out a floral tanktop with a light pink cardigan, black leggings and pink Toms. I put my hair into a high poiny tail. I grabbed my eyeshadow and mascara and put some on. After 5 minutes or so I grabbed my iPhone, Baby Lips and backpack and headed downstairs. No one home. I went into my Mini Cooper and headed off to school, I parked in my usual parking place and stepped in the big building I call my school. When I went to my locker familar hands were covering my eyes. "Hey" Dave said. I turned around and smiled and gave Dave a hug. Dave's is one of my bestfriends, I've known him since I was a toddler. "Dave, hi!" He laughed and said while walking to class "See you at lunch" "Okaaaaay" I yelled. I opened my locker and got some books and a pen out of my backpack and shut it.

I ran to 1st period I was almost late, which is very rare for me. I bumped into someone. "Ouch" I said almost falling to the ground. "Hey, sorry, are you alright?" I looked up and couldn't believe it was Justin, the most popular bad boy around school. "Um yeah, I'm fine," I said looking down. he helped me up and walked me to class. "Thanks" I whispered before going in quietly into Mr. Millers room. 

Justin's POV

I walked this girl to class because I bumped into her, she's pretty short and petite so I kind of felt bad with me being way taller than her. She whispered thanks, and went in the classroom. I've never seen her before, is she new here? I don't know, and I don't care. I checked my iPhone which said 7:15am, class starts at 7:10. I should have never even helped her, one more time being late and I have detention.

Melanie's POV

Couple hours later it's almost lunch, so I met up with Dave and my other bestfriend (who is a girl) Sammy. We were walking down the hallway. "So are you having school lunch or do you wanna go out and get Subway or something?" Dave said. "I'm not really hungry, so wherever you guys go is fine." "Wellll, I'm staying here." Sammy said. School cafeteria it is. We sat down at the tables and I kept spacing out, I was tired. Soon enough lunch was over. And only 1 more class to go to and I'm free. I hurried up to my locker and got my stuff and walked into the classroom, I sat in middle row.

"Hello Ms. Daly" I said while smiling, she waved back. The bell rang and swarms of people started to come in, Sammy sat on the right of me. "Attention class, I have news for everyone!" everyone just looked at her. "GOOD news..."  "Okay, can you tell it what it is?!" someone yelled out from the class. She smirked, "Yes, class, you are having a project.." everyone groaned except me. "But, you will have partners, and it will be of the opposite gender," more groans, and some smiles. "Wait, I'm not finished, your partner will have to be someone who is very different from you. And you two will have to figure how to work together, and find something you have in common" More groans, even me this time. Who would I be with? "So you guys will be working together for 2 weeks on partnership. The topic will be..South America, and different languages, different people, different get it." Ms. Daly said. "Oh, one more thing I have already arranged your partners!" She said smiling clapping her hands together. "When I say your name, stand up and get your History on South America Book" she said looking down holding the list of names in her hand sitting at her desk. 'Victoria, Dave" "Sammy, John" after a couple minutes later "Melanie, Justin" He looked at me and let out a real long sigh..  The bell rang and everyone scurried out, including me.

Justin's POV

I'm stuck with this lame girl I don't even know for this stupid project, oh yeah she's clumsy, she bumped into me. GREAT. I let out a long sigh as I looked at her.


Authors note: Hey guys, this is my first time writing a fanfic, I hope it was good, sorry it was so long! Please give feedback! (: Thanks! -Mia 

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