Love, The Strongest Bond

Mason is a gay teen, high school is hard enough without being gay and crushing on one of the hottest, straight guys in the school, Justin. Justin pretty much knows that Mason likes him, its pretty obvious, but when one day he completely ignores him, Mason takes matters in his own hands, what will happen to Justin and Mason, with they stay friends, maybe more? Read to find out more.


2. The First "Date"


Sorry about the 1st chapter being really short I didn't really know what to write since this is my 1st story so I'll make it up to hopefully this chapter I hope you like ~Colby~

(Aidee's POV)

I wake up to the shaking of the bed because Mason is jumping up and down, sometimes he can be so hyper. "Ughhhh, what time is it", I say annoyed because its so early. "8:30" he says giggling. "Why so ear.." I get cut off by me being pushed off of the bed, Mason lands on me and stays laying on my. "Shut up, if I didn't wake you up you would have stayed asleep until12:00, you bum" "Well that's what the weekend is for dumb ass" I say because maybe he'll let me sleep,but I'm wrong. "Get up! were going to go to Denny's to eat breakfast and then to the mall!" he says singing the last part. So I get up and run to his drawers, I always keep some clothes over here. Then I dash over to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower. I get out and put on some make up and do my hair. I put on my clothes, I'm wearing white skinny jeans, a blue shirt that says love on it, a gray cardigan and gray vans.

I run down the stairs and see that Mason is wearing black skinny jeans, all white vans, a white v-neck, a leather jacket and a blue square scarf. I swear he is such a girl at every thing he even dresses better than me but I would never tell him that. "Your going out in that " I say acting all snotty hahaha. "Yeah you have a problem, lets go I'm hungry" he says jumping up and down. "Your always hungry" I say as we run out the door to the car. I hop into the passenger seat it always smells so good inside his car it smells like a mix between cinnamon and vanilla, just like him, a very nice, warm smell. In about 15 minutes we arrive Denny's, yay food!!

~Finish Eating~ (Still Aidee's Pov)

We walk out of Denny's stuffed we just ate A LOT of food. Anyways it was worth it. "Off to the malI, need to look sexy today!!! he says skipping to the car. We jump in and I plug in my Ipod, since its about a half hour drive to the mall because our small ass town doesn't have one, and turn on One Thing by One Direction and we start singing, very badly I might add. "So get out, get out, get out of my head, And fall into my arms instead, I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, But I need that one thing, So get out, get out, get out of my mind. And come on, come into my life, I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, But I need that one thing, And you've got that one thing" After the chorus we turn it to Come and Get It by Salena Gomez "You ain't gotta worry it's an open invitation, 'll be sittin' right here real patient, All day all night I'll be waitin' standby, Can't stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day all night maybe I'm addicted for life, no lie." Right as we finish that part we pull into the Mall parking lot laughing uncontrollably. We get out and run into the Mall first stop Generation V for me and, then Pacsun for him, and then Claires' for both of us.

(Mason's POV)

Were running into Generation V for her and she comes out of the dressing room 100 times, that's another thing we have in common, clothes!!! She finally comes out with a peach see through shirt to go over a tank top and a white lace dress that she can wear when we go to parties. Next Pacsun, I also come in and out of the dressing room but I finally end up getting khaki skinny jeans a denim long sleeve shirt, and a fedora hat with a denim ribbon around it. Then we go to the Claire's, I come out with a long gold colored, cross necklace and a sideways cross two finger ring. Aidee comes out with a red lips ring, a couple of dangle earrings, and something dealing with One Direction, she's obsessed. We leave the mall around 1:00 so we have to rush over to her house since she lives closer to Justin, really all our friends and Justin live close together but I just don't feel like being at my house ;).


We crash on her bed it smells good like some citrusy perfume. I grab my bag of clothes from Pacsun and Claire's and walk over to her closet "What are you doing" she asks me. "Grabbing some studs", I grab the little plastic drawer thing she has in her closet, it has lots of spike studs, pyramid studs, and other DIY accessories. I pull out some silver pyramid studs to put on the collar of my denim shirt she comes and sits next to me. "So are you excited for today" she says wiggling her eyebrows. "well duh yeah, I hope he likes what I'm wearing, I paid money, I'll cut him he doesn't" I say all diva like. "You won't, you won't" she says jumping at me. I then chase her around the house with some little kid scissors yelling, "Oh I won't let me cut some of your hair then." I jump around the corner and don't see her I walk around slowly reminding myself of a scary movie hahaha. She then comes behind me and jumps on my back and pulls on my hair like a little girl. I run back upstairs and plop her on her bed, and continue working on my shirt out of breath. "That was fun" she says. "Yeah my head hurts from you pulling my hair I'm not a doll you know". "Stop complaining, and who are you texting?" she says. I lock my phone and put it away and give her a look of with a mischievous smile, "No one." "Come on tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me." she says begging like a 9 year old. "No its a secret that you will never know"I say sticking my tongue out at her, "Fine!" she crosses her arms and pouts.

I pull her down from the bed so she can help me finish studding my shirt. I run to the bathroom to take another quick, hot shower. I get out and put on my clothes and cologne, I come out and see Aidee sitting on the bed eating food again. "Your eating again?!?" "What I got hungry!" she says giggling. "Okay whatever" I say rolling my eyes. "You look hot" , "Thanks baby daddy" I do a little dance in front of the mirror. I run to her and pull her food away and put it on the dresser, "my food, what are you doing?" "Your getting a makeover!!" I say singing. On the way to the bathroom I turn on my Ipod and blast some music like Bad by The Cab and other fabulous music. I grab the straightener to curl her hair, make up and grab the white dress that she bought today.

~1 Hour Later~

"Open your eyes!" I tell Aidee, taking my hands away from her eyes. Looking in the mirror she covers her mouth and jumps up and down, "Mason!, I look.." I cut her off "Fierce!" I put my hand up. She turns around and hugs me, "Thanks but what was this for?" I say "nothing I just thought you were bored, I wanted to do something before I left, and you better keep it on until I get back okay I have a surprise for you when I get back." She sighs and says " oh I hope it is nothing super crazy." I laugh and look at the clock it says 2:40, its time for me to go to Justin's yay. "Wish me good luck, I hope I'm not a mess" I say checking my self in the mirror I put some more cologne one and fix my hair. Aidee says "go get your man" and sticks her tongue at me. I fix my hat one more time before I run out of the house and down the street towards Justin's house.


I run up to Justin's house with a big smile on my face, I fix my self up one last time before I ring the doorbell. I hear the door nob unlocking and its Luke my smile drops "oh its just you but hey" I say sarcastically. He says "well hello to you too", "you remember what you have to do later don't you" I look at him and he nods. I walk into the living room and I see him. He sits there intently staring at the basket ball game on the TV. I clear my throat, and he swiftly looks up and I again look at those gorgeous eyes. He smiles which only makes me smile wider, if that's even possible. He jumps up and comes to give those stupid little guy handshakes where you pull together and pat your backs, why don't you just hug. When we pull together I take in his smell, it smells like a manly scent of natural musk and cinnamon. When we pull away I just smile and sit on the couch and try and pretend that I'm Interested in the game.

(Justin's POV)

I wake up and look over at the clock and see that it's 12, I need to hurry and get ready. I get up and take a quick shower and do my hair into a nice part and blow dry and gel it up. I walk into my closet with a towel around my waist and choose red skinny jeans, black vans and, a black v-neck. I grab a gray zip-up hoddie, and head to my car. I blast the radio on Adorn by Miguel. I go to the mall and buy a new Cologne that smells like a strong manly smell and a hint of cinnamon, yum. I rush back from the mall to go to the grocery store and get snacks for when the boys came over. I rush back home and put the snacks in the cabinet, and then I clean the house a little bit. I go and turn on the TV and crash on the couch, I turn it to the basket ball game, I don't know why I watch it. I don't even like basket ball I do it for my parents and to fit in. Then I here the bell ring its probably just Luke, "Come in!!!" I here the door open and close and then footsteps. Its Luke, "Hey man, whats up?" I say looking at him, "Nothing, just ready to watch the game" he says clapping his hands. I laugh and turn pretending to pay attention to the game.


After about an hour I get up to go grab some snacks. I walk over to the cabinet and I hear the door bell "Could you get that!" I yell to Luke. I hear his footsteps so I go and walk back over to the couch and go back to watching the game. About a minute later I hear someone clear their throat and I look up and see Luke and smile. I go over and give him a little handshake and I can here him smelling me hahaha he's cute. He also smells good, he smells like cinnamon and vanilla. Then we go back and sit down on the couch, I can tell that he is as interested in the game as I am.

(Mason's POV)

Ughhhh can this game go any slower, I don't understand anything other than that there is about 5 minutes left. "I have to go to the bathroom, where is it?" I ask Justin. He says "Down the hall and the right", pointing to the hall. I come out of the bathroom, and I notice the door to my left is open a little, my curiosity kicks in and I peek inside. I notice some pictures around I notice one on his dresser, its Justin and some other guy staring at each other and smiling, Its probably just one of his old friends. "You like my room?" I jump and turn around to see Justin smiling. I get embarrassed and walk over to the door "Sorry I just got curious, don't be mad." "He holds his arm against the door to stop me from leaving "your lucky not many people make it to my room you know" he says laughing. I blush, I'm such a girl "well in that case I'm flattered, lets go in the living room" I change the subject. We get back to the living room and Luke says "well I should get going" he walk over to the door and before it closes I yell "have fun" giggling. "Whats that all about?" Justin asks. "Oh nothing we'll see later."

(Luke's POV)

I hear Mason yell "have fun" as I close the door. "Oh I will" I say to my self with a smirk on my face. I dash to my car, my baby, and drive really quick to my house to take a quick hot shower and change in to a blue striped button up shirt, khaki pants, grey dress up shoes and a grey cardigan. I spray a little bit of cologne on and dash out the door. Locking it behind me, I jump in my car and drive to th closest Domino's Pizza and grab a large Pep. Then I ride of to my destination. I walk up to the door and ring the door bell I foot steps and the door opens, with a smile on my face I say "Mason invited me to come over."

(Aidee's POV)

I walk in the door from just dropping my mom over at my grandma's, they wanted to stay the night and hang out together. I walk into room and drop my purse on my bed. "Ughh I'm taking this dress off, I don't know why Mason wanted me to wear it." Right then I hear the door bell ring, I wasn't expecting anyone to come over, maybe its Mason. I run down stairs and open the door, its Luke, I smile. With a smile on his face he says "Mason invited me to come over." "Oh he did? I'll just have to talk to him later then." "You look very pretty today, could I come in" he says cheekily. I step aside to let him in, I blush from his comment. He walks into the kitchen and places the pizza box on the counter "are you hungry", he says. "Yes, very I haven't ate since Mason left, he was excited he also did all of this" I point to my self. "Well I could tell Mason was excited when he walked in, and Mason did a perfect job on your makeover" he says laughing. I walk over to the cabinet and pull out two plates and grab a couple of napkins, "follow me" I say walking into the living room. I place the plates and napkins on the coffee table and crash on the couch "what movie do you want to watch?" He looks at me, smiles and says "Transformers 3, I'm such a nerd, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to" he says acting embarrassed. "Are you kidding me I love that movie, I've seen it like 3 times" I jump up and go to the movie drawer that we have, and search for Transformers, he come helps me find it, we eventually do and when we stand up from squatting down we bump heads. "Ow hahaha I need to be more careful." "No it was my fault" he says walking over to the couch rubbing his head. I put the movie in the DVD player and I sit next to Luke on the couch.


The movie finishes and we both stand up and walk into the kitchen "that movie never gets old" I say laughing. Luke says, "I know I love it so much I can't believe you like it too." We start laughing again and I drop a napkin on the floor, we both squat down to get it, we both grab for it and our hands touch. I look up and he's staring intently into my eyes, his eyes flicker to my lips and we both lean forward to kiss each other.

(Mason's POV)

I'm sitting on a stool in Justin's house. Yesterday I would have never thought of even hanging out with him much less sit here having a conversation with him alone. He's standing at the stove making Mac&Cheese, I love that stuff its addicting. "So Luke and Aidee huh?" he says smiling at me. "You have no idea I have tried getting those two together for so long, if they don't get together after tonight I will hunt they wish they would have" I say jokingly. "Well Luke is a lucky guy, Aidee seems pretty cool, hopefully she's nothing like Bianca" sighing he looks at me. "Why what's wrong with Bianca I thought you two weren't together anymore" I stand up and walk over to him. "I know that but she is so obsessive, she acts like were still together." I give him an apologetic look and walk over to grab my drink on the counter it slips and it spills all over my new shirt. "Oh my god I just bought this" I say pouting. "Follow me" he holds my hand and pull me into his laundry room "Take off your shirt before it stains, I'll put it in the washer." I hesitantly take off my shirt, I'm not the most muscular person in the world so I'm self conscious. I hand him my shirt and he starts the washer, he looks back at me and I catch him staring, why would he be staring, I clear my throat and he looks up. "Let me get you jacket so you can stay warm til' your shirt is finished." He turns and walks through the door, did I see him blush, I must be seeing things. He hands me his grey jacket and it smells like him, its like heaven hahaha.


We hear the dryer ding, signaling me to go get my shirt, the warmness is comforting, maybe sleeping with Justin feels like this, I mentally stick my tongue out at myself. "What are you thinking about" he says laughing at me. I give him a cheeky smile "That's for me to know and for you to find out I hope." I laugh at my thoughts. "Okay well I should get going and check up on the two love birds back at home." He laughs and walks me to the door. The thought of kissing him crosses my mind but that would be weird considering he doesn't play for my team, so instead I just give him a hug "thank you for inviting me over" I say as I'm hugging him. We pull away "your welcome it was fun maybe we can hang out again sometime." He takes a pen out of his pocket and grabs my arm and writes his number "call me whenever you want to hang out" he looks at me and smiles. "okay thanks, I'll see you at school on Monday" I walk away smiling and skipping.

I walk up to Aidee's house and open the door not bothering to knock. I close it lightly, hoping to catch Aidee and Luke in the act. Walking into the living room I don't see anyone, and then I hear kissing in the kitchen I run in and yell "I knew it, I knew it, I knew I could do it." I dance around the kitchen, Aidee and Luke just laugh a little embarrassed. Aidee runs at me and hits me in the head "why didn't you knock" she say defensively. "Shut and be happy I got y'all together." "I'm sorry Luke but you have to go me and Aidee have to have some girl talk, go and make out and go home" I say shooing them towards the door.


Aidee comes back and I dance around her singing "I got y'all together, I got y'all together." She gets red and pushes me to the ground "shut up Mason, but thank you anyway." We crash on the bed tired from all the exciting events that happened all day. "Guess what" I wiggle my eyebrows at Aidee. She looks at me and puts her hands under her chin "what? "When I was at Justin's I spilt my drink on my shirt and I had to take it off to put it in the washer and I caught Justin staring at me, and when I cleared my throat because it was getting too awkward he blushed and changed the subject." The look on her face was hysterical, I laughed so hard. She got up and sang "Justin likes you, Justin likes you", I pull her close to me and tell her "I wish, he dated that bitch Bianca remember." She pulls away "well explain to me why he was staring at you and, then when he got caught he blushed." "I don't know maybe he was laughing at how I'm so wimpy compared to him, I don't know", I crash into the bed again exhausted from thinking. "Lets just think about it tomorrow, I'm tired" I get up and change in the bathroom and we both lay down to sleep. I lay there unable to sleep and I can tell that she's having the same problem I'm having, "can't sleep either?" I ask her a little muffled from the pillow. "ughhhh no I'm to happy to sleep, Luke kissed me!" I look up from my pillow to see her laying there smiling wide, "so does that mean y'all are a couple now?" She shrugs "I don't know I'll guess I'll see on Monday." She yawns and soon I here her deep breathing, I sigh I'm confused. "Does Justin like me, or not, should I talk to him, or am I waisting my time." I say to my self, I don't know I'll deal with it tomorrow.


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