Love, The Strongest Bond

Mason is a gay teen, high school is hard enough without being gay and crushing on one of the hottest, straight guys in the school, Justin. Justin pretty much knows that Mason likes him, its pretty obvious, but when one day he completely ignores him, Mason takes matters in his own hands, what will happen to Justin and Mason, with they stay friends, maybe more? Read to find out more.


4. Flight or Fight

So this is past the week that Mason got suspended, because I tried writing stuff for that week, but it didn't quite work so here we are back at school yay ~Colby~

(Mason's POV)

Today is gonna be the most awkward day ever. Last night I ran all the way to Justin's house, almost ran away, then faced him, yelled in his face and walked back home all in a matter of about 15 minutes. I don't know if I will have that same confidence today, the confidence that is gonna allow me to walk around as if he doesn't hurt me. But in all actuality he hurts me greatly, my heart aches not to talk to him, not to see his smile, and not to just be in his presence, he hurts me.

In the short time it takes me to get ready for school, I manage to give myself a pep talk, even though I might not feel the confident, happy person inside, but I sure as hell am going to show it to everyone else, especially Justin. Every step that I take down the stairs brings more nerves and resentment of what I said yesterday. What the hell am I doing. But I continue to walk to my car and drive off to school, full with the strong feeling towards not wanting to go.


When I arrive in the student parking lot, I sigh and flip down the mirror of my car, I try and put on the best confident face I can make, and get out and lock my car. I walk as casual as I can towards the front entrance of the school, on my way to my locker I see Justin alone and his face full of sadness, and he looked deep in thought. I decide to take a quick glance at him, and I instantly regretted it, he was looking right at me, his hazel eyes looking more green than anything, and they draw me toward him. I snap out of it and walk a little more quickly to my locker and grab my books. When I close my locker I jump and let out a girly squeal because Justin was right there. I look around and quite a few pair of eyes were on me and I yelled "Fuck off" and they all looked away and laughed. I look back at Justin and it is kinda difficult to be mad but I can feel the anger bubling up inside me.

"What the hell do you want, did you not hear me yesterday" I say rolling my eyes out of habit. He looks at me trying to gather his words but he seems to nervous, eventually all he says, well mutters is "Im sorry". But I'm tired of sorries because I did nothing to him. I. Just.Don't.Get.It. So I walk away and say "Save it." Oh what, did he think I was just gonna jump up and say okay I forgive you, hell no, I'm not that easy. Plus why is he going through this, hes straight.

Its the beginning of first period and I'm sitting there trying my hardest not to look at Justin, because I can tell that hes looking right at me. I just want to turn around and smack him, but that would cause too much of a scene. Suddenly the classroom door opens and a cute guy walks in. We lock eyes and we glance at eachother for a little to long, so I look away and blush a little. I can tell that he saw me because I saw him laugh out of the corner of my eye. I can here Justin groan and turn away, why is he mad?

The new kid announces that his name Adam, the teacher tells him to pick any of the empty seats, and while he walks I examine what he looks like, he has jet black hair, styles in a little flippy quiff way, he has piercing blue eyes, hes way muscular, but anyone looks muscular compared to me. And he has a great sense of style. So luckily there is a empty seat right next to me, and I silently pray to god that he sits next to me, which he does. "Hey, I'm Adam" I look up at him and say "you said that already haha, but anyways I'm Mason." He laughs and gives me this great gorgeous smile, I literally melt in my seat. "Well hello Mason, with a great sense of humor, how about you tell me where you got your shoes from." And that how we started talking, we laughed, got in trouble for laughing, and just had fun. During all this I could tell that Justin was staring at us, what is his problem, damn!


"AIDEE, AIDEE, AIDEE!!!!!!!" I was scream for her all around the hallway with all the kids looking at me but I didn't care. I finally saw her looking around, because no doubt she heard me. I finally reached her and slid my arm through hers and danced around making her almost fall haha. "Guess what..... I got a date with a new kid already in 1st period, his name is Adam and hes hot" I yell at her singing the last part. This kid behind us says "shut the hell up you little faggot, no one gives a shit about you taking stuff up your ass" with a stupid little smirk. So I gradually turn around and say "well you shouldn't be so mad at me because your dad takes it up the ass too" and I turn around grab Aidee's arm and walk away. Just like that.

Okay so after all my shit classes I skipped my way down to lunch with Aidee, I was excited because Adam has the sma lunch with me. On the way to lunch Aidee stops me and looks at me a little confused, "What about Justin?" I look back at her with a little diva face and say "fuck Justin if he wanted to ignore me, he can't take it back now." And with that I turned around with Aidee in hand and walked into the cafeteria confidently. A smile appears on my face when I see Adam waiting for me and apparently asked one of my friends what I eat everyday because he had two trays in his hands and one had exactly what I ate. Awww how cute.

"Hey Adam, you didn't have to buy me lunch, let me pay you back", I say smiling wide. He walks me back to the table "no I wanted to buy you lunch and no need to pay me back" he gives me this big, toothy smile and before I can think I give him a hug and he hugs back, this expectantly feels good, it feels nice to hug a guy, I didn't think I would actually like someone other that Justin. Everyone is staring, so I decide to pull away to avoid any conflict with some stupid homophobic jerks. "No offense Tato'i but im gonna sit with Adam okay?" She nods and says "go get yo man hahah." So we decide to sit a little farther away from the rest of the group so we could get to know eachother a little more.

"So Adam... this is kind of a personal question but do your parents know your gay?" I say trying to sound innocent so I don't accidentally make him shy or angry. "No my parents and basically my whole family are really religious and are really against it so I decided to wait until I find someone that I love" he finishes smiling. I kinda feel sad for him, my parents were really supportive and never bad mouthed gays at all so, I just wish that no one had to fake being themselves. So towards the end of the lunch hour, we learned loads about eachother and he's really cute and funny, I like him. The only downside of the whole lunch hour it that right at the end I happened to look towards where Justin was and he was giving me the death stare, he really needs to get over himself, so when the bell rang, I was relived. Adam and I didn't have any other classes together so he walked my to my 5th hour class and gave me a kiss on the cheek, "hey I'll text you the details of our date, later, bye" and left for his class.

So the next two periods went by super quick and before you know it me and Aidee were rockin out to Adam Lambert in my car, me and Aidee are really bad singers so if anyone heard us I'm sure that we would be the laughing stalk for a while. So when we pulled into our drive way, we sang the rest of the song, and eventually got out of the car. When we arrived in the house, Aidee and I ran upstairs, with my mom yelling for us to stop running.

"So Adam is hot, like hot hot, he should be straight for me!" I gawk at her and punch her, "you have Luke, so stay off of my man", she laughs "your man, you haven't even been on a date yet, don't get to far ahead of yourself." Just then my phone goes off and I hear, my ringtone, I rush over to my phone hoping it's Adam. It is, the message says

Hey ;) do you want to go to the Pizza joint on the corner of 1st and Henderson, at 7:30 tomorrow? ... Please lol

Sure I'm excited, can't wait to see you tomorrow ;) lunch again?

Sure anytime I love hanging out with, you so I have to go, see you tomorrow at school :P

Okay bye.


"Hahaha In your face slut, you can't have him!" I wave my phone in her face, and then she pretends to cry. She crazy. So then we both ended up doing our homework, well I did the homework she copied, but we wanted to go out so we rushed. When we, (I) finished it was about 7:45, so we rushed to get ready to go to the movies, we ran down stairs and towards then end I pushed Aidee down because she was taking to long. "Hey mom can we go to the movies, we'll be back by 9:30 or 10?" She hesitated, which was taking up time but, she finally said yes and we rushed to my car and sped of to go see The Purge.


The movie was good, is wan't scary at all it was more action, and a little funny than anything. So after that it was about 9:15, so we had about 45 minutes left to be home so we went out to eat at so Mexican food place down the street. So when we walked in to building we ordered and sat down for our food to cook. The waitress lady comes and places our food on the table, we thank her and she goes to another table for another order. Halfway though our meal I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and look up to see Adam smiling wide. I jump up and give him a hug. He hugs me back and points to another kid ordering "that's my cousin over there, so sorry about no kiss or anything him and my aunt are visiting, so I don't want him to go and tell then I get in trouble or anything" he looks at me scanning my face for any disappointment, but I'm not mad or anything I understand his situation and respect him. "Your fine whenever your ready to tell you family I'm here for you, I'm not pressuring you. Trust me" He looks at me and I can tell he's relievedso he gives me a hug, and whispers into my ear "I'm starting to like you more and more everyday" I pull away and look at him, "me too" we both laugh and say goodbye, then he speeds of to his cousin and they both leave.

So by the time Aidee and I finish eating its 9:55. "Shit!! We need to go now! Were almost late so I pull out my wallet leave 5 dollars and I drag Aidee out of the building. We run into the car and we rush home just in time. "Good job you made it" my mom says with a little smirk. I guess Aidee is spending the night..again. So with that I was tired so we both crashed on the bed, no changing clothes, no taking shoes off just us falling straight to sleep.


(Aidee's POV)

When I woke up I hear drawers slamming and, the foot steps stomping to the bathroom and then the shower turning on. It must be Mason freaking out about meeting Adam today at school. Well I might as well get up, I walk over to my little drawer of clothes here and pick something looks decent, ughhh my hair is not gonna cooperate with me today because I have nothing over here. Okay so I'm just gonna braid it and there whatever. When Mason finally gets out of the bathroom he perfect again, I can tell he has fixed his hair over 10 times in the time that he was in there. And here he goes again "ughh I look hideous, he's gonna hate me" he always does that, even though his looks are better than average, he always puts himself down. "Shut the hell up, you look fine you prick" I say smiling at him he makes a face and I break out laughing, I walkl over to him and fix a little piece of hair that is out of place, "see perfect."

So we walk out the door and get in the car, were a little earlier than usual. I yawn and Mason looks over to me and says he has a little surprise. Yay! He says close your eyes as we take a turn and I get excited. As I feel the car stop he pulls my hands away from my eyes...COFFEE!!!!!! He took us to Starbucks, I needed coffee to live. We rushed inside and I got a Carmel frape and he got a Vanilla Bean with a shot of rasberry. "Oh my god thankyou sooo much if I didn't get this I would be a zombie today." "Your so welcome bestfriend, I got to be nice sometimes, but when I need coffee I better get some damn coffee." We both leave Starbucks laughing, we get in the car and unfortunantly go to school but seeing Luke makes it better, just a little bit. When we arrive to the school Mason is a nervous wreak, so I eventually calm him down enough to walk him to his locker next to mine. So I open my locker pull out a mirror, fix his hair a little, show him and then give him a little bestfriend talk. "Stop being a little bitch, you'll be fine obvioulsly he likes you or he wouldn't have asked you on a date, so stop fidgeting and calm down or I'll tell him embarrassing stories." He looks at me all scared and I laugh "I'm just joking", I pat his back, knowing I'm totally gonna do it anyway. So I see Adam sneek up behind Mason and he pulls him into a hug from behind scaring Mason I laugh and walk away to find my own boyfriend.

(Mason's POV)

So Aidee finally pries me away from the car and practically drags me into the school. I am so nervous I can barely think. We walked over to our lockers, well...Aidee's pulling me and, me being dragged, but anyways, Aidee and I start talking and then all of a sudden someone comes up behind me, and oulls me into a big hug, scaring me to death. Aidee laughs for a while then walks away to probably find Luke, while I turn around and smile wide becasue it was Adam. "Hey sexy, how are you today" he says kissing my cheek. I blush like a little girl, why is it so easy for someone to get me to blush, it's embarrasing. "Nothing I'm good, now that im at school with you, ready for our date tonight." He looks down at me since hes like 5 inches taller than me and smiles, "yup I'm really excited, I'll pick you up at your house around 7:30 okay, just text me your address later k?" I nod my head and give him a hug, the bell rings and since we have 1st hour together, I grab his hand and walk to our first class.


So first period went by quick with the occasional note passing between Adam and I. So we got out of the class I gave Adam a kiss on the cheek and we seperated til lunch. My next three periods went by well I just stayed to my self and talked to Aidee, I'm not trying to go to the office anymore. So when it came to lunch I grabbed Aidee's wrist and ran like hell to the cafeteria, weaving around peoplereal quick I was gonna beat Adam today. When we got into the cafeteria with Aidee constantly questioning me about why are we running, I ignored her andwe both got in line I got two trays payed for both and stood in front of the door. While I was waiting for Adam to get there I guess Justin wasn't looking so he bumped into me "Oh, I'm sor... oh its you" he said glaring at me and walked away. Okay then, whatever. Finally I saw Adam through the sea of students crouding the cafeteria. He smiled instantly and gave me a kiss and hug. "How did you know I was trying to beat you here, well I guess I have a smart date tonight. I make an offended face "oh so before, you thought that I was stupid okay well, you can eat alone" I say convinsingly. I turn aaway to laugh a little at his shocked face and walk over to the table. He runs over to me, "hey I didn't mean that I was complementing on how smart you are, there is no need to get mad, hey look at me I'm sorry." I look at him and give him a wide smile "I know I was just fuckin with you hahaha" his face turns from serious to happiness in like 2 seconds. "I hate you, i really thought you were mad at me." He punches my arm lightly and sits next to me and we chat for the next thirty minutes of lunch and we part again til our date later today.

Fifth Period. You know what that is. Straight Hell. Mr. Johnson, the devil himself, he hasn't said one word to my since our little incedent. I guess he's scared, yeah I'll go with that. So this class has begun to be quite enjoyable for once. Just do my work and talk to Aidee like most of my classes are anyway. Sixth period is nothing special, so nothing to say there. 2:10 the last bell rings and the day is over, so since I am just like the biggest girl ever, I drag Aidee to my house and we start to get ready because its gonna take that long to make me look the way I want to look anyway. So when we get into my room she goes straight to my closet and I go to the bathroom to take a shower. When I get out of the warmth of the shower I shiver ugh cold. But anyways I dry my self off, do my hair and yell for Aidee to hand me my clothes, and try not to show myself. She picked out a simple white tee, blue small printed shorts, and a grey button up cardigan. Then I also had some grey oxfords on ooh fancy. So after I got dressed and all ready I sprayed some cologne on and since Aidee and Luke are coincidentally having a date later today too I picked out her clothes and curled her hair for her. She did her own make up because I wanted her to make it the way she is used to it. By the time we were both finished getting ready it was 6:50 so I called Luke and told him to come over and then they could leave when me and Adam left.


"ding" "dong"

It's about 7:10 when Luke shows up but low and behold he ends up binging none other than Justin, I never knew that Luke was that oblivious to our whole situation, which I'm still a little confused about myself. "hey I heard you had a date today" he said not truly looking me in the eyes, "yeah with the new kid Adam, why are you here?" "um I just wanted to come over with Luke just to hang out then leave, sorry it bothers you so much" he says nonchalantly. "okay well just don't be stupid ok" i say looking straight into his eyes. He nods and then walks away. This date needs to be good.

When the doorbell rings I jump up and run over to the door, I throw it open and he runs in and gives me a hug. It seems like I've been waiting for him forever much less than a couple hours. "hey you look oh my god sexy cute" he says looking me up and down, which makes me blush and laugh. "well you look amazing as well." He walks inside and I sit him on the couch because I need to go get my wallet from upstairs and make sur I'm perfect. "I'll be right back okay?" "okay don't take too long" he says with a wink.

(Aidee's POV)

So the doorbell rings and Mason runs over to the door like a little girl expecting Adam, but its Luke, a smile appears on my face and I get up and hug him, but that smile quickly disappeares when I see Justin walk in right behind him, I give him the death stare. Luke and I go back to the couch to talk for a little bit. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Mason and Justin having a little talk. Mason needs to smack him that what he needs to do. But anyways about 20 minutes later the door bell rings again, so i guess that its Adam, finally me and Luke need to go on our date. Mason makes the excuse to go upstairs to get his wallet, but I know hes just nervous so I follow him to calm him down real quick.

(Justin's POV)

While Aidee and Mason go upstairs to do whatever it is that they do, Adam (ugh), Luke and I stay down stairs. "So how are you?" Adam says taking a sudden interest in Luke. "I'm good are you excited for your date tonight", "Oh my gosh you have really cute eyes, you are just a little bit more hot than Mason' he says comoletely ignoring Luke's question. Luke looks at me for a second and I shrug my sholders, he looks back to Adam, "well thank you I gu..) Luke gets cut off by Adam smashing his lips into Luke's. Oh my god!! Luke grabs Adam's sholders and pushes him away, "What the fuck dude!!, Mason is right up stairs and I'm straight!!) Adam looks at the both of us shrugs and laughs "Y'all are so uptight, I need to go to the bathroom." He gets up and leaves the room like nothing had just happened at all.

I look over to Luke and he cant even get his words straight. But then it hits me, "we cannot tell Mason about this, it'll break his heart, this is his first "real" date", he looks over at me "but his "first real date" just kissed me and got up and left like it was nothing with a smile on his face, don't you think he would like to know that." I think it over for a while "hey I really think we should keep this between you and me I really don't want this to ruin his night", he looks like he working it out in his head but he eventually just nods his head. This is gonna be interesting.

(Mason's POV)

 While I run upstairs to "get my wallet" I hear Aidee excuse herself to go help me "look" for it. I hear her run up the stairs while I pace back and forth expecting her to tell me to get my ass down there but instead she just hugs me "you need to calm down, as far as I can tell he's a good guy, you just need to stop being nervous go down there and go on your date, ok?" I nod and I wait for another 5 minutes before coming down the stairs again, as we both walk into the living room, both of the boys look at me weird, "what??" I ask worried. They shrug their shoulders "nothing" they both say in unison. oookkaay. 

"Adam I'm ready to go!" I yell from the other side of the bathroom door. "Okay just let me fix my hair real quick" so I walk away and wait by the door. Eventually he comes out of the bathroom, he smiles over at me and grabs my hand as we walk throught the front door. Luke, Aidee, and Justin follow us as I lock the door. "Bye, Aidee, see you later boys" he smiles smiling at them. THey both look un-easy, thats weird, but whatever. "Okay have a good date" I say towards Aidee and Luke, then me and Adam walk over to the car and drive off as the others leave. 

A/N: Okay so im gonna say sorry again for taking FOREVER to update again.... it just take me a while to get words right in myso im not making any promises but I'll try to update quicker this time. 

Okay so this chapter was interesting... Adam oohhh the little hoe but lets see what happens on their date next chapter ~Colby~


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