It all happened for a reason

Gia has a very complicated life...don't you think you will learn the first time you do something bad? Not a long on her very crazy love adventure and see what happens when she runs into each of the boys in One Direction!

Sorry don't want to give much away in the summary above. I didn't really know how to summarize the story without giving away too much. Hope you read and love this story! Thx :)


3. Harry

Gia's P.O.V.

After I got home I was so confused. I didn't even get to go shopping because I got trampled by Liam Payne. Wow! "Gia get your lazy ass down here," yells my dad. After my mom left us he has been abusing me ever since but I never show him that i'm scared because it will only make it worse. So I never cry anymore. then that's when I see my dad's red face shaking with anger, " why are you all over the news passed out on the mall floor?" I am too shocked to say anything and that's when I get a punch in the face. Damn he wont quit it will he? its time to leave im sick of all this shit im out of here. I'm 17 I can start choosing my own decisions from now on! And simple as that I leave out the door, so glad I stole my dads credit card to go shopping I still have it in my pocket. and im gone. im never looking back too much sadness and anger for me to handle. God I need some coffee. the nearest coffee shop is 4 blocks away so I walk there. Once I get there I get regular black coffee nothing special and sit down in one of the chairs. what am I going to do I have no car nowhere to live and no job. im a hot mess! then a guy comes panting in with a gun in his hand. Oh my god please help me!

Harry's P.O.V.

That's when I saw a guy running up to me with a small but deadly gun and I start sprinting for my life. I was just going to get some coffee when he starts yelling ," I wish I were you you are perfect. you don't deserve all that fame and girls I do!" that's when I punch him in the face and he collaps on the floor and I grab the gun right out of his hands before he gets up. I run panting into the coffee shop and sse a dozen scarred faces staring at me. then I realized I had a gun in my hand panting with dark shades and black hoodie on. "Sorry guys I was getting attacked out there this isn't mine," I protest with a true apologetic look on my face and tone. i really need to sit down but all tables are full so i go sit on a table by this beautiful scarred girl. Wow why cant i talk to her is it because im tired im usually really good with girls. "Umm excuse me who are you?" she says with a confused face. "Oh im sorry my name is Harry Styles i cant take off my disguise then everyone will notice me," i say matter of factly. God shes pretty she has beachy wavy kind of hair that falls to her belly button. She is tan but i can tell she is Italian. But she looks almost Mexican because she's so tan. i don't know its weird its winter and you have a tan girl that i can tell is not naturally that dark. "Are yo umexican," I wonder aloud wait did i say that aloud? Damn it. "No im Italian English german and French." she says. oh ok that's makes sense but why is she so tan? "why are you so tan, love?" 'Because i was visiting some family in san diego for a few months and all i mostly did was laying on the beach. I am really pale person so i wanted a tan and i got one why do you ask Harry Styles?" She says with a smirk, wow she was made for me. that makes sense wait why am i  asking her this why do i even care i usually just sleep with girls and never talk to them again. Did i just admit that was true/ I guess it is and im going to change that. 'Love i never got you name?" i say in my most sexiest voice. "You aren't doing a very good job of impressing me but my name is Gia, Gia Katt." "Nice to meet you Gia," i say with my arm extended wow my voice isn't working i know she's playing hard to get. She slowly takes my hand to shake but instead i kiss it, that will get her. But her face doesn't blush she just keeps her same slightly confused weirded out kind of face. " Ireallky need to get going it was a pleasure meeting you miss Gia." i start to walk out when i forget to get her number "whats your number babe?" she gives my her number and i kiss her cheek and still no blush wow shes good and i want her badly. And im gone.

Gia's P.O.V.

Wow i met two people in One Direction in one day i need to get texting if i want them. First i text Liam he texted me about an hour after i left the mall when i was leaving my dad. It says 'hey beautiful' I reply 'haii' thgen i get a text from Harry 'want to go out with me sometime how about Saturday at 8 meet me at the 'Main' restaurant' i reply 'I don't know i just met you but ill give it a try' 'kk thanks see you then. That will be in 3 days. wow Harry is cute!

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