It all happened for a reason

Gia has a very complicated life...don't you think you will learn the first time you do something bad? Not a long on her very crazy love adventure and see what happens when she runs into each of the boys in One Direction!

Sorry don't want to give much away in the summary above. I didn't really know how to summarize the story without giving away too much. Hope you read and love this story! Thx :)


1. Authors note :)

Sorry to start this movella out with an authors note but I just wanted to say that this is my first movella I have ever written so give me a chance to get used to this and hopefully you'll like this movella :) please give me time and ill try to update every other day or everyday! Thank you soo much!  Oh by the way the main character is named Gia and my name is Gia I am only doing that because this is my first movella and this might make it a little easier! Feel free to comment and tell me your best advise and ways to make my movella better...thx :)


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