Josh is hopelessly in love with his best friends sister. He's known it for all his life. Matt Knight, his best friend, has no clue his little sister is the girl that has his best friend all tied up. Kelsey Knight get nervous around Josh, just as does every other girl in school, but she doesn't want anything from him. That is of course, if you count her praying every time she's in his presence that he'll drop on his knees confessing his love for her nothing. She has loved him every since in 7th grade when he pushed the boy, who had just been harassing her about how small she was, up against the lockers and said quietly in a scary voice that she was perfect how she was. Kelsey never heard the words the told the boy, but knew he said something flattering about her. She never had a problem with the kid again. So how will this love work out with Matt being so protective? They'll have to figure it out.


1. Intro

Never: Intro

     Josh, the boy every one loved. The second you met him, something about his charisma drew you into him. Everyone wanted to have the privilege of calling themselves his best friends or girl friend. Every one except his best friends little sister. She was, different. She barely wore make up unlike the girls that chased after him. She would rather eat a whole cow than eat a salad. She would rather listen to The Beatles than drool over One Direction. She would rather cuddle up with a nice book than go to a fancy restaurant. She would rather go out and explore in the woods than go on a shopping spree. She would rather have a few close friends than have many acquaintances. She didn't want popularity, she wanted people that were true to themselves. She was Kelsey. She was the beauty of the school with her long, silky jet black hair and ice blue eyes, followed by an innocent stature of only 5"2' making you think she was harmless, but get her angry and she becomes a little fire cracker. She had many admirers, yet never noticed them. Josh always got nervous around Kelsey, which almost never happened. He was always so cool and collected but the second she was within sight, his knees went weak. He too was under her spell that she wasn't even aware of. She had every boy in town in the palm of her hand, yet all she did was caress their souls. She was a puzzle he couldn't figure out.  

     Kelsey, the girl who didn't care what other thought of her because she believed she was the only one that controlled her life. The girl who every girl envied but could help but love. The girl who was hopelessly in love with her brothers best friend. The boy who could make her laugh in the short amount of time they spent together. The boy who would rather do homework than play video games. The boy who would rather relax to classic rock than waste time on rap. The boy that made her nervous and set a zoo off in her tummy. He was Josh. He had dark brown hair that flopped down nearly covering his eyes, oh his honey eyes, he stood a tall 5"11' towering over Kelsey. Yet, her head fit perfectly into his chest. He had so many girls chase him around, but he never even blinked in their direction. He was hard working and dedicated.

But, what about Matt? Oh yeah. He's Kelsey's brother and Josh's best friend. This is where things get a little tricky...




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