Josh is hopelessly in love with his best friends sister. He's known it for all his life. Matt Knight, his best friend, has no clue his little sister is the girl that has his best friend all tied up. Kelsey Knight get nervous around Josh, just as does every other girl in school, but she doesn't want anything from him. That is of course, if you count her praying every time she's in his presence that he'll drop on his knees confessing his love for her nothing. She has loved him every since in 7th grade when he pushed the boy, who had just been harassing her about how small she was, up against the lockers and said quietly in a scary voice that she was perfect how she was. Kelsey never heard the words the told the boy, but knew he said something flattering about her. She never had a problem with the kid again. So how will this love work out with Matt being so protective? They'll have to figure it out.


2. Chapter One

Never: Chapter One

     Josh awoke to a alarm clock getting set off in his ear. He jumped up at the sound and looked over to see his annoying little sister, Anna, who was 15, laughing so hard that he should be worried about the air flow to her brain. But, she has had a lack of that since she was 13. "Get out of my room!" he roared. Anna stopped laughing and ran out of his room, now giggling. "Jesus, why! I was having a good dream" he said to no one in particular. He remembered that today was that first day of senior year, or his last year of high school. Josh jumped out of bed and got dressed in a casual white v-neck, black skinny jeans, and his high tops. He grabbed his back pack and went down into his familys kitchen. The boy stopped in his empty kitchen and grabbed an apple for his breakfast. Thinking that was enough for now, he quickly packed a lunch and shoved the bag into his back pack and walked out of his home. A car honk interrupted his thoughts, causing him to turn around. Surprised to see that his best friend, Matt, finally got a car, he smiled and gave out a light chuckle. "Hey man, need a ride? Kelsey's in here too by the way." Just hearing her name made his knees unvisibly wobble and his heart race. "Sure, thanks, front or back?" "She's being a nerd in the back, so front." That meant that she was reading a book of her's in the back so Josh can sit in the front. "Hey!" Kelsey chimed "It's not being a nerd. It's called doing some thing entertaining, other than playing video games and farting." Josh couldn't help but burst out laughing knowing that's what his best friend does for entertainment. "Just get in." Matt said, losing his patience. Josh jumped into the car and they were on their way to senior year. Kelsey too, because she was a genius and skipped 6th grade and 9th grade. Once they pulled up to their school, they all jumped out. Kelsey still had her nose in a book while Josh and Matt were deep in conversation about the new black ops game. "See what I mean?" She mumbled, barely loud enough for Josh to hear her but he did. He bursted out laughing again and Kelsey cracked a smile seeing that she did that to him. She honestly didn't even feel it was that funny, but clearly Josh did. Kelsey was wearing a pair of red shorts and had on a gray under shirt beneath her bat man crop top. She was always apprpriate with her clothing choices and was constantly scared to death that some one would see her bra. She had her hair down so that it was naturally wavy and wore only mascara on her unnaturally long lashes and matte nude lip stick framing her bright white, perfectly straight-after a year and a half of braces-teeth. Nearly every boy stared at her causing a burning turmoil of jealousy in Josh, as every girl stared at him and the same reaction was caused in Kelsey. They all walked into the building and went into the front office, then retrieved their schedules. "Matt, let me see your time table" Josh called. He snatched the paper from his best friend, only to find they had no classes together. "Do we have anything?" Matt asked. "No" Josh pouted, "How about you Kelsey?" "Um, I have all AP classes" she said shyly, "What! How? And you skipped two grades then your in all the smartest classes! So unfair" Matt whined. "Well, maybe that's cause I read and actually do my work" she spat. Josh had to take a double-take at his schedule. "I'm in all AP too?" "Really! Let me see" Kelsey said, Josh handed the paper over. "Looks like we're all out classes together my friend."

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