The Brightest Smiles Hide The Darkest Secrets *ON HOLD*

I once again found myself being the adult at the age of eight. I would calm my stepdad, stop my mom and him from fighting, endure being bullied, take care of my ten month old baby brother, clean and cook, all while going to school. But now I’m nineteen have endured everything and now live in London working at a nursing home (mostly volunteering). I suddenly find myself bonding with an older woman named sally styles, she constantly tells me to meet her grandson that I’ll ‘love him’ but I don’t trust men, for a very good reason. Can she get me to meet him and open up to him like I do her or will the past come back and bite me in the ass?


2. Chapter One- (Now) Meet My Grandson

“Hello Sally.” I said smiling as I came into the room; she turned her head towards me with a huge smile on her face. “Your smile lights up the room every time I see you.” She said excitedly as I made my way over to her with her food on a plastic beige tray along with my food which was in the square pink lunch box Jamie used to use. I laughed as I put the tray on the table that would hover over her pushing the table closer to her; I grabbed my lunch taking a seat next to her in a comfortable plush chair her grandson had bought her. She sat up looking down at her tray with a grin on her face, “you got my favorites.” She grinned like a kid in a candy store making me laugh yet again. “What do you want to do today?” I asked unzipping my lunch bag taking out my food. “I want you to meet my grandson! I promise you’ll love him, and you can trust him one hundred percent!” she exclaimed giving me a look as she continued chowing down on her mashed potatoes which she would always eat first when I brought her, her food.
“Why do you want me to meet him so bad? I know you say I’m his type considering I’m super nice, considerate, funny, sarcastic, sassy, beautiful, and all round perfect.” I paused after giving my description of what she had described me as one day; I quickly swallowed the chicken and continued. “But I just don’t get it; I mean you know I don’t trust men.” I said a bit depressed at the last part. “He’s not like the others honey. He’s kind, understanding, funny, rambunctious, open, free spirited. Just meet him once and if you don’t like each other I won’t bring it up ever again!” she pleaded stating her case, as I looked at her I noticed the same pleading innocent look in her eyes that I had, had when I was eight. I ran a hand over my makeup free face letting out a defeated sigh, “Fine, I will meet him. But only because I love you.” Once I had said that she had a giant grin on her face as she clapped her hands together in excitement.

It had been at least three days since I had agreed to meet Sally’s grandson and she hadn’t mentioned him since only saying that I’d meet him soon. I was currently sitting at the front desk organizing papers for one of the nurses who wasn’t here at the moment due to maternity leave and the director had decided to give me the job until she gets back which should be in roughly seven months to a year. The sound of the door being opened caused me to look up from the pile of papers that were starting to frustrate me, I watched as five good looking guys came in and I immediately put up my protective walls. “Can I help you?” I smiled a genuine smile for the most part, mostly because some had tattoos and for some reason that reminded me of Jamie which strangely put me a bit at ease.
“We’re here to visit Sally Styles.” Said a boy with curly hair as he stepped forward holding a big bouquet of Lilies like you would a new born baby, “well follow me then.”  I grinned a bit more comfortable that they were here to see Sally. I got on the desk walking up to the ledge thing and jumped scanning my key card letting the boys through as they all laughed a bit but were amused. I walked down the hall seeing an old man trying to reach something up high but couldn’t get it due to the fact that he was in a wheelchair I smiled walking over to him. “Hey Lee what are you trying to get?” I laughed as he gave up sitting back down in his chair grunting in pain. “The checkers, but I’m too stupid to get them.” He laughed in defeat, I reached up standing on my tip toe causing my shirt to rise a bit exposing my stomach I pulled the box down handing them to Lee but the bending down to his level. “Hey Lee?” I asked getting his full attention, “please don’t ever say you’re stupid and can’t do something because where there will there’s a way, ok?” I asked him as his face lightened a bit at my words as he gained back some reassurance. No I wasn’t comfortable around guy’s especially old men but Lee is one of Sally’s best friends and even if I’m not comfortable I still help because you never leave someone in need.
“You always know the right thing to say Lillian.” He laughed; I waved goodbye to him walking back to the boys smiling. “That was nice.” the blonde one smiled at me, I smiled back shaking my head ‘no’ “sure it was nice but it was also the right thing to do, you never leave someone in need.” I said turning around continuing on my way I smiled, I helped someone. Once we had finally reach Sally’s room I opened the door, “Honey I’m home!” I laughed as I went to hug her. “Where have you been!? I missed my gossip buddy and not only that but I wanted to talk to you about my grandson.” She grinned making me sigh but laugh at her never ending attempts. “Sally I already agreed to meet him and I already know what you’re going to say your nineteen and should be out in the world having fun but your too responsible then I’ll say Sally all I want to do is help people and helping people is fun and feels good then you’ll say that’s a load of shit now meet my grandson.” I laughed at her as I fluffed her pillows I walked over to the curly headed guy taking the flowers I smiled “I’ll go put them in water.”  
**Harry’s P.O.V.**
As the girl talked to my grandmother about her wanting her to meet me I found it amusing and sweet at the same time, but she really was different she was absolutely beautiful and sweet and just all round different. When the girl took the flowers saying something about water I just nodded my head, “hey grams!” I smiled walking over to her bed she turned her head smiling at me. “Harold did you see the girl that just left?” she asked excitedly making me nod my head. “She’s had a hard life, doesn’t trust men, I want you to fix her.” She smiled sadly; I gave her a questioning look. “Why doesn’t she trust men?”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this but she was raped by her grandpa and I was the first person she ever told. But not only that she grew up with an extremely hard lifestyle and I want you guys to get to know her, fix her, let her know not all men are the same. I love her as if she was my own and she may act ok but deep inside she’s slowly dying.” She said as a tear slipped from her eye the girl came back in all eyes going to her. She looked down at the flowers lovingly but she had a sadder aura now, she quickly set down the flowers seeing my grandmas tear fall she flipped out. “Oh my gosh are you ok? Do you hurt? Oh my gosh what’s wrong?” she questioned taking her thumb she wiped the tear away, “please don’t cry, I don’t like when people are sad.” She whimpered furrowing her eyebrows in worry she was actually serious. My grandma laughed “honey I’m fine.” She said giving a reassuring smile the girl relaxed and my grandma suddenly yelled out “I hear wedding bells!” making everyone laugh. “Lillian I want you to meet Harry my grandson!” she excitedly clapped her hands together with a huge grin on her face Lillian looked up and for the first time I really saw her. She sent me a warm smile and I motioned my hands at the boys, “those are my best mate Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.” She gave a shy smile. “nice to meet you she greeted and Niall walked closer to her to give her a hug but the moment he touched her, her face changed from happy-bubbly to absolutely terrified I mean about to pass out terrified. He immediately pulled back shocked at her reaction a tear slipped from her eye and I looked down at my grandma who gave me a ‘what did I tell you?!’ look and I felt like I was now obligated to do something. I wanted to help her.

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