Even If.

"You'd love me? Even if it's not you who I choose?" I whispered to him.
"Even if," he swore.


16. Twelve.

Song of the chapter: Falling in love at a coffee shop by Landon Pigg. Start playing when you see the # sign!


-Jack's POV ~

"You don't have to be afraid to say that to me, you know," I chuckled, trying to not scream out in triumph.

She loves me.

When those three words left her mouth, I was a goner. She was mine. I was hers.

"Yes I do, Jack," her voice shook.


"Because I love Finn too, and now I have no idea what to do," she quivered, biting her lip. Tears brimmed her eyes, threatening to spill at any moment.

It was like a slap in the face.

Imagine everything you've ever wanted, standing right in front of you. You can feel it, you can touch it, you can even hear it. Now imagine all of that being taken away from you, right in front of you, and you just have to sit and watch.

Okay. Minor setback.

Who cares if she loves my brother? She loves me too and I am not backing down now.

She is going to be mine. No doubt about it. I love her more than anything and she. will. be. mine.

"Jack, say something," she asked in a small, trembling voice, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, I'm sorry love, I was just plotting the way I'm going to win you over. No big deal," I smiled, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're not mad at me?" she questioned, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. I felt a pang in my chest. I love her so much.

"How could I be mad at you? I'd be incredibly stupid if I agreed to dating you while Finn is, thinking that I would be the only one you'd have feelings for. It sure doesn't feel the greatest, knowing that I have to share you, but I'll do it as long as I can have you. And I intend to keep you, so don't count me out just yet," I grinned, and she smiled.

"I wouldn't count you out in a million years," she grinned as I pulled her closer for a kiss.

"Um.. hello? Jackamo? Earth to Jack?"

I shook my head as the thoughts of her left my mind.

I looked ahead of me to see Finn across from me at the kitchen table with a raised eyebrow.

"Wait, what was the question?" I asked.

"How was yesterday?"

"Oh, it was awesome. We just hung out around her house, watched some Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, the works," I replied with a shrug. And we kissed and danced and I told her I love her and she said she loves me too.

"That's cool," Finn commented with his mouth full while eating his sand witch.

"What are you guys doing today?"

"I'm going to take her around the city. The snow let up and I was thinking we could window shop and visit that old cafe that we found awhile ago."

I nodded and plastered a smile on my face.

"Cool, have fun."


Beth's POV

"Zeus! Zeus! Slow down!" I giggled while racing down the street. The cold wind made my face cold and my cheeks and nose were bright red. Zeus kept tugging at the leash and my penny board kept lurching forward. I didn't even need to push because Zeus was running insanely fast.

"Alright, alright, sorry buddy, but we have to go inside," I laughed as I jumped off my board and started towards the front door to find Finn leaning against it with a grin on his face.

"Oh, hey! Finn!" I beamed and gave him a hug.

"Hey Beth," he smiled. I looked down at my watch to see that it was already one forty five.

"I'm so sorry! Time just got away from me and Zeus needed a walk, how long have you been standing there?" I rambled.

Finn chuckled. "Don't worry, not long. You look cute today," he said before planting a quick kiss on my lips.

"So do you. I'm just going to run Zeus inside and fill up his food and water and then we can go. Come on in," I smiled and invited him inside.

He leaned against the door frame with a smile as I hurried along and cared for Zeus. After he was taken care of, I grabbed my bag and looked up at Finn to see he was in the exact same position as he was when I first came in. He hadn't moved an inch. He just leaned against the door frame with a small smile on his face.

"What?" I blushed insecurely, "is my hair messed up or something?"

"No, it's perfect. I could just sit back and watch you do boring things all day. You're so cute and careful with everything you do, and I just love to watch it," he explained.

"Whatever floats your boat, honey pie. What are we doing today?"


Finn's POV


"Have I ever told you that you're insanely beautiful?"

"Only about a thousand times," she rolled her eyes and took a sip of her tea.

"Well I'm going to say it again. You're insanely beautiful," Finn smiled and drank my tea.

"How about we talk about something else," she smiled.

"Whatever floats your boat, honey pie." I grinned and picked at my muffin.

I couldn't resist smiling when I was with her.

Whenever I was with her, all I wanted was to figure out the things that made her tick. I wanted to know stupid things like what type of cereal was her favorite or what side of the bed she slept on or what was the last thing she thought about before bed and the first thing she thought about in the morning.

With every word she said and every step she took I fell deeper and deeper in love with her.

I love you I love you I love you.

Whenever I tried to come up with a word to describe what I was feeling, the only word that came to mind was love.

I love you.

Those three words had been causing me sleepless nights. All I wanted to do was tell her and hear the same thing coming back. I wanted to know that she felt the same way about me.

And now, here I was, sitting across the girl I love, not knowing how to tell her.

"Finn, I know this might sound kind of random, but I know that you like me and think I'm pretty and stuff but don't you think it's weird that I don't even know your favorite color or what language you studied in school?" she laughed, as if reading my mind.

I chuckled, "Blue and Spanish."

"Brown and French," she replied.

"Really? Brown?" I mocked.

"Don't judge! Brown is warm and cozy and the color of fall and the trees in the winter and I just love brown, okay!" she laughed defensively.

"Okay then! What's.... your favorite cereal?"

"Special K Strawberry Clusters," she answered automatically.

"What's your favorite kind of chocolate?" I fired at her.


"A quality that your boyfriend has to have?" I wiggled my eyebrows.

"Cheekiness," she began to laugh, her eyes scrunching together and my heart hurts because she's so adorable and I love her so much.

"Who was your favorite school teacher?"

"Mr. Bruner, my Greek Mythology teacher in college."

"You took Greek Mythology?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yep," she said, popping the P, "I first started reading Percy Jackson when I was a kid and from then on, I was hooked."

"What really makes you laugh?"

"Zeus, The Crew, and Tumblr."

"What is the best way to spend a Saturday?"

"Spending the day in and relaxing," she answered.

"What side of the bed do you sleep on?"

"The right side, because I'm always right," she grinned.

"Oh, really?" I teased.

"Definitely," she smiled back before leaning over the table and kissing me softly, but it was short and sweet because we were in public.

"What about you Finny?" she questioned.

"What about me?"

"What excites you about London?"

"It's always busy," I answered right away.

"What was your favorite animated movie as a kid?"

"Fox and the Hound."

"Would you rather have everything you've ever wanted but you'd never be able to fall in love or fall in love and have nothing?"

"Fall in love and have nothing," I answered wholeheartedly.

"If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?"


"That's not a country," she replied.

"I don't even care." I grinned.

"Favorite ice cream flavor?" she questions.

"Cookies and cream."

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"


"Favorite actor?" she fired back.

"Hugh Jackman."

"Favorite film?"

"Crazy, Stupid, Love."

"I love that movie!" she commented with a laugh.

"I think it's crazy how we already know so much about each other, yet we still have so much to learn."

"I'm willing to take the time," she smiled.


"Hello guys! So I know that Jack is usually the one making the videos, but I decided that it was high time that I made another one. AND LOOK I HAVE A GUEST." he shouted and I burst out laughing as I sat down in the shot.

"Wait, you're filming right now?" I asked and he nodded, "So that camera is literally on and filming right now?"

Finn laughed, "Yes, and now you have ruined the intro. Go sit in the corner, Beth."

I feigned sadness as I got up and sat down in the corner of the capsule while Finn shot a little bit of it with the camera.

"Okay, you can come back now," he laughed.

"Oh alright," I made my way into the camera shot and sat next to Finn.

"Introduce yourself," Finn instructed with sarcasm.

"Um... I'm Beth," I smiled and waved awkwardly and we both burst out laughing. Once we composed ourselves, we continued.

"So that's Beth. And we're on the London Eye, right now. Like seriously right now," Finn said and moved the camera to show the view we were seeing.

"And we just wanted to sit down and have a nice chat with you guys, because right now, funny things just keep on happening, so we wanted to capture them on film. So I'm literally just going to set the camera down and film what happens," Finn explained.

"Okay..... GO!" I shouted.

After Finn sat down from setting the camera down, we began to talk.

"Finn, going on this ride with you has made me realize a lot of things about myself," I told him with a serious face.

"Like what?"

"Like I'm kinda, sorta, a little bit afraid of heights now," I bit my lip and we started laughing.

"You know that probably would have been something good to mention beforehand," he said, trying to calm his laughter.

"Well I didn't know before now!" I defended, but couldn't stifle a laugh.

I promise you we were not drunk. We just couldn't stop laughing.

"Finn, I think now would be a fantastic time to tell the world how you got us a capsule all for ourselves, because I would really like to know that myself," I rested my chin on my clenched hand in sarcasm as I waited for him to tell.



"I gave the man 2 One Direction concert tickets," Finn said and we both started laughing.

I looked toward the camera, "So apparently, One Direction tickets can get you anything you want in the world, guys. This is already getting all kinds of interesting."

"Beth, what in the crap do you keep in your purse?" Finn asked, then elaborated to the camera, "Wherever we go, Beth brings this huge purse, and I've never seen what's in it."

"You really wanna see?"

"I really wanna see."

"Fine," I laughed and unzipped my bag. The contents were:

A box of pop tarts. A phone charger. 3 juggling balls. 2 tampons. My journal. My songwriting book. A chocolate bar. Headphones. My camera. My wallet. A banana. A pair of fuzzy hippo socks. A travel sized bottle of baby lotion. A small Tupperware container of kinetic sand.

"What's with the juggling balls?" Finn laughed.

"Honestly, I have no idea," I chuckled.


"I might get hungry!" I defended.

"Hippo socks?"

"Since we live in London, it rains a lot, and if I step through a bunch of puddles, my shoes get wet and my feet get cold!"

"Baby lotion?"

"Why do you think I always smell so fresh and clean?"

"Should I even ask about the sand?" he laughed.

"A viewer from America sent it to me... I think her name was Hanna? Anyways, this sand is called kinetic sand because it moves, and it's really therapeutic and fun to play with!" I defended and made him hold it.

"Okay, okay, I take all my jokes about this stuff back, it's insanely cool," he said sarcastically and I hit him on the arm.

"Don't judge me!"

We go on for the next twenty minutes with hilarious banter, until we're at the top and I pull Finn to the window so we can watch the snow.

"It's incredible! Look at it! The snow is so fluffy and light! It looks like the inside of a snow globe out there!"

Finn chuckled and then wrapped his arms around my waist, turning me to face him.

"You're adorable," he smiled into the kiss.

I ran my fingers through his hair while he pulled me closer, our lips moving in synch.

"I just can't take it anymore," he sighed after he broke off the kiss. He never released me; he kept my close, our lips centimeters away.

"What do you mean?" I asked him in small voice.

"I love you, Beth," he answered nervously, and I could feel his warm breath mingle with mine.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," I smiled, and he looked up and into my eyes.

"I know I shouldn't. I don't want to put you through even more, but I can't help it. I love you. I love you, and that doesn't mean you have to say it back. I just think that it's something you should know."

"But Finn, I love you too," I smiled up at him.

His eyes lit up and he grinned.


"Seriously. Don't act so surprised!" I teased.

"Me? You love me? Oh my gosh, say it again," he sighed happily before closing his eyes and leaning his forehead on mine.

"I love you, Finn," I chuckled.

He grinned and pulled me in for a hug. He ran his fingers through my hair and kept me close.

After he broke off the hug, he smiled into a kiss, whispering "I love you."

After awhile I broke off the kiss and we just stood there, his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck, our foreheads leaning on each other's, our eyes staring into each other's.

I broke off the silence,

"That is so not going in the video, Harries," I muttered, and he smiled.


Author's note:


I have a funny story. Ready to hear it? Okay, so I get most of my writing done on Friday nights. I steal my Dad's laptop and write while I'm laying down in my bed, sometimes till late. But my door doesn't have a lock, and while I was writing this chapter, I thought I heard a noise, and I didn't want to get caught, so I closed the laptop and shoved it under my blanket with me and pretended I was asleep. Apparently I was just imagining things, because my mom or dad weren't coming in to check on me, but I was so tired, and I ended up falling asleep, cuddling my dad's big old laptop. No joke. So that's why this chapter took awhile:) haha


Both boys have confessed their love, and Beth reciprocated it both times...

So what happens now?




*cyber hug*



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