Even If.

"You'd love me? Even if it's not you who I choose?" I whispered to him.
"Even if," he swore.


8. Six point five.

Whenever I look at Finn, one word automatically comes to mind.


Wait, make that two words.

Freaking adorable.

Make that three words.

Freaking insanely adorable.

Finn took me around a ton of shops, some were the usual bookstore or a clothing store, but we also found ourselves in the midst of hat shops, perfumists, and even a store selling strictly ribbons, until now when Finn and I strolled out of Freed of London, a store for ballet shoes, with goofy grins on our faces and bags in hand.

"I can't believe you didn't get any, Finn," I teased.

"I can't either. Believe it or not, ballet is my passion," he replied. I tried to keep a straight face as we kept the banter going.

"That doesn't surprise me. You know, when I first saw you, the first thought in my mind was, 'That boy right there would make an awesome ballet dancer'" I laughed.

"I'm glad. That's a good message to send off to people at their first glance. I'm surprised you didn't get any shoes either, considering you are indeed a prima ballerina."

"Yeah, sure," I smiled, "when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina so bad."


"Yeah, like every other girl in my year. It's a girl thing, I guess."

"Yeah, what's with that?" Finn asked.

"I have no clue," I laughed, "but I would spend hours waiting outside the doors of a ballet company near my home, watching the dancers through the front window. I would try and recreate the moves they were doing, and I would even make up little performances, my stuffed animals being the audience," I laughed slightly, smiling at the memory.

"What stopped you?" he questioned.

"A list of things. Money was a concern, and also the fact that I'm an unfixable klutz," I reminded him.

"So what happened?" he asked.

"I just gave it up. I switched to a new dream."

"What is your new dream?"

"I want people to hear my music. I don't want to be world famous, of course, but I would love to inspire at least a couple of people," I said.

"I think you've already done that," he reminded me.

I smiled at the ground as we walked, not saying anything back. Not needing to.

We walked further, with no intended destination, but simply with the intent of enjoying each other's company.

And then I felt a raindrop.

"Did you feel that?" I stopped.

"No, what?" he asked. I waited until one fell directly on his eye. We both started laughing as he started rubbing his eye.

"Yeah, I felt that," he grinned.

The rain started falling more regularly, at a faster and more profound pace.

"Come on!" I said and grabbed his hand, pulling him through the backstreets of Soho in search of a cool place to hide from the rain.

I had no idea where I was heading and neither did Finn, but it was an adventure. I left the deciding part to my heart as I turned corners and ran around with Finn in tow behind me.

Until we finally got there and it instanly felt right to go in.

It was a cozy little cafe with the name Perks boasted on the front window.

"Whoa, I've never seen this place before," Finn observed, which is a pretty big deal, as Finn practically lives in cute cafes and could go on a diet of just tea for a whole week, he told me himself. He's been everywhere.

"I haven't either," I said.

"How'd you know it was here?"

"I don't know," I shrugged and we ran inside, which was pointless, as we were already soaked.

We walked in hand and hand and took one look at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter. We were a mess.

I was surprised that Finn wasn't the slightest bit phased at the fact that his nice clothes were ruined, as he looked very well put together. He was wearing dark black chinos with a blue and white button up and a cropped grey trench coat with black converse.

I was wearing caramel colored jeans and a brown and white plaid button down- buttoned all the way to the top- with a faded green sweater over it and a trench coat of my own. I accessorized with a long gold locket and brown combat boots, with a large, slouchy, brown leather bag. 

I excused myself to the toilet as Finn went to find a seat.

Once I got in the washroom, I sighed as I looked into my reflection. My hair used to be in a messy braid to the side, but it looked like a mess, so I undid it and combed it out with my fingers. I touched up my makeup real fast, took a quick trip to the loo, and was back out, searching for Finny. I spotted him at a booth in the corner, and he smiled as we locked eyes and I began walking toward him. 

"This is a nice seat," I commented with a smile as I sat down across Finn.

"I know. This cafe is mental," he remarked. I looked around. It really was insane. Picture in your mind the epidomy of a quaint little cafe, and this would be it. 

The whole place just seemed so warm. There were dark brown and deep red accents evident all around the cafe, and the booths were simple brown wood with brown leather cusions. 

I loved it, 

"It is," I agreed, "I can't believe we found it."

"I can already tell that this place is going to be special," Finn said, looking into my eyes, making me blush. But the thing was, I knew exactly what he was meaning by that, and he didn't even have to explain it further.

There was this feeling in the cafe that was indescribable. It was everywhere around me, in the air, in the smell of coffee, and especially when I looked at Finn. Finn made the feeling intensify by 10000% whenever he looked at me, or smiled, or chuckled at one of my silly jokes.

A waitress came over to our table who looked about in her thirties, her nametag indicating her name was Rose. 

"What a storm, huh?" she asked.

"It's crazy. We came in here to try and wait it out," Finn explained.

"You kids might be here all night then, if that's the case," she laughed, "can I get you something?"

"A cup of tea, please," Finn and I said in unison. He looked over to me and winked, causing my cheeks to redden immidietly. 

"I'll be right back with that," she smiled.


I looked out the window next to us and watched the rain fall steadily against the pavement. The sound of the beat of the drops against the street was muffled as we were inside, but it was still evident, and I listened to it closely and was comforted by the familiar music of it. I closed my eyes for a second and just listened to it with a softened expression on my face, and I was completely and utterly content, which hasn't been the case for me in a long time.

"Beautiful," Finn muttered softly, almost inaudibly.

"It's gorgeous," I smiled back.

"I wasn't talking about the rain."


Two hours and three cups of tea later, and it was still raining, but I didn't care at all.

"Favorite movie?" Finn asked with a small smile, showing that he was as content with me as I was with him.

"That's like my least favorite question. There are so many!" I said and earned a small chuckle from him, "if I had to pick a couple, I would pick 500 Days of Summer, You've Got Mail, or Crazy, Stupid, Love."


"Is that hard to see?" I grinned, repeating what I had said earlier today.

"I wouldn't expect you to like romantic comedies, if I just had one glance at you, I would not think, "Man, she seems really into romantic comedies."" he laughed.

"Why?" I questioned curiously.

"You're always so funny and you are incredibly tough, so I would expect you to like comedy or an action movie," he explained.

"Everyone says I'm tough, and I don't see it! Please explain this to me!" I laughed.

"I don't even know why, but I just look at you and can tell that you have been through a lot, yet you stay so positive, but at the same time, when I first met you, I knew there is a lot more to you than what you show everyone. That's why I wanted to go out with you. I wanted to learn what else there is to you."

"Was that request successful?"

"Irrevocably," he grinned, making my heart melt. 

Ugh, his smile will be the death of me.

"Okay, how about this, what's something about you that not many people know about?" I asked. He sat back and put on a concentrating face to think about it.

"Oh!" He sat back up with a grin, "I got one!" 

"Tell me," I laughed.

"You see this tooth right here?" He points to his front tooth.

"Um.. Yeah?" I replied, trying to not make evident that I'm admiring his perfect white teeth.

"It's fake," he said.

"No way!" I said and looked at it more closely.

"You can't really tell, but I got it because I knocked the real one out while playing sports."

"That's insane," I laughed.

"What about you?" He asked. 

"Hmm... I read War and Peace when I was in the 9th year," I replied.

"What?! Did you understand it?" 

"Completely, and it sucked," I told him truthfully, earning a laugh.

"What else?"

"I can do a backflip," I revealed.

"No way!"

"Yep. When I got to college and moved out, I decided to take up gymnastics to stay healthy."

"You have to show me that sometime," he smiled.

"I will," I beamed. 

"Man, I don't think this rain will ever let up," Finn said exasperated, gesturing out the window to the rain that never ceased. I looked at my phone to see that it was 9 o clock.

"Let's just run really fast through it," I suggested.

"You sure?" He asked. 

"Let's go," I grinned.

He left a 20$ bill on the table and grabbed my hand. We ran outside and into the rain in a fit of laughter.

"May I have this dance?" He smiled cheekily and held out his hand.

"Why of course," I curtsied and grabbed his hand.

As you already know, I'm not a good dancer.

But neither is Finn.

So we danced badly together in the rain.

He twirled me around and we slow danced like we invented it, and we laughed like we were the only people in London and no one could hear us.

There was this one move we did where he extended his arm and I twirled out, extended my arm, an twirled back in so his arm landed around my waist. We were dangerously close, our lips a few inches from touching. I looked up at him to see he wore the same look on his face as was on mine.

Pure want.

He wanted me and I wanted him and I couldn't even feel the rain on my back anymore; all I could feel was the want that we both felt. 

I remembered what I told Zoe about me not wanting to kiss on the first date, and I shut it out along with the rest of the world around me. 

It was just him and me.

He tucked a peice of my hair behind my ears and looked me in the eyes as if asking for permission, and I looked at him as if saying yes.

He inched closer to me little by little, his hands on my face until I could finally feel his lips on mine. 

The kiss started slowly and smooth, and I managed to keep my lips soft, melty, and slightly open, just like Zoe's magazine had instructed, but my mind was begging me to just let go, so I did. 

I forgot about any instructions and basically everything and I lost myself in the kiss. I locked my arms around his neck and ran my fingers up the small of his neck, and I could swear I felt him shiver.

I could have stayed like that forever and had not minded, but it had to end somehere.

He gently broke it off, and all we could do was grin at each other.

He grabbed my hand and we ran together through puddles and all the way back to his car. Like the gentleman he is, he planted a kiss on my forehead and opened my door for me. I slid into his car as he ran around and sat himself into the driver's seat. 

We looked at each other and laughed. 

We weren't soaked.

We were drenched.

"There's nothing like the London rain," Finn smiled as he started the car.

There really isn't.


"I had an amazing time," I told him as we stood at my front door.

"I did too," he grinned. I enveloped him in a hug, but before we broke it off, he was about to place a kiss on my lips, but he turned and kissed me cheek.

"What a tease," I whispered and he laughed. 

"I'll see you later," he said and walke away, leaving me wanting so much more, which was probably his goal. I walked into my house, shut the door, and pressed my back against it, replaying the events of today in my head. 


I snapped out of my thoughts to remember that I asked Zoe to watch Zeus today, not wanting him to get too lonely. 

"Hi," I said dreamily, thinking of Finn.

"You totally kissed him, didn't you?" She asked eagerly. I nodded and she squealed.

"Tell me everything!" She said, and I relayed the whole day to her.

"Ugh, how did you get so lucky?" She sighed dreamily once I finished, and I couldn't even think of an answer.

How did I get so lucky?

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