My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


7. Twitter account.

The next mornin'  you wake up and you turn around, but niall isn't there lying next you. Then you hear niall singing teenage dirtbag, but he changed up the words a bit. "Her name is (Y/N), I have a dream about her, she rings my bell..." , You hear niall sing. You get up and open the bathroom to see niall doing his hair."I heard your little song... " you say with a smile. "hehe, yeahh..." Niall said shyly. "Well are you finished, 'cause i need to get ready for meh babe" you say while shoving him out you take a short shower. You get out and change into your clothes you had on before you went outside and got a new outfit. You put on some light denim shorts and a loose tank top with a mustache on it, you didn't really want to put on make up so you just applied foundation and curled your lashes. You then put your hair up into a high ponytail. You got out of the restroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen.You saw the boys eating cereal."Good mornin' guyses!!" you say while walking into the kitchen. "Hi" They all say. You go serve yourself  some special K and sit down and eat with the boys. When you guys  finished eating you guys all go to the living room. "so (Y/N) when are you gonna make your twitter account for ME??" louis asked. "I think now" you said while standing up.You got your laptop and sat down by Louis so he could teach you how to use it. You really didn't like twitter, you just didn't really care about all of those online account website thingies. Louis grabbed the laptop from you and began, he filled in the things he knew, and then he gave it to you to fill it out. Once you were finished you picked your name, you ended up picking "@yournamexox:)". I know it's weird but wateves, you thought, it's not like people are gonna look at my account. You did that little paragraph about you, and you finally finish."So what's gonna be your first tweet?" Liam asked. "Wait, I need to get the app on my phone so I could upload a photo from there." you say while pulling your phone out of your pocket."Wait give it to me!!" Zayn said while he took your phone away from you. Five minuets later you ended up having a kik, a voxer , a vine and a twitter app, oh and a snapchat. You logged onto twitter on your phone and added a photo of yourself as your profile pic. "Now i'm going to tweet the best person in the world.....AUSTIN MAHONE!!!!" you scream. All of the boys have a 'really?' look on their face '' I was just playing, the best person in the world is......... HARREHHH!!!!!!'' you yell. Harry looks confused and so do all the other boys. You then tweeted harry " OMN!! HARREEHH!!! I want your gravy!!!", you just tweeted it so he could get happy and laugh."Okay, go look at your thing" you tell him. Harry looks at his phone and when he looks up with wide eyes and  looks awkward. " I was playing''  you say. " Nope, you really want my gravy with mashed potatoes, 'cause i'm  boss at cooking!!!" Harry said. And then everyone bursted into laughter because you guys thought he was being for real. You felt your phone vibrate, you grab it and see harry replied '' wow (Y/N), know you look like a psycho". You laughed at his reply. Then you replied " Maybe i am a psycho >:)". You went back to your profile and saw you had 5 followers, and those 5 followers were......... THE WANTED, lol JK ,  ONE DIRECTION.But the the page reloaded and you had 200, and then 459, and then 632. and then your phone vibrated, you looked and you saw niall tweeted about you he said " everybody, please follow my bffl, (Y/N), she's knew to twitter'' You looked up from your phone and smiled at Niall."Okay, now i regret agreeing to get a twitter, especially since you guys are my friends" You say."Shuddup!!!" Louis yelled at you. "Fine then, LEWISSSS" you say. "How dare you?!?!'' louis says while shaking his head. " You were named after the toilet, LOU"you say. "That's it!!!" Louis yelled while going to you, out of a sudden he starts tickeling you and you can't breathe. " I. need. my. in. haler" you say and then Louis stops. You run to your bathroom and  breathe in the gas. And then you run back down. "You should've told me you have asthma" Louis said. "It's not a big deal, i just need it when I exercise or lose my breathe" you say. "So what do you guys wanna do?" you say. "I think i'm gonna face time with Perrie" Zayn said and he got up to leave. " We could go in my pool?" you suggest. Then all of the boys smile big. "Let's go get ready!!" Harry yells. And you all race up stairs to change.

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