My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


8. Pool!!! (:

You changed into one piece vintagey bathing suit. It was red and had small ruffles on the bottom building up to a small skirt covering your butt. You grabbed your ariel towel and went outside to see the boys already in the pool. "Heyy gurrll haii!!!" Louis yelled to you when you went outside. ''Holllaa!!!" you said. "Get in the pool!!" Zayn said. "Okay" you say and walk over to the pool. You dip your foot into the water, you wasn't that cold so you just jumped in and swam over to Niall."Dayum, gurl i really wanna kiss you" niall whispered to you."I know, me too'' you say while lightly stroking his toned abs. Then you swim over to harry. "Heyyyy hazzaboy!!" you say while swimming up to him. "Hai gurl, hai!!" he says. "so you're not mad at me, right?'' you question just to make sure. "No,you're my bffl, why would i??" he says in a girly tone. "Well, what I said to you, i mean it would hurt my feelings if i were you, I'm sorry" you say. "It's okay love" he says.You hug him, you could tell he was confused at first 'cause he didn't hug back, but then he was like 'ohhh' and hugged you back. "OKAY!!!! LET"S PLAY THE COLOR GAME!!!" Louis yelled. (For those of you who don't know of the color game,  GOOGLE IT!!, and when i say google, i mean google, not bing or ask, GOOGLE!!!!)"I'll be it!!'' Liam yelled and went and stood outside of the pool(oh and the pool is in the floor). You picked the color cyan, so you wouldn't get picked. Liam started calling out colors, "Orange, purple, green, ble, burgendy, cyan". 'uh-oh' you thought. You slowly swam to the other side, but must've made a noise 'cause Liam turned around and dived in. He grabbed you and you went outside. "Yellow, orange, red , purple, blue" you stopped and turned around and saw niall barely swimming to the other side. You dived into the water and got him out. when you guys were swimming back niall whispered something to you, " I liked when you were it, the view was perfect". You playfully punched him and went with the boys. You guys played for a few more rounds, but then you all got tired and decided to go into the Jacuzzi. "Let's play truth or dare!!" Zayn yelled. Everyone agreed and yerppp. "Okay,  Liam truth or dare?" zayn asked. "Truth" Liam replied. "Is it true that you once thought a guy was a girl from behind?"Zayn asked. "I never thought that'' liam said. "lies, everybody has thought that" Louis said. "Fine then louis, truth or dare?" Liam asked him. "COME AT ME BRO!! DARE!!''Louis said. "I dare you, to lick (Y/N)'s cheek" Liam said."I'm sorry love, but i have to" Louis said and then he licked your face. But as soon as his tounge left your cheek, you wiped off his siliva. "EWWW!!'' you yelled out. "Okay, (Y/N), truth or dare??"Louis asked. "umm, dare" you say. "I dare you to kiss Niall." Louis said. "REALLY??!?!?....... whatever it's just a game''  you say and quickly peck niall's lips." ohhhhhhh" all the boys said in chorus. "Okay, I'm gonna go inside" you say and go inside to your room to take shower.

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