My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.



 I awoke from my slumber when i heard a fart .-. I propped myself  on my elbows.I looked down at Niall lying down with pink flushed cheeks. "Hehe, umm sorry for waking you up with my farting noises... i'm quite a loud farter" Niall says and sits up with you. "It wasn't  the sound, it was just smelled" you confessed,"Thank God you didn't think of putting it in our moment". "ERRMMERRGGUURRDD!!! that would've been great considering my farts are all so graceful" Niall says and inhales lots of his fart smell polluting your room. "NEVER IN YOU"RE WILDEST DREAMS, you're farts are graceful." you says and give him a cheesy smile. "Wow (Y/N)... YOU"RE SOOOO CHESSEH" Niall says and grabs you're face and gives you a hard kiss. "okkayy.. imma get ready" you say and go up to you're drawers. You grab a long sleeve white knitted shirt with a light pastel pink heart and then some pink suede sort of pants. You run into the bathroom , you take a quick body shower. Afterwards you change into you're outfit. You go into your room to do your makeup and see Niall lying in the bed on his phone."NIALL!!" you yell causing him to finally take his eyes off his phone "Oh, umm, hai" Niall says and locks his phone."Aren't you gonna get ready??!!'' you question him and make a 'duh' face. "I am" Niall says and makes a 'duh' face back at  you while pulling the blanket of himself. "Oh okay, well you wanna go out to eat?"you ask Niall while sitting down next to him on the bed. "Okay lesta' go!!' niall says and stands up. You and niall go to the car, Niall decides he wants to take you to this small cafe sort of place so he drives. You finally arrive at the place, it's called 'Loud Coffee', which makes you a bit confused. "Is this cafe bipolar??" you ask niall as he puts the car in park. "errmm... not sure if it's possible" Niall responds, "You'll love it I promise, now lets go" He says and you two get off the car into the cafe. Inside it's very dim, all of the room is colored bergundy, except for one coner where it's lit by a spotlight and the wall was painted a light lavender. The place was quite crowded due to the fact it was small place there was only about 15 small round tables and like 3 or 4 couches in a little lounge like place. Only 8 tables were filled and 3 people were at the couches. You just followed niall to a small table bye where the spotlighted corner was. "What do you want babe?'' Niall asks you as you sit down. "I think a cinnimon roll and a hot choclate" You say and smile widely ate niall. "Such a grown up decision... I think I'll get the same, so i'll go order be right back" Niall says and goes to the ordering counter. He came back with our breakfast and a sheet of paper. Once he reached the table he set down your food and while giving you your food he also gave you the sheet of paper, it had a number 1 printed on it. ''What is this??" you ask and pick up the paper. "Well anyone who comes gets a number and they have to go up on the stage and sing' Niall confessed. "So you're gonna sing" you say and hold out the paper to him. "No child, you're gonna sing"Niall says.''Okay, but i'm gonna make everybody's ears die" You say. You were about to take you're first bite from your pastry, but then you heard them announce that the singing was starting and person 1 had to go to the stage, so you had to go. Awkwardly you got up and headed over to the stage, you felt you're face get hot."Hi, I'm (Y/N), and I will be singing tea and Toast by Lucy spraggan" You say to the crowd of like 27 people. You began to sing "Tom was born in 1942, with eyes of blue and the doctor said his birth was far too fast...his heart stop twice but yet he survived, as he took his first breath, his mother took her last..." you sang the whole song and midway through the song you felt normal as if yo were singing alone, soon you finished the song and everyone was applauding. "Thank you" you say before leaving the stage. You go back to niall and see his eyes are teary. "Wow Niall, you are very emotional" You say and sit down again "Shut up, i'm just alergic to um these flowers" Niall says and touches the flowers at your table. "They're P-L-A-S-T-I-C" you say slowly to make sure niall understands you. "Okay, I may start being the girl in this relationship" Niall admits. "Whatever, I'm hungry" you say and eat your food, once finished you get p and through away yours and Niall's cups and niall follows behind you as you o out to the car.

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