My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


12. 4 more days :(

We got home and I took a shower and changed into some PJ's. i grabbed my dirty clothes and went into my room. I saw Niall sliding on a pair of  new sweatpants. He turned around and saw you. "Oh, hey"He said awkwardly. "Um, Hi"You say and go to hug him. "Did you see my butt?"he asks. "Nope"you reply and peck his lips."Now give me your dirty clothes,I gonna wash some clothes" You tell him."I'll wash it"Niall says and grabs your dirty clothes and his."Wait we have to get the boys clothes too"You say as he starts heading down to the garage. You help him take the boys' dirty close down to the garage and you guys sort out the clothes there."Ok so you put this in here"he said while pouring some soap in the machine."Now the clothes" he says and put the clothes in, "now how do you turn this thing on".You couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing."What?!?!?!" Niall says with a awkward face. "That's. not. the . washer"You say inbetween laughs."What do you mean?" Niall asks. You finally calm yourself and talk normally and say, "It's the dryer, just let me do it". You put in the load to the washer and go back into your room with Niall."I'm not sleepy..."you say and pout your lip at Niall while he guides you to your bed. "What do you wanna do?" Niall asks you. "Let's have a guitar battle" you say and grab your guitar from your closet. "I go first" you say. You begin to play Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson. But you changed it up so the she's were he's and brown was blue. After you sand niall clapped for you and you handed him your guitar. "Come at me bro" you say. He then begins playing Hello beautiful by The Jonas Brothers. His voice is so angelic that it started making you sleepy but yourself to stay up. He finally finished his song and you clapped for him and got your guitar. This time you played Perfect two by Auburn. But midway through you stopped and started dozing off .Niall grabbed the guitar and set down in the corner. "Good night my darlin'" was all you heard before shutting your eyes and leaving to the wonderful land of dreams.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next day you wake up to the same angelic voice you were listening to yesterday. You fully opened your eyes to see niall singing softly to you while running his fingers through your hair. He finishes his song and your still looking at him and smile. "Good morning Princess" Niall says and places a small kiss on your temple. "Good morning Ni" you say and place a kiss on his cheek. You get up and head to the bathroom. You brush your hair and make a sock bun. Then you brush your teeth and go back inside the room. You went into your closet( it was a small walk in closet) and grabbed your stripped overalls and a plain light pink t shirt to put under. You changed into you out fit and grabbed you sparkly toms to put on. You went down stairs where all of the boys were waiting for you. "(Y/N) were hungryyy..." They all say. "Well lets go eat" You say and all the boys run up stairs to grab their shoes.You all load up into the van and decide to go to Jack in the Box. You guys ate and then afterwards went to a close by park. the boys all ran to the playground except for you and Liam, you both sat on a bench watching them. You weren't in the mood to play you were still thinking about how miserable you were gonna be once all of the boys leave and liam must've noticed. "What's wrong love?" he asks causing you to leave your own world and back to reality. "Nothing it's just it's not gonna be the same.."You say and look down. "What's not gonna be the same?" he asks. "When you guys are gone, i mean you guys have only been with me for a week , but i already grew used to you and i don't want you to leave." You say and start tearing up a bit. "It's okay love, maybe on our free days we'll come visit you and you can also come visit us for a while too, everything is going to turn out fine. We'll be back in no time" Liam says and hugs you. "Thanks Liam, shall we go with the boys" you ask and then wipe your tears and stand up. "We shall" he says and you two skip to the boys -TIME SKIP :3- It's now 3:30 PM and you guys just returned home. As soon as you got into the house all of the boys except for Niall started racing up to their rooms. "What's happening?'' you ask Niall as the all come back down with their suitcases. "Their gonna go visit their families and girlfriends before we go on tour" Niall says. Then all of the boys hug you and niall. "Bye guys, have fun!!!" Liam says before exciting. "But not too much!!" Harry shouts out before the doors close. "Aren't you gonna visit your family?" you ask as you guys head up to your room."Nope, the first concert is in Ireland, so I'll visit them then." Niall says while closing the door to your room."so what you wanna do?" Niall asks you while hugging you from behind. "I don't know" you say and turn around to face him. You look into his eyes and he does too, and the You both lean in and your two lips meet each others. You continue kissing and then you feel niall undo your overall straps, but the short parts stay up. You didn't want to keep going, but then you didn't want to stop and upset niall. Then your phone rang and you pulled away. You grabbed your phone and answered, it was your cousin. '' Hey (Y/N) I was wondering if  maybe you could babysit the twins tomorrow, I will pay you?" she asks. "Sure!! make sure to pack their bathing suits."You say. "Okay well then see you tomorrow, bye!'' she says. "Bye" You say and hang up your phone. You fixed your straps and walk back over to Niall. "Now where were we" Niall says and is about to kiss you again, but up push his chest and he looks at you confused. "What babe?" Niall asks. "You know how i felt about my first kiss, i'm not ready. I'm sorry" you say and peck his lips. "It's okay, so who's coming tomorrow?'' Niall asks. "Oh my cousins 3 year old twins, their so cute your gonna love them!" you say and do a little happy dance. "Okay but I'm hungryyyyy......" Niall says and pouts. "Let's go out to eat and then to the groceries" You say. You go to eat and then go to wal mart and get home at around 9. You guys both change once you get home and get your beauty sleep, not that your already gorgeous. :3

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