My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


13. 3 days left :''(

You woke up and saw that niall was still asleep. You slowly got up and went to the bathroom And freshened up. You went back into your room and Niall wasn't there. You went downstairs and saw niall opening the door, it was your cousin and her kids. "Hi" you say and hug her. "Hey (Y/N)" she says while letting go of you. "Hi" her three year old twins, Jullien and Ganice (ja-niece) say. "That's one shirection!!!" Ganice says and runs up to Niall and hugs his legs. "Oh yeah this is my boyfriend, Niall"you say to your cousin and they shake hands. "Ok well i have to go" she says while handing you their backpack and leaving. You get jullien and bring him inside. "Hi guys" you say and hug ganice and jullien. As soon as you let go of ganice she runs over to Niall. "Hi Niall" she says and hugs him and then niall picks her up. "Hi" he says back. "I love One Shirection" she tells him "Sing one way or another " you tell her. "One way or 'nother, im gonna getcha getcha getcha, one way or 'nother. Na na na na na" She sings and after wards niall claps. "Do you like one direction?" you ask Jullien as you carry him. "Me no, they ugly" He says. "NO! " Ganice yells to him and sticks out her tounge. "No thier not ugly,your ugly" you tell him jokingly. "No me, me pretty" He says. "One Shirection pretty too!!" Ganice yells at him. "Okayyy" he says and looks at her mean.  "How does she know all of this?" Niall asks you . "Well, um i used to take care of them a lot, hehe" you say and set jullien down. "So I'm gonna change and then i'll come back, so watch them ok" You tell niall and he nods. You go into your room and change into your bikini and go back downstairs. "Why you in you kini?" Jullien asks. "You don't wanna swim" you tell him while grabbing their bag. "Yay!!'' the twins scream. "Im gonna change" Niall says and goes to the room. You change Ganice into her Ariel swimsuit and Jullien into his Avengers swimming trunks. Then niall comes down in only some swimming trunks and you bite your lip. You put sunscreen on everyone, including niall , grab some towels and head out to the pool. "You go over here in the baby pool" You say as you put them into the jacuzzi. "No it's the 'cuzzi" Ganiese. "Okay, you have to stay in there okay, here your toys" you say and give them barbies, action figures, and small buckets. "Now we go in  here" Niall says before grabbing you and jumping into the pool whilst in his arms. You swim back up to the surface of water and so does niall and then you playfully punch him. "OW!" he says like in Heart Attack. "You're giving me a heart attack" you say "Geddin ova you" you hear Ganise sing. "Wow you are good at singing" Niall  swims over by the jacuzzi. "Noo she bad" Jullien says. "You sing jullien" you  tell  him. "Otay ..... I catch a garnade fo yah  ohhh" he sings and you and Niall clap. "You guys are like better than me" Niall says and pretends to be bad at singing. "It's cause you bad at singing" Jullien says after him and Ganise stopped laughing. You then splash some water in his face and he pushes you. "Hey why you hit her?" Niall says. "Cause i gots  muscles" Jullien says and shows of his muscles. "Wow you have more than me" Niall says and shows off his muscles. "Lemme take a photo" you say and take a photo. The day goes on and you have gotten out of the pool and you were all watching t.v  and it was just you and Niall since the kids left already. "I Love you " Niall says and hugs you. " Why u so love dovey?" you say and make the meme face. "Shuddup" Niall says and pushes you away and crosses his arms. '' I'm sorry you say and hug him. "EWWW stop!" Niall  says girly and trys to squirm out of your arms. "I won't let go until you forgive me" You say. " I forgive you" He says and hugs you. "I love you so much, i can't imagine myself without you" You say and begin crying. "About that....." Niall says                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Heyyy girllieesss well sorry i havent uploaded any new chapters its cause its my first year of middle school im a 7th grader!! AKA a scrub :3 well yeaahh and yupp sorry about that im such a fegget. kk bye!! :)


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