Love in the air (One Direction and little mix fanfic)

Hope was the fifth member of little mix there's Jesy,Jade,Leigh-Anne and Perrie we finally meet Perries new boyfriend but never told us one thing he was in one direction Perrie knew I was a directioner


4. Why do they care?

We got home from Nandos, it was all right but when they dropped us off all of Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and our manger was waiting for me

"Where were u?"Perrie asked

"Shopping with 1D well besides Zayn"I told Perrie, they all looked mad 

"YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HANG OUT WITH THEM!" our manger Dave yelled 

"Why?"I asked 

"Cause we already got Perrie dating Zayn"Dave told me 

"Liam asked u out. Didn't he?" Leigh-Anne asked 

"Girls we shouldn't be mad, love is love u cant control it"Jade said and i hugged her 

"Did he or did he not?"Dave asked 

"Yes he did"I said, blushing slightly 

"I'm happy for u"Perrie, Jade, and Leigh-Anne said

"Thanks, so, who's up for some shopping?" I asked. Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne ran out the door 

"I'm staying"Dave said, busy doing something on his iPhone.

 I ran out the door with the girls "Maybe the boys would like to join us"Perrie said. The girls smiled 

"Ya u text them"Jade said to Perrie. she texted, the boys responded right away "sure meet u there"

 "Lets go"Jade said 

1 hour later

"Hey Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Hope"Niall said

"Hi"we all said 

"Lets go to Aeropostale"Jade said

"Sure"Perrie said, walking towards the store and we followed

"Hey Hope"Liam walked by me

"Hey Liam"I said 

"Who wants to go to Starbucks?"Zayn asked 

"I do" All of us said. I looked at everyone and noticed Louis and Kayla were holding hands, Niall and Harry had girlfriends too. Harry was dating Leigh-Anne and  Niall was with Jade. 

"Okay I want to sit by Hope"Liam said as we walked in 

"Fine"Harry said then he walked off somewhere else in Starbucks with Leigh-Anne. Niall, Zayn and Louis did the same with there girls. It was just me and Liam "So Hope wanna get some coffee"Liam asked 

"Sure"I tried for the calm and smooth kind of voice but it came out high and odd. Liam just laughed. I felt my face get hot. Im sure I was as red as a tomato. 

 "What would you like?"Liam asked 

"Doesn't matter. Would you just get me what ever you're getting" I told Liam

"Okay sounds good"Liam said. He than walked up to the counter. Simon Cowell came out of no where and walked up to me "Hello"He said 

"Hi Simon"I said 

"Get the girls, please."Simon said. 

I walked up to Leigh"Leigh-Anne we gotta talk to Simon, help me get the rest of the girls"I said.

 Leigh-Anne got up to get Perrie and I went were Jade was "Jade we gotta take to Simon, I'll go  get Jesy"I said 

"sure"Jade said and walked over towards Simon 

"Jesy come on. Simon is waiting." I said and she got up and walked towards Simon, I followed.

"Okay girls"Simon said, "You get to have a movie" we all looked at each other. 

"Seriously?"I asked

"I'm serious"Simon said 

"Wow" was all Perrie said 

"Hope I've got a question for you"Simon said. I gulped, "Are u dating Liam?"Simon asked

"He asked me on a date, so yeah, i guess."I said

"Okay so girls tomorrow head to Little Mix world" Simon said and walked away 

"Wow, we get a movie!" Perrie said surprised.

"Can we go home?"Leigh-Anne asked

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