Love in the air (One Direction and little mix fanfic)

Hope was the fifth member of little mix there's Jesy,Jade,Leigh-Anne and Perrie we finally meet Perries new boyfriend but never told us one thing he was in one direction Perrie knew I was a directioner


5. 6th member

"We need a 6th member in little mix" Our manger said "Why do we need a 6th member? we already got 5" I said "It would be better" "That sounds like a great idea when are we gotta get one" Perrie smiled "You girls will hold a contest and see who you think who should win" He smiled "Ok sounds great " Jade said "It starts tomorrow so come early" Our manger said "Ok can we leave now?" I asked "Yes go" Our Manger said as he walked away "This is gonna be fun!" Leigh-Anne said "Yea well see yea girls tomorrow" I said and walked to my car "Hello babe" Liam smiled "Hey.....Liam!" I hugged Liam "I missed you babe" Liam smiled again.........
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