My Beautiful Friend

I am Louis Tomlinson's little sister Melanie. This is what happens when I fall for my best friend Harry Styles.


5. Ch. 5

I slowly woke up. The smell of Harry filled my nose, it reminded me of the events of the night. A slow tear rolled down my cheeks. I could hear two low voices outside of the door. 

"Is she awake?" I heard Louis asked.

"I don't know, why do you care all of a sudden? You know that until El came along the three of us got along just fine. Mel knew right away, I caught on quickly. You've changed Lou. You pushed us away. Now look what happened. What if I didn't show up? She could be lying dead on the ground in my fucking bathroom because you are too bloody blind, and stupid to see the Eleanor is a heartless bitch that is using you." Harry hissed.

"No, Mel fucked up. El and I love each other. Melanie is just jealous." Louis shot back. 

"Exactly Louis! You are choosing you girlfriend over your family! Louis can you please leave." Harry said the last part in a small voice. A few minutes later his front door slammed shut. I heard the door open. I was already sitting up. Tears slowly stained my red cheeks. Harry silently walked over. I moved over and he climbed in next to me. His hair fell in his face. I carefully pushed them away. I saw a tear slip from his eye. I wiped it away. 

"Don't... please don't cry Haz." I whispered. He looked into my eyes. His were a vibrant green and full of tears.

"Don't ask that of me Mel... How can I not? I walked in on my best friend, my little sister cutting. Cutting because she couldn't talk to me. I was so helpless. What if you died. What if I wasn't there. I would be so lost Mel. You're my best friend, and you didn't talk to me. Why Mel, do I mean that little to you." He said. Pain, helplessness, hurt seethed from his tone. 

"It's because you mean everything to me. I just didn't want to hurt you." I whispered. He pulled me close. 

"Ok now why? Why do it?" He asked quietly.

"Because everyone is right. I'm nothing, I'm fat, stupid, ugly. Like the guy I am in love with will never love me back. But what was I expecting, he is perfect, and I'm just a mistake. Louis doesn't even want me. He hates me. I am just so alone. It hurt. " I told him.

"Oh so you did this because of a guy... Mel if you want him then tell him you do. Don't do this. Who cares what people say they don't know you like I do. They are jealous, to jealous to see your perfection. And screw Louis. He is being stubborn and stupid. Now Mel if I were this guy what do you want to say to him, you know practice." He said. I giggled a little. He smiled but his eyes were dull. I turned a deep red. 

"First off I would tell him how perfect he is. His voice, his hair, oh god I love his hair. I could play with it all day. I love his smile the way it makes me want to smile even though I'm sad. When he walks in the room just lights up. His hands I love them too. The way they hold onto mine when I'm nervous or scared. I love his laugh, I love the way he treats me. Like I am someone, like I matter even though I don't. I love how supportive he is. How he pushes me to do what I want with my life. I can't describe how much it would hurt if he was gone from my life. He makes me, me." I told him. He silently stood up and went to leave. "Haz where are you going?" I asked. Sadness filled me. 

"Mel I can't sit here any more and listen to the girl I love talk about another guy. It hurts so much. I'm sorry." He said tears threatening to spill over. I got up and chased after him he was in the living room when I caught him. I tackled him onto the couch. I stratled his waist and held his hands. 

"You said you loved me?" I stated unsure.

"Yes Mel I love you. I love you so much, I've loved you since I met you and you couldn't see it.  Now you are talking about another guy and I am sorry if I can't stand to hear it." He said. His voice was cracking. 

"Harry, you are so fucking stupid. It's you, I love you. I love every single little thing about you." I said. He smiled brightly. We both started to laugh. 

"Then what are you waiting for, kiss me." He said cheekily. I smiled. 

"Close your eyes." I whispered against his lips. He did. I carefully got off of him. I pecked him on the nose and ran. Heard him get up and follow me. I ran out the front door and onto his lawn. The boys were getting out of the car. Before I could reach them. Harry grabbed my waist and spun me around. He sent me a playful glare. I giggled. 

"I think you missed." He whispered. I nodded. He pressed his lips to mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck. We both smiled into the kiss. 

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