My Beautiful Friend

I am Louis Tomlinson's little sister Melanie. This is what happens when I fall for my best friend Harry Styles.


2. Ch. 2

Harry and I sat on the couch waiting for the boys. They all were coming over. Suddenly the door flew open and a soaked Louis walked in. The three others followed but dry. I realized that they had an umbrella. 

"Boys did you not share the umbrella?" I asked in a teasing tone.

"No, actually Lou why don't you explain what happened." Liam said with  a mischievous grin. Louis shot him a dirty look. 

"I went to give El a kiss and tripped and fell in a puddle." He grumbled. Suddenly Eleanor walked in. At first she was management's idea but then Louis actually gained feelings for her. He asked her out for real and she said yes. But somehow I feel like its a pity trip. I feel really bad for him. 

"Lou, I'm wet." She pouted. He laughed and gave her a wink. She shot him a glare. He instantly shut up. God, she had him whipped. He said he would go get her some clothes. The boys made whipping sounds. I burst into laughter. She flipped me off. The boys froze waiting for my reaction. I pretended to catch it and stuff it in my pocket, the I blew her a kiss. I pulled it all off with an extreme amount of sass. I could hear Harry trying to stifle a laugh. That's when Louis came down with a pair of sweats and a t-shirt for her. When she was gone I followed Louis backup to his room. Without knocking I walked in. He was completely naked. 

"Jesus christ Mel don't you knock?" He asked while pulling on his briefs. I rolled my eyes. 

"Whatever I've seen your dick before Lou. And we need to talk." I said sitting on his bed while he pulled on a pair of blue jeans. 

"Bout what?" He asked.

"Eleanor. I don't like her." I said.

"Blunt much. Mel if you want me to break up with her it's not happening. I love her." He said. I sighed. 

"Lou, you are too trusting. When she breaks your heart don't come crying to me." I told him. He gave me a look. Before he could say anything else I stood up and pushed past him. As I was walking down stairs El was walking up. She tripped me and I fell down the last few. 

"Ow." I said standing up. Louis must have heard. 

"Jesus what happened?" He asked. Before I could respond Eleanor did. 

"Oh my gosh, Mel just slipped. Mel hun are you alright?" She asked. Fakeness seeped from her voice. Louis didn't even notice. 

"Oh be careful Mel. Stop being so clumsy." He said bluntly. Ow, that one hurt. I was so pissed at him. I looked down as they walked down together. I felt the tears come. I stormed past him shoving him in the process. 

"Eh watch it." He spat. 

"Fuck you. And your stupid bitch of a girlfriend." I yelled. He was frozen in shock. Within two long strides he had me. 

"Apologize now." He said. I looked over and she pretended to cry. 

"Fine. I'm sorry.... I'm sorry that you can't act worth shit. Leave me and my brother alone!" I spat. Louis was seething now. He didn't even look at me. He walked up to Eleanor. 

"El, babe. I'm so sorry. Please don't be sad." He begged. It was pathetic.

"It's okay, Lou. It's not your fault. I understand, I was a kid once too." She said. I was infuriated. 

"I'm fuck 18! Your only 2 years older than me." I hissed. Louis shot me a venomous glare.

"Shut up. You've done enough!" He yelled. I let a tear slip.

"Okay whatever. Louis, you on the other hand have fucked up our relationship. I'm done being your sister. I'm done with you. I hate you so much. I never want to see you again. Don't even fucking talk to me ever again!" I yelled. Tears flooded from my eyes. He froze. He didn't know what to do. I ran out of the house. I heard my name being called but I never listened. I just kept running. 

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