Last First Kiss

Harry stood at the edge of the stage, looking at the thousands, maybe even millions of fans cheering for him. Not only for him, but his four band mates, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. They weren't only his bandmates, but his brothers. He thought about all teh times they've shared together. All the smiles, laughs, tears, and hate. He thought about all the times he'd been a shoulder to cry on and even the times when he used one of the boys as a shoulder to cry on. "Harry !" Niall yelled, pulling Harry out of his daydream. "mate?" Niall asked as he placed his hand on Harry's right shoulder. "Yeah," Harry said smiling. "I'm great." Niall laughed and wandered off somewhere else on the stage, filling the stadium with joy. Life was good, great in fact, and nothing or no one could make Harry's life any better than it already is. Or so he thought...


1. Wow, you're stunning..

The boys and I jogged off stage, back to the green room to meet some lucky fans.  As the five of us entered the room, I noticed five girls, one in particular. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  Her wavy brown hair cascaded over her petite shoulders. Her smile, oh her smile, it was beautiful. Her teeth, pearly white, covered with pink and blue braces lit up the whole room.  Her bright blue eyes sparkled in the light of the lamp and absolutely took my breath away.  Not to mention the adorable dimples, digging craters into the sides of her smooth cheeks.  She was absolutely stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.  A smirk grew across my lips as she noticed me and her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. The five lovely ladies introduced themselves to us. Maddie had brown hair and green eyes and wore a shirt reading " I <3 Zayn! " Ally had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore a " I <3 Niall! " shirt. Caitlin had brown hair and brown eyes and wore a " I <3 Liam! " shirt. I swear she was a female Liam. Jessie had black hair and blue eyes and wore a " I <3 Louis! " shirt. Lastly, was Hannah. Luckily she was wearing a "I <3 Harry!" shirt.  Gosh was she adorable.  I quickly started talking to Hannah and decided to work my magic. "Are you a beaver?" I asked with a smirk. "Cause damn." I finished with a geeky wink. A smile crept onto her face and she shook in a fit of laughter. I swear, that laugh made me fall in love. "Can I have your number, love?" I asked sweetly. "Sure." She replied shyly. We exchanged phones and typed our numbers into each other's contacts.  I decided to snap a picture to put as my contact picture, and I guess she had the same idea.  I watched her snap the selfie, and god, was she stunning. Our meeting was cut short as Paul popped his head in and told us it was time to leave. "See you soon, love." I said to Hannah, as I gave her a big hug. 

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