One Direction/ Austin Mahone/ Justin Bieber Personal Imagine stories

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3. Mia and Justin

Mia got some tickets to go and see Justin Bieber in concert and do attend a personal signing the day after. Mia wore Shorts, a Justin bieber tank top and flats she went to the concert with her mum. Her mum got the tickets for her for her birthday. They arrived to the concert and all the fans started counting down “5...4....3…..2…...1 SCREAM” as Justin runs out on stage Mia drops to the ground in tears. She just wants to meet him already. She has planned to stalk him while he is in London, so that makes her a little more excited. Mia’s mum grabs her and gives her a huge cuddle Mia said to her mum “Mum is this real right now. Is he really here” “Yes Darling, he is here and you are meeting him tomorrowJ” after she settled down it was time for Justin to sing ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ who is it going to be?


One of the workers came out and grabbed Mia. She didn’t know what was going on, but they took her out back stage. Mia starts crying; just as its time to go on to stage Mia starts to feel sick. She ran quickly to the toilet. She gets out just in time to get on stage. The crew takes Mia to Justin and Justin grabs her hand like he does every time he gets a girl on stage, being a gentleman. Mia spots her mum in the crowd and screams at her mum in Justin’s ear Justin didn’t like that one little bit. Just as he takes her to the speaker seat. She refuses to sit. Instead of sitting Mia decides to kiss Justin passionately, he didn’t like that again. Mia was letting her head go crazy she isn’t using her head. She is letting adrenalin get to her instead of her brain.


After Justin singing the rest of the song to Mia, Justin went back stage to wash his face before performing another song, He walked straight up to Mia and said “ what were you thinking, that was stupid, the fans didn’t like that one bit, you will probably go back down into the crowd and get bashed. Everyone here likes me and the fans wouldn’t have appreciated that.” Mia was nearly crying, but she couldn’t get over that she kissed Justin Bieber. As she walked out to the crowd and everyone started to boo her.

Justin was very tired after the concert in London; he just got notified that he has to do a signing tomorrow.


After that Mia and her mum went back to the hotel, washed up and went to bed for tomorrow to face Justin after making out with him on stage in front of 10s and thousands of people. She arrived to the venue and saw Justin getting ready to start signing and meeting fans. “Hey Beautiful, remember me from last night?” Mia says to Justin. “Who are you?” Justin says without trying to be rude. “I kissed you on stage last night” “Oh that was you? I really hated you last night because that was so stupid what you did! Like Legit I hated you. I can’t believe you were that stupid. I said to myself that If I saw you today I wasn’t going to talk to you, But you look beautiful I think if I did ignore you I would be making a huge mistake. I did like everything that went on last night… What is your name beautiful?” “Mia….” Mia said lost in Justin’s eyes.


“Mia? That is a beautiful name. I just didn’t want things to turn out bad. You know what I mean?” “Yes Justin I do?” Mia said while trying to find where her head is at.


“Will you go out to dinner with me?” Justin said while reaching out to give Mia a hug. “Yes hang on Justin I have to ask mum” “MUM!! Can I go out to dinner with Justin tonight?!” “Sure baby when?” “I’m not to sure?” Mia said looking over at Justin.




There is a limo sent to Mia’s hotel to pick her up, Mia is dressed in a beautiful Maxi dress. It was colourful. She arrived to see Justin Sitting there alone Wiping his hands because he was nervous. “Hello, you look amazing Justin” Mia said to Justin while he was pulling her seat out for her. “You look beautiful. Mia.” Justin said reaching down to kiss her on the cheek.


“Mia I have to confess something to you, First of all I am sorry about telling you off last night but now I have had time to think about things, I think I love you, I have never felt anything like I have felt around you, around any other girl before. If you know what I mean.” Justin said nervously wondering if he has said everything right. “Justin I don’t love you because I am a fan I love you because you are you, and you don’t change anything about yourself because you are famous. If you are rich or are poor you are you, and that’s all that matters. I love you too” Mia said moving her hand to put it on top of Justin’s.


To Be Continued  


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